Has the world gone mad?

I fully expected my multitude of colleagues at HP, Agilent, MDYN, Amersham, GE, Perkin Elmer, ABI, BioRad, Incyte, etc would have put this covid scam to bed months ago.  I said so back in April, 2020.  I know many people who understand PCR technology or should understand PCR technology and micro and molecular biology. Therefore, they should easily recognize the fraud happening in this so-called pandemic.  And so should many customers and colleagues in the pharma and related bioscience industries. 

I understand, and I certainly believed those I hired understood how PCR probes and primers are designed and used, and how GenBank is used.  I can roll off the names of tens if not hundreds who worked in my organizations who I assumed, our companies assumed, knew how PCR works.  Today, are we to believe they don’t understand the technology they use and sell?  Or, are we to believe they ignore the obvious fallacies in the PCR tests, the reporting of false positive cases, and deaths, the fake statistics, as presented by Fausti et al today?  Are they all scared to lose their jobs? 

Also, the people who made these mRNA drugs know the molecular biology, such as my neighbors and customers, R&D, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, quality control, government, military and academics scientists.  They know that the mRNA drugs for covid were being developed before there was an outbreak of SARS CoV-2 in Wuhan, before SARS CoV2 sequence was known, before SARS CoV2 was identified, before the gain of function experiments were transferred to China. And they know that the probes and primers for the PCR tests were designed before there were samples of SARS CoV2.  And they know how a thermal cycler works and does not work.

And they know that the human immune system does not recognize RNA or DNA sequence, but rather a 3D molecular surface motif, a pattern recognition system. Months and years after an mRNA jab, how will a human immune system recognize a novel, non-native, insilico-designed-synthetic-theoretical-SARS-CoV-2-like-S-protein?  Friend or foe?  What is the 3D motif of the non-human s-protein (a part of a theoretical SARS CoV2 virus) which will be produced by every human cell in every human who took the jab?  How long will that foreign, non-human viral-like s-protein be produced in human cells? 

How will a human immune system recognize a non-human s-protein which is produced by human cells in the same human?  After a while of production of this synthetic s-protein, will the human immune system accept it and stop making antibodies? Or, after some months or years will it result in an autoimmune disease like AIDS?  Was this possibility tested?  Was this an intended effect as some suspect? In case of that AIDS-like possibility, is there an antidote to this non-human-mRNA-induced human-cell-produced s-protein drug that will be made in every cell of every jabbed human? 

When the rapidly mutating RNA in wild SARS CoV2 in the environment modifies its s-protein sequence, then does the synthetic s-protein produced in every human cell become obsolete with regard to reducing symptoms?  How long before this obsolescence?  Will not the rapidly mutating RNA in wild SARS CoV2 mutate/evolve quickly to defeat the antibodies, B-cells and T-cells produced by the immune system specifically by the static, non-evolving, non-mutating synthetic mRNA injection?  Or, will the synthetic mRNA be repaired or destroyed by human cells? Will all human cells continue to produce obsolete, synthetic viral-like s-protein, which then continue to cause the immune system to produce B-cells, T-cells, antibodies and other immune components to combat that obsolete s-protein? Eventually, another injection will be required for new virus mutations, but will the immune system continue producing antibodies for the old virus?  Can synthetic s-protein production in human cells be turned off?  If not, would not second and later injections result in over-stimulating the immune system, setting the stage for cytokine storms, the autoimmune reaction cycle that is the only real killer in the covid disease?  

Are not these mRNA vaccines training wild SARS-CoV2 to be more resistant to human immune systems?  Isn’t this exactly the reason that for decades good MDs have not prescribed antibiotics for every bacterial infection that comes around? Good MDs did that and do that to prevent increasing resistance in bacteria, in other words to prevent making the bacteria stronger and potentially unbeatable?    

And then there is the critical point mentioned in the official FDA/CDC protocol for the PCR covid test: no actual samples of SARS-CoV2 were available to design or validate the official-emergency-use-only PCR test; it was done by consensus sequence, “in silico,” in Genbank database before actual samples were available. Then, these computer-designed PCR tests were used in clinical trials by the pharma companies to confirm efficacy of their computer-designed mRNA drugs which were developed before the SARS CoV2 virus was identified or available to test, and arguably before the SARS CoV2 virus was created in the lab. The actual statistics of covid case numbers, mRNA injection efficacy, whether jabbed or not, in clinical trials or in mass public injections, hospitalizations, and deaths are unknown, not evaluated, and skewed by the false positive and false negative rates of PCR tests.  Major litigation is already underway on the PCR covid test.  

Why are not more doctors and scientists speaking up about this giant fraud masquerading as science?  Why are not more doctors and scientists speaking up about mRNA injections, masking and social distancing causing increased resistance in the virus, selectively evolving more dangerous virus mutations?

A computer-designed drug produced by every human cell in every human (if they accept the mRNA jabs), a drug whose medicinal effect (reducing symptoms, not reducing spread) was validated by a set of exponentially amplified, computer-designed sequence probes assumed to hybridize exclusively with computer-designed RNA sequence which is assumed to translate a single protein of a lab-designed virus which was (accidentally? or intentionally?) released into the environment, a virus which is already rapidly mutating and more dangerous due to misguided government and social policies and political correctness, a drug now injected into millions of humans (without informed consent) which is inducing the virus in the environment to become stronger by selectively and preferentially mutating to overcome the synthetic immune responses being produced by human cells.  Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

Has the world gone mad?

Immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern. By G. Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD.





A retrospective observational study of 14,840 COVID-19 survivors in Austria found just a 0.27% reinfection rate during the second wave. “Protection against SARS-CoV-2 after natural infection is comparable to the highest available estimates on vaccine efficacies,” concludes the study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation.  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/eci.13520

Last week, Professor Jon Deeks, a biostatistician from the University of Birmingham, told the U.K. Telegraph, “It seems likely that over 70% of positive test results are false positives, potentially many more.”  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/03/12/seven-10-positive-covid-cases-school-children-likely-wrong/

Daniel Horowitz: “The biggest COVID lie right now: No immunity from prior infection. How much longer will the government get away with denying the science?”  https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/horowitz-the-biggest-covid-lie-right-now-no-immunity-from-prior-infection?utm_source=theblaze-breaking&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210315Trending-HorowitzCovid&utm_term=ACTIVE%20LIST%20-%20TheBlaze%20Breaking%20News

And last but not least, the broadest perspective of the dire situation for humanity… a claim and logical argument made by Dr Vernon Coleman – 13 Mar 2021, associated with the extraordinary video at this link: “Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction – and Could Wipe out the Human Race.”  https://www.brighteon.com/0df28628-3b9b-42a3-a4c9-5bec480e8335

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