How many judges are needed on a bench?

“Donald Trump Wants “Total Freedom Of Press” After Ordered To Return Jim Acosta Badge”

Headline and story here

Yet, another verification that activist courts and judges are a big problem. Judicial power has gone to their heads. Specifically the separation of powers between the branches of government is far out of balance. Try to do in the Supreme Court or any court what Acosta did in the White House. Acosta would be arrested immediately for contempt of court and dragged out if he did not immediately sit down and shut up.

The court has no business telling any President how to run a meeting in the White House. Imagine a President trying to tell the Supreme Court to allow a member of the press to get on his soapbox in the courtroom. That is how ridiculous this judge’s ruling is. Laughable really. #WhiteHouse

What’s next? Is a judge going to require that turkey to be served for Thanksgiving at the White House must be sourced by open public bid, so that turkey farmers get due process? This ruling was beyond frivolous.

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The reality of multiculturalism

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Ocasio Cortez

Part of New York is now represented in the U.S. Congress by this profoundly ignorant person. Here is her full quote: “And so I do think that right now we have this no-holds-barred, Wild West hyper-capitalism. What that means is profit at any cost. Capitalism has not always existed in the world, and it will not always exist in the world. When this country started, we were not a capitalist [nation], we did not operate on a capitalist economy.”

The truth and history is that in 1776 and prior to that Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson and other founders were in direct communication. Adam Smith is the author of THE seminal book of capitalism, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, generally referred to by its shortened title The Wealth of Nations. That book is available for free online and in almost all U.S. libraries, or you can read the very large size original first edition in giant font at the Scottish National Library in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Expect cold winters 2018-2019-2020


It will probably be a cold winter. Be prepared. The temperature trend is reliably predicted to get colder on average each year through at least 2020.

Professor Valentina Zharkova uses a very predictable, natural, observable occilator which has been observed for millennia (the sun and its sunspots) to create an algorithm (she calls “dynamo”) which models that highly reproducible solar cycle. Then she compares dynamo to the principal components of the various cycles in other variables (e.g. cosmic radiation) and events (e.g. Maunder temperature minimum) and determines statistical correlations between dynamo and each variable using standard statistical techniques (PCA.) When a strong correlation with the highly reproducible solar sunspot cycle is discovered, she then compares her dynamo algorithm to deep historical data for each variable to further confirm whether or not the correlation fits. Finally, if there is a strong correlation fit with the long term historical data, she uses the same dynamo algorithm to forecast future temperature cycles and solar events.

Fully understanding the cause of the sunspots, solar radiance and cosmic rays is not necessary because the solar occilator is highly reproducible and predictable.

By analogy, no one knows all the factors and cause/effect variables involved in amplification of radio waves, but many billions of radio amplifiers are used every day (e.g. your wifi, TV, radio and cell phone) and they are extremely reliable.

Video of her presentation followed by Q&A:

Bio of Professor Zharkova:


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Stop the wind turbines!

This Swiss example may give you ideas to combat climate madness in your town. This is an artist’s depiction of what the Linth region in Switzerland would look like by 2040 if proposed wind projects were approved. (Image: Linth Gegenwind.)
Swiss Linthebene
Sanity appears to have returned. Proposed wind turbines in Switzerland’s Linth region and other regions have been rejected by local communities. Parts of Switzerland want no part of blighting their landscape in the name of environmental protection. On November 6, up to 5 controversial wind turbines, which had been planned to be erected in the middle of a “densely residential area”, in Linth were rejected on the grounds they would lead to “landscape blighting”. Got that? “Landscape blighting.” Local government councilman Kaspar Becker concludes: “We have come to the conclusion that it is not necessarily clever to pursue such things in densely populated areas.”
Also local Swiss news (Appenzell24) reported that the proposed Honegg-Oberfeld wind park was outright rejected. “On November 6, 2018, the local commission decided against the Honegg-Oberfeld district as a wind power location. Thus no wind farm can be built there.”
Wind energy protest organization Linth Gegenwind writes at its website, “The reason is, above all, protection of the landscape. During the consultation process there were 60 in favor and 500 against the planned wind farm. Opponents also include Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St. Gallen, the state of Vorarlberg and the community presidents’ conference Ausserrhoden.”
The amount of online discussion is massive. It’s the Swiss against the EU global madness. Here’s a taste:
“There are over 30,000 turbines in Germany and only a handful in Switzerland…Geschichte wiederholt sich – history repeats itself and has done so this time, as unlike Switzerland with its bottom up strong democratic system, the rest of the EU, and particularly those countries which now demonstrate a considerable number of turbines, are weak democracies. In which central planning behind closed doors results in targets being set without assessment or public participation in decision-making and then one by one the projects are rapidly rammed into the landscape. Nobody has a clue what they are actually to achieve, other than a politically agreed target agreed by a limited number of so called decision makers operating behind closed doors. It was never worked out what in advance what was to be built, where it was to be built, what it was to cost, what were to be the benefits, what were the alternatives, what were to be the controls, etc. For those who are mushrooms and believe in what what is fed to you, that is fine, but don’t start asking questions and investigating, as all you will find are delusions and gross illegalities.” …”how completely unacceptable the double standards of the EU and its Member States were; there was one law for everybody and not special arrangements for the EU in breach of its International Treaty arrangements. Neither do I see as an EU citizen (or more to the point – economic unit), why I should have to witness Norwegian and Swiss Government officials fight for my rights, which I am entitled to in the first place by law.” ~ Pat Swords.
Powerful words Pat. God speed!
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Waiting for war

The real cause of WWI was the German Archduke who wanted to unify Europe, a continent of feudal nations that had been warring among themselves for over 2000 years. But, they are at it again.

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Trump v. Macron ( Jordan Schachtel reblog)

The fundamental philosophical differences between the leaders of the United States and France have spilled out into a full-blown public rhetorical spat. On Tuesday, President Trump fired back at French President Emmanuel Macron following the latter’s rhetorical shots directed at the America-first policies of the Trump White House.

In a tweetstorm this morning, the president unleashed a series of messages directed at Macron’s government:

Surely, the legacy media will denounce President Trump for his attack on the legitimacy of the elected President of France and his promotion of Macron’s nationalist rivals in Paris. However, it’s important to note that POTUS is merely counterpunching here, following the French president’s passive-aggressive attack this weekend.

Over the weekend, Macron delivered a speech at the Armistice Day anniversary (a ceremony recognizing the soldiers of World War I) in which he denounced the concept of nationalism. The denunciation was widely interpreted as a not-so-veiled shot at President Trump’s political philosophy.

“Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism,” Macron proclaimed, adding, “By saying, ‘Our interests first, who cares about the others,’ we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what gives it grace and what is essential: its moral values.”

The two world leaders have had a complicated relationship since President Trump took office. They have for quite some time maintained somewhat cordial personal relations, even though they remain at odds over major policy issues, such as the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris climate accords, tax and tariff policies, and their personal political philosophies. It appears their political differences have finally morphed into a fiercely personal clash.

Macron’s “globalist” political philosophy, which denounces nationalism as a force for evil, accurately represents the progressive movement in Western Europe, which seeks to continually centralize power in the bureaucratic behemoth that is the European Union. Macron has anti-nationalist allies in several progressive Western European nations. Today, one of Macron’s staunchest ideological allies, Germany’s Angela Merkel, called for an EU-backed joint army, which would wholly undermine the NATO alliance and the transatlantic alliance with the United States.

Macron’s campaign against nationalism comes in the heat of a legacy media and progressive political smear campaign against the tenets of nationalism. Many are weaponizing the term and smearing nationalism as a “white supremacist” philosophy akin to the Nazi regime’s ideology.

Simply put, nationalism is the preference for one’s country over another, while patriotism can be defined as having immense pride in one’s country. For conservatives, both nationalism and patriotism are healthy forces when focused in a state that advances and protects the individual rights of its citizens. Those two forces provide for a more stable world, in which sovereign states can treat each other with mutual respect and dignity.

~ · November 13, 2018

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A safe assumption

After the Vietnam War, when I was finally able to look for a job I wanted, I began interviewing at all high-tech companies in my hometown, Atlanta. Some of those companies sent me to other locations for interviews, on their nickel, some of them multiple times at short notice. I took their tests and aced them. But no job offers. I interviewed for more than a year.
Fortunately, I was working in two other jobs and scheduling my interviews around those two jobs. One job was direct sales in advertising; I sold ads on direct commission, no salary or benefits and I paid my own expenses. The second job was selling men’s clothing with a salary and commission. This second job I was fortunate to get first, because I had no clothing suitable for the first job interviews or my desired job in high tech. The owner of the men’s clothing store was my Sunday school teacher years before in my pre-teens. Thanks Ham! (He may be reading this.)
Finally, one of the companies where I really wanted to work called and gave me a plane ticket for an interview at one of their facilities outside Philadelphia. I had to be there at a specific time and date. I went for the interview and was hired on the spot, but I had to report to work in no more than 3 days, and my salary was $13,000, which was less than half of what I was making in the advertising job alone. But, I took the job. It was the job I wanted at a good company. So, I flew back to Atlanta, got my things and drove to the plant in Avondale, Pennsylvania. I reported to work a day ahead of schedule and found a place to live through one of my new colleagues there.
All was going well at my new job. Within months, I got a couple of salary increases. Then my colleague said he needed to move his family into the place I was renting from him. So, I found an apartment. Things continued to go well at work. It was the summer of 1976, hot and humid. I was swimming in the pool at the apartment complex and began chatting with a lady there, who as it turned out lived in the apartment below mine. We got to know each other better and discovered that we both worked at the same company in the same location. Small world. It turned out that she was the H.R. manager at the company. I worked in the lab. She thought she had met everyone at the plant. But we had not met. I told her that I had started about 6 months prior.
I have already left out a lot of detail, and this is getting long, so I will get right to the point. The company had flown me to be interviewed and to be hired and to report to work while the H.R. manager was on her two-week vacation. I did not know that.
I also did not know that affirmative action laws in place at the time meant that those companies which I had spent more than a year interviewing were unable to hire me and unable to tell me that. They had federally enforced hiring quotas to hire only minorities and women.
You see, I am a white man.
Groupings and affirmative action programs are collectivist (Marxist/socialist) programs, fantasies really. They are double-edged swords. Theoretically, all those companies I interviewed found someone to hire who was not a white man. We will never know.
I know that I was harmed in the process, and those employers probably were harmed, and the U.S. Constitution was infringed because we were not treated equally under the law as the Constitution requires. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I know it to be true.
Recently, the collectivist, so-called “progressive,” social justice, Democrats are going after white men again, calling us entitled, racists or worse. Who else is being harmed in this process? At what cost? Who is being helped? At what cost? Is it worth it?
I think it is virtue signalling. If employers were allowed to hire the best person for the job, it is a safe assumption that their business would grown faster or be more profitable and then there would be more jobs.
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Nein Macron

Macron is badly mistaken or else devious. The old demons are the same old European demons, oligarchy, feudalism and socialism, but not nationalism.

If nations avoided international entanglements as President Washington advised, and instead clung to nationalism, patriotism, their Bibles and their guns, then the world would see – and would have seen – far fewer wars. It was oligarchy and royalty that whipped the flames of war, and entangled nations with treaties, and then insisted God, kings and honor bound all men to fight.  Emmanuel Macron wants a military of the European Union to defend against America. And he wants an arms control deal for cyber warfare.  Beware.  No doubt this deal is designed to end freedom of speech.  He’s a madman with a will to power and his silk panties are twisted.

pa·tri·ot·ism, noun. definition: the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country.

On this day honoring veterans who liberated his country in two wars, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, speaking in Paris to gathered world leaders for the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, caused hundreds of thousands of veterans to roll over in their graves.

Macron said in his speech and on his Twitter page: “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By putting our own interests first, with no regard for others, we erase the very thing that a nation holds dearest, and the thing that keeps it alive: its moral values.” Verified account @EmmanuelMacron,

“Le patriotisme est l’exact contraire du nationalisme : le nationalisme en est la trahison. En disant « nos intérêts d’abord et qu’importent les autres ! », on gomme ce qu’une Nation a de plus précieux, ce qui la fait vivre : ses valeurs morales.” @EmmanuelMacron,

Barack Obama commented in response on Twitter: “Preach.”

In defense of the French people, recent polls show 71% of them oppose President Macron.  You know the proven adage of politicians: when things are not going well at home, look abroad.

Merci is the only word a Frenchman should say to an American in commemorating either World War. This Veterans day is another day that will live in infamy, thanks to foolish, globe-besotted Emmanuel Macron.  He is just another example of the power absolutely corrupting politicians into madmen. Like the power mad Archduke who began WWI, Macron also wants a military to rule Europe.

Pointing his crooked finger at Americans, calling nationalism leprosy, French President Macron derides Americans and nationalism for weakening the European Union.  The frustration of globalists is palpable since their leader Merkel lost in Germany, and she will resign at yearend. The EU and Macron are feeling the heat rising from anti-EU nationalism in Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy and more nations pushing back on the unelected globalist bureaucrats of the EU.  George Soros poured another $18 billion into his Open Society Foundation, after both he and his social justice were rejected in his home country.  No surprise Macron needs an external enemy.  His greatest mistake was pointing at America.  His finger stinks.

Macron, and Merkel before him, along with the unelected EU, have been pushing for a one world order, bureaucracies layered on bureaucracies, rungs in the ladder to eliteness. But the EU nations around them are pushing back, starting with rejection of the EU and UN immoral and unfounded edicts that international migration is a human right, while giving lip service to national sovereignty.  Nein Macron.

Do you remember the doom and gloom statements following the UK’s vote to exit the EU (i.e. Brexit)? The global elites, bankers, bureaucrats predicted economic collapse of the UK would result from severing itself from the massive, unelected, expensive European Union. But instead sovereignty and free markets are winning: UK economic growth rate hits highest level since late 2016.  Let freedom ring.

Macron, France, Merkel and Germany should heed the advice of Thomas Sowell at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution: “When you are your own worst enemy, someone who tells you that other people are the cause of your problems is no friend.” ~ Thomas Sowell. August 21, 1999.

Macron’s passive aggressive aspirations to global leadership have less chance than the Maginot Line.

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Demo waste

These Democrat counties should not be suing other counties.  Same is true for countries.

It’s the tyrants you worry about.  Like the poor, the tyrants will always be with us.  You can’t put either of them in charge of others.


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