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Bryson Gray, James McCoy Taylor and Tyson James: Music video God Save America. Turn it up.

Swag & music: https://www.brysoncreates2.com/

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Beware free speech bloggers and readers

CFVI and broker Cantor Fitzgerald will buy Rumble.

CFVI will hold a special meeting of its stockholders via live webcast at https://www.cstproxy.com/cfacquisitioncorpvi/2022 on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time for its stockholders of record as of the close of business on July 25, 2022 to vote on the proposed business combination. CFVI will also file a definitive proxy statement/prospectus with the SEC relating to the proposed business combination and will commence mailing the definitive proxy statement/prospectus to its stockholders as of the record date as soon as practicable. The business combination is expected to close shortly after the special meetings of the stockholders of CFVI and Rumble, subject to the approval of the stockholders of each of CFVI and Rumble at those meetings, receipt of the required Ontario court approvals and the satisfaction of other customary closing conditions.

Chris Pavlovski, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rumble, commented, “For the first time, investors will have the opportunity to join us in our fight to defeat cancel culture and protect a free and open internet. We believe everyone benefits from access to more ideas, diverse opinions, and dialogue.”

Howard Lutnick, Chairman and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald and CFVI, said, “Rumble’s growth has been extraordinary. Both the number of users and user engagement have exploded. We are excited about what is ahead as Rumble becomes a public company and we can’t wait to be a part of Rumble’s future.”

Following the closing of the business combination, the combined company’s shares of common stock and redeemable warrants are expected to trade on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbols “RUM” and “RUMBW.”

CFVI and Rumble announced on December 1, 2021, that they entered into a definitive business combination agreement. The transaction will provide approximately $400 million of proceeds at close,[1] including $100 million of proceeds from a PIPE financing and $300 million of cash held in the trust account of CFVI. The proceeds will be used to attract new content creators to the Rumble and Locals platforms, continue to build out Rumble’s independent infrastructure, expand Rumble’s teams, begin robust marketing of the platform and services, make future acquisitions, and for other general corporate purposes.

CFVI stockholders are urged to read the proxy materials, including, among other things, the reasons for the unanimous recommendation by CFVI’s Board of Directors that stockholders vote “FOR” the business combination proposal. Your vote “FOR” the business combination is important, no matter how many shares you own. If you have any questions or need assistance voting, please contact Morrow Sodali LLC, CFVI’s proxy solicitor, by telephone at (800) 662-5200 (banks and brokers can call collect at (203) 658-9400) or by email at CFVI.info@investor.morrowsodali.com. CFVI stockholders who hold shares in “street name” (i.e., stockholders whose shares are held of record by a broker, bank, or other nominee) should contact their broker, bank, or nominee to ensure that their shares are voted.

About Rumble

Rumble is a high-growth neutral video platform that is creating the rails and independent infrastructure designed to be immune to cancel culture. Rumble’s mission is to restore the Internet to its roots by making it free and open once again. Additionally, the company announced in December 2021 the execution of a definitive business combination agreement with CFVI. See the announcement here: https://corp.rumble.com.

About CF Acquisition Corp. VI

CFVI is a blank check company led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Howard W. Lutnick and sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald.

About Cantor Fitzgerald

Cantor Fitzgerald, with over 12,000 employees, is a leading global financial services group at the forefront of financial and technological innovation and has been a proven and resilient leader for 77 years. Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. is a preeminent investment bank serving more than 5,000 institutional clients around the world, recognized for its strengths in fixed income and equity capital markets, investment banking, SPAC underwriting and PIPE placements, prime brokerage, and commercial real estate on its global distribution platform. Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. is one of 24 primary dealers transacting business with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. For more information, please visit: www.cantor.com.

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“…American citizens need to protect their country…”

“It’s unprecedented in United States history. The government seems to be out of control. It’s plagued with manipulation, corruption, greed and fraud,” said Trump attorney Lindsey Halligan on Wednesday on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “Simply put, it seems that under the Biden administration, the government conceals what it wants to, the government does what it wants to, and American citizens need to protect their country from its government.” ~ Lindsey Halligan, Attorney for former President Donald Trump, who was present outside Mar-a-Lago during the search but not allowed to witness anything inside when FBI/DOJ raided Trump’s home.

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David Horowitz on the Mar-A-Lago travesty

David is one of my heroes!  He is prolific. I think I have read all of his books. My favorite was “Left Illusions.” 

“A century from now, cultural historians will find David Horowitz’s political and spiritual odyssey paradigmatic for our time.” – Camille Paglia

David’s annual Palm Beach Dinner no doubt will be a classic this year.

The Colony Hotel—Palm Beach, FL

Thu, October 13, 2022

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

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The Destroyer of the Republic

Rogue Attorney General Garland admits he ordered the raid on Trump’s home.

Fri Aug 12, 2022

by Robert Spencer


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Where did the rest of the internet go?

Here’s the full 40 minute documentary:


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Remain calm, get through the next elections

The corrupt DOJ and FBI will now arrest Trump under the Espionage Act, a law that Congress should immediately repeal. FBI, DOJ etc. are doing this to incite violence in the American public so that Democrats have an excuse to enact marshal law. Do not fall for their entrapment. Remain calm. Get through the next election only a few months away.

They will use the Espionage Act because no due process or trial is required. Under the Act, Trump can be secretly charged and the alleged secret documents are never shown and the chain of custody of those documents is never examined. Trump will not be able to legally defend himself. That will be up to Congress and the Supreme Court, and if that fails, then it will be up to the people.

Trump can be held indefinitely without due process until the Espionage Act is repealed by Congress or ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Regardless of this immediate situation with President Trump, the Espionage Act must be repealed. It blocks any federal employee or anyone from disclosing information marked secret even in a court of law or directly one-on-one to a judge or member of Congress. This Act is how the government protects itself from whistleblowers who might come forward, for example like Edward Snowden. The Act insures that there is no transparency in government. It directly contradicts the rights of officially declared whistleblowers and denies American citizens and their elected representatives access to information that is paid for by citizens and rightfully belongs to citizens.

Secrecy in government is massively overused. GOP should prepare the legislation to repeal the Act and have it ready for vote on the first day of business in 2023. No doubt Biden, or whoever is pulling his strings, will veto that bill, so GOP must have the votes in place to override the veto.

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‘Don’t trust anything said by FBI or DOJ.’

Former Secret Service Agent interviewing former FBI Agent now a criminal defense lawyer. They know the legal impact of their words. Listen or watch the interview.

“It was a setup.”

“Don’t trust anything the FBI or DOJ says.”

‘Don’t fire only Director Wray, clean out the entire 7th floor of the FBI building.’

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“There is no rule of law in Washington right now.”

Click here: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6310658667112#sp=show-clips

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