Critical Race Theory (CRT) is lies on top of lies.

If your kids’ school teaches it, find another school system or home school, then work to remove the principal and school board.

Here are two short videos that go through some history and problems with CRT and The 1619 Project.

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The new Italian P.M. She gets it. Lei lo ottiene. Lei capisce molto.

Hooray for Italy! God willing, the EU will listen to her.

Or, is she a put up candidate like so many others?

This is only my first time to see her.

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A wake up call for the “woke” alarmed by the fake climate crisis

The increase in Mauna Loa-measured global CO2 concentration over the last 50 years (1970 – 2020) has been about 89 ppm. The 50 year cumulative increase due to all CO2 sources and sinks, natural and human, is on average less than 0.0089% of the atmosphere. You and a few billion other humans exhale breath that is about 4% CO2. Where does it go?

Bert Bolin, PhD, Swedish meteorologist and the first chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC), from 1988 to 1997, stated in Bolin & Eriksson, 1959: “First we see that if the partial pressure of CO2 varies and the hydrogen ion concentration [i.e.. pH] were kept constant, the relative changes would be the same in the sea as in the atmosphere. As the total amount of CO2 in the sea is about 50 times that in the air, practically all excess CO2 delivered to the atmosphere would be taken up by the sea when equilibrium has been established.” 

The hydrogen ion concentration they refer to is pH, which is highly buffered in both directions by the mineral ions and molecular ions dissolved in ocean surface, including dissolved CO2, but they minimize buffering in ocean by assuming disproportionate importance to the vertical ocean water column, and vertical migration times and circulation within that vertical column.  There are multiple large errors in Bolin & Eriksson, 1959, and some but not all assumptions they followed from Callendar, Seuss and Revelle, but the above paragraph they got mostly right, except the hypothesis is impossible since relative change in CO2 in the sea temporarily changes local pH in sea surface. For example, on page 131 the authors conclude by assumption with little if any evidence: “It is obvious that an addition of CO2 to the atmosphere will only slightly change the CO2 content of the sea but appreciably effect the CO2 of the atmosphere.” That is a huge and incorrect assumption in defiance of Henry’s Law, Fick’s Law and Graham’s Law, but it remains in the orthodoxy of climate alarmists and their models. For that assumption, people of Earth are paying billions of dollars per year growing to $9 trillion per year, if you believe McKinsey & Co., Foreign Policy Magazine, the UN, the Great Resetters, etc., not to mention other unnecessary sacrifices.

If you are interested in how we got ourselves into this fake global warming /climate change crisis, then you may find Bolin & Eriksson, 1959 to be interesting history. In a previous post, I pointed out the great error wherein they ignored the chemical enhancement in the huge surface area of the ocean.

Bolin, B., & Eriksson, E. (1959). Changes in the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere and sea due to fossil fuel combustion. In The Atmosphere and the Sea in Motion (pp. 130–141). Woods Hole, MA, USA: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. (pdf linked here)

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Reblog: Parental Authority Is the Basis of Civilization


Excellent truth. Archiving this since it will probably be cancelled. No one should be surprised if armed FBI, DOJ and other alphabet agencies pound his door and arrest him.

Read it here:

As most Americans now realize, America is experiencing a societal breakdown. This should be obvious to anyone, even those facilitating this breakdown as they openly acknowledge they seek to break down American society.

This is a society that teaches its youngest citizens a suicidal lie: that America was founded in 1619, that it was built on slavery and that even today it is systemically racist. At the same time, it does not teach the fundamental moral fact that every culture practiced slavery — Arab, Muslim, African, Asian, Native American — and usually more viciously (e.g., Arab slave masters routinely castrated black slaves so that they could not reproduce) than in America.

This is a society that robs its youngest of sexual innocence. Teachers — nearly all of them women, the sex that society has always regarded as the natural guardians of sexual innocence — now routinely sexualize young people with discussions of sexual behavior and by having drag queens perform for them.
This is a society that has taken as a given that there are more than two sexes; that has Jewish and Christian clergy sign emails with “preferred pronouns”; that will praise the Disney Corporation for dropping all references to “boys and girls” from its theme park announcements.

This is a society in which refusing to say that men give birth can lead to social banning and the loss of one’s job and income.

This is a society that encourages violent crime. It elects prosecutors who allow violent criminals to avoid having to pay bail. Its elites advocate defunding police. It keeps raising the dollar amount of stolen goods that constitutes a felony. In short, America is now a society in which the dominant message to would-be criminals is that crime pays.

This is a society in which fewer and fewer young people are marrying, fewer are having children, and more and are having children without being married, usually without a father in the life of the child.

This all began with the demise of moral authority — and moral, social and intellectual chaos is the inevitable result.

Prior to the 1960s, America had moral authority — God, country, parents, the Bible, teachers, police, and clergy.

Not one of them is a normative authority today.

Starting in the 1960s, each one was overthrown. The ’60s motto “Never trust anyone over 30” perfectly embodied this — given that every one of these was older than 30. Soon, teachers were called by their first names and frequently talked back to, even cursed; on college campuses, “America” was often spelled “Amerika,” and the flag is now declared a symbol of white supremacy; police were referred to as “pigs”; clergy were rendered irrelevant; the American motto, “In God we trust,” was ignored or mocked; and the Bible went from the dominant book in American life to the trash heap of history.

Most important, parental authority rapidly declined.

Moral stability — in other words, civilization — is dependent on parental authority. Once that breaks down, all the others mentioned here also break down.
If you look at the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, you will notice that each tablet has five commandments. The first five are laws between man and God, while the second five commandments govern behavior toward fellow human beings (do not murder, steal, etc.). The first four “rest” on the Fifth; and the second four “rest” on the Tenth.

Taking the second tablet first, the four commandments that precede the Tenth depend on obedience to the Tenth Commandment. When people murder, commit adultery, steal or offer false testimony, it is almost always because they “covet” what their neighbor has — his property, his animals, his spouse.
Likewise, the first four commandments regarding God as the One Moral Authority rest on people obeying the Fifth Commandment: “Honor your father and mother.”

Parental moral authority is the vehicle to divine moral authority. That is why the Fifth Commandment, to honor one’s parents, is the only human-to-human commandment on the first tablet. It is also the only one of the Ten Commandments that promises a reward — “that your days on the land will be lengthened” and “so that it goes well with you.” You will have a long-lived civilization and things will go well with you when parents have moral authority.

Beginning in the ’60s, parents stopped telling their children what to do and instead began asking them to do things. Parents became much more interested in being loved by their children than in being honored by their children. Children stopped fearing parents, and parents began fearing their children. Parents became much more interested in their children’s feelings than in their behavior.

Today, elementary schools and high schools work to diminish all parental authority. The most obvious example is hiding from parents that their 10-year-old says he or she is not their biological sex. And should a parent tell his or her 10-year-old, “This is not so, you were born a boy and you are a boy” or “You were born a girl and you are a girl,” those parents run the risk of having the child taken away from them, not to mention severe condemnation from doctors, psychotherapists and social workers.

One result of the breakdown of parental authority is that we probably have more child-parent alienation than at any time in American history. There are millions of parents whose adult child will not talk to them — many of them because of the way the parent voted (if the parent voted for former President Donald Trump, not if the parent voted for Hillary Clinton or President Joe Biden).

The bottom line is this: when parents don’t rule the home, chaos will rule society. And chaos always breeds tyranny. So, the choice is stark — either we have strong parents, or we will have a strong state.

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That would be the road to hell

Very short video.  U.S. Rep. @RashidaTlaib challenges bank CEOs to agree to stop funding fossil fuels. She is rejected by every single one.  Jamie Dimon’s comment is perfect: “That would be the road to Hell for America.”

Don’t miss it.

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Putting the false UN IPCC 13C/12C isotope argument to bed forever

Roy Spencer, PhD. (attached pdf.) and Murry Salby, PhD. (video link and text excerpt below), Tom Segalstad, PhD., (excerpts and links below and paper attached as pdf) and Edwin X Berry, PhD., (excerpt and link below and pdf attached) and Werner Stumm, PhD., have explained the problems with IPCC claimed carbon isotope “proof.”  Key excerpts and links to these works are presented here.  Brief bios of these scientists are below.

At this link is an excellent video lecture by Professor Murry Salby, PhD. The problem with the isotope “proof” is explained beginning at the 25-minute mark. 

The following is quoted from Professor Salby’s 2012 book, “The upward trend of CO2 is commonly ascribed to emission by human activities. Support for this interpretation comes from isotopes of carbon. Carbon 13, like carbon 12, is stable. It represents about 1% of the isotopic composition of CO2. However, its concentration varies between reservoirs of carbon. Vegetation and ancestral carbon, fossil fuel, are slightly leaner in 13C than is the atmosphere.” (6)

(6) Reflecting increased efficiency of photosynthesis with the lighter form of carbon.

“Proxy evidence of δ13C is more variable than that of rCO2 [atmospheric mixing ratio of CO2]. It also has little overlap with the more recent instrumental record (crosses). Nevertheless, reconstructed δ13C decreased over the last two centuries, mirroring the contemporaneous increase of rCO2.”

“The decrease of δ13C, together with the increase of rCO2, reflects the addition of CO2 that is 13C lean. This feature is consistent with the combustion of fossil fuel, as well as biomass destruction.  It is equally consistent, however, with the decomposition of organic matter derived from vegetation. Thus, associating the decrease of δ13C to the combustion of fossil fuel requires the exclusion of other sources that are 13C lean. In particular, it relies on CO2 emission from the ocean, which overshadows other sources of CO2 (Sec. 17.3), having the same isotopic composition as the atmosphere (which would then be left unchanged). Only then can the decrease of δ13C be isolated to continental sources, which are weaker and, in particular, to the combustion of fossil fuel, which is an order of magnitude weaker. Yet, the isotopic composition of marine organic matter is influenced by a variety of biological and environmental factors (Francois et al., 1993; Goericke et al., 1994). Through those factors, δ13C in the upper ocean varies significantly. Along with transport from the deep ocean, which is likewise uncertain, they leave the magnitude and composition of ocean emission poorly understood (Sec. 1.6.2).” ~ Salby, Murry. Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate, page 24. 2012. Cambridge University Press.

Tom V. Segalstad, PhD. explains: “Carbon Isotopes and Mass Balance Calculations Stable 13C/12C isotope ratios, expressed as delta 13C vs. PDB [Pee Dee Belemnite], provide the only way to determine unequivocally the fraction of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere. The natural atmospheric CO2 reservoir has delta 13C ~= -7‰ when in isotopic equilibrium with marine HCO3- (aq) and CaCO3 (s). CO2gas from burning of fossil-fuel and biogenic materials has delta 13C ~= -26‰ (Ohmoto and Rye, 1979; Deines,1980).”

“IPCC identifies 280 ppmv (ppm by volume) as the preindustrial CO2 value, but that may be arbitrarily influenced by the selection of low-value CO2 data from ice cores (where measured values up to 7,400 ppmv were omitted), as well as from them is matching of contemporary measurements with different ages (Jaworowski et al., 1992a; 1992b). IPCC claims the rise in CO2 to 353 ppmv in 1990, and 379 ppmv in 2005, is due only to anthropogenic CO2 (IPCC, 1990; 2007).”

“The delta 13C value reported for atmospheric CO2 was-7.489‰ in December 1978, decreasing 10 years later to -7.807‰ in December 1988 (Keeling et al., 1989). If the resultant decrease were solely the product of mixing natural CO2 with CO2 produced from the burning of fossil fuels or plants (~79% / ~21% CO2mix; lifetime 50–200 years; IPCC, 1990), the current atmospheric CO2 delta 13C value should be -11, much lower than reported (Segalstad, 1992; 2008).”

“The December 1988 atmospheric CO2 composition has been computed for its 748 Gt C (Gt =1015 g) total mass and delta 13C value of   -7.807‰ for three components: (1) natural fraction remaining from the preindustrial atmosphere, (2) cumulative fraction remaining from all annual fossil-fuel CO2 emissions, and (3) carbon isotope mass-balanced natural fraction. The masses of component (1) and (2) were computed for different atmospheric lifetimes of CO2 (Segalstad,1992).” 

“The result fits a lifetime of about five years, in agreement with 14C studies (see Sundquist, 1985;Segalstad, 1998; 2009; for further references). The mass of all past fossil-fuel and biogenic emissions remaining in the current atmosphere was -30 Gt C or less; i.e. a maximum of around 4% of the total, corresponding to an atmospheric concentration of approximately 14 ppmv. The implication of the five-year lifetime is that approximately 135 Gt C (18%) of the atmospheric CO2 is dynamically exchanged each year (Segalstad, 1992; 1996; 1998; 2008).” 

“The above calculations also demonstrate that over this 10-year period (1978–1988), at least 96% of the atmospheric CO2 is attributed to non-fossil-fuel sources, and this percentage has not likely varied much in the years since. Hence, it is clear marine degassing and juvenile degassing from sources such as volcanoes must be much more important for the atmospheric CO2 budget than the burning of fossil-fuels and biogenic materials. IPCC has failed to recognize this conclusion.” ~ Segalstad, Tom V., (17) (PDF) Some thoughts on ocean chemistry (Chapter Available from this link: [accessed Sep 23 2022]. 

A longer refutation of the IPCC’s isotope “proof” by Tom V. Segalstad is attached as pdf, which includes an extensive list of references.  Conclusion: “The atmospheric CO2 level is ultimately determined by geologic processes. The carbon on the Earth’s surface has come from CO2 degassing of the Earth’s interior, which has released about half of its estimated CO2 contents throughout Earth’s history during the 4,500 million years up to now (Holland, 1984). Important geologic processes are volcanism and erosion, releasing carbon from the lithosphere and the Earth’s interior to the atmosphere – ocean – biosphere system. These processes are counteracted by sedimentation of carbonate and organic carbon in the hydrosphere (mainly the ocean). The balance between these two main processes determines the CO2 level in the atmosphere (e.g., Kramer, 1965; McDuff & Morel, 1980; Walker & Drever, 1988; Holmén, 1992). “Thus, while seawater alkalinity is directly controlled by the formation of calcium carbonate as its major sedimentary sink, it is also controlled indirectly by carbonate metamorphism which buffers the CO2 content of the atmosphere” (McDuff 18 & Morel, 1980).” ~ Segalstad, Tom V., Carbon cycle modelling and the residence time of natural and anthropogenic atmospheric CO2: on the construction of the “Greenhouse Effect Global Warming” dogma. Pdf attached.

“Partitioning of CO2 between atmosphere and hydrosphere is governed by Henry’s Law,
implying that 50-60 times more CO2 is dissolved in the oceans than in the atmosphere. Due to the retrograde solubility of CO2 in water, less CO2 will be dissolved in water at higher temperatures.” Segalstad, Tom V., 33rd International Geological Congress (Session TC), Oslo, Norway 6 – 14 August 2008.

A detailed discussion of the chemistry is presented in Aquatic chemistry : chemical equilibria and rates in natural waters, chapter 4.9 Carbon Isotopes and Isotope Fractionation, by Stumm, Werner. Publication date 1996.   pages 195-205.

Enrichment of the heavier, stable isotope 13CO2 is naturally occurring in the ocean.   The lighter isotope 12CO2 is preferentially vaporized out of the ocean surface into air.  “The distribution factor has been experimentally determined (Deuger & Degens, 1967).”  Enrichment of the heavier isotope 13CO2 in the ocean surface is “9.2% at 0 degrees C and 6.8% at 30 degrees C.  This fractionation occurs predominantly in the hydration stage and not during the passage of the atmospheric carbon dioxide through the air-water interface; that is, the reaction

 13CO2(g) + 12CO2(aq) <-> 12CO2(g) + 13CO2(aq)

has an equilibrium constant of K = alpha = 1.0.”  (Stumm, W. 1996. page 200)

Dr. Stumm’s book provides a specific reference on this topic:  Sarmiento, J. L. (1993) Ocean Carbon Cycle: Most of the Carbon Released from Fossil Fuels Will End Up in the Oceans Where a Complex Cycle of Circulation and Other Processes Control Its Fate. Chem. Eng. News 72, No. 22 (May 31), 30-43.

Edwin X. Berry, PhD., summarizes problems with the IPCC model from a slightly different perspective in the abstract of his paper, which includes extensive references.  (Link below and attached as pdf): “The Physics Model has only one hypothesis, that outflow is proportional to level. The Physics Model exactly replicates the 14C data from 1970 to 2014 with only two physical parameters: balance level and e-time. The 14C data trace how CO2 flows out of the atmosphere. The Physics Model shows the 14 CO2 e-time is a constant 16.5 years. Other data show e-time for 12CO2 is about 4 to 5 years. IPCC claims human CO2 reduces ocean buffer capacity. But that would increase e-time. The constant e-time proves IPCC’s claim is false. IPCC argues that the human-caused reduction of 14C and 13C in the atmosphere prove human CO2 causes all the increase in atmospheric CO2. However, numbers show these isotope data support the Physics Model and reject the IPCC model. The Physics Model shows how inflows of human and natural CO2 into the atmosphere set balance levels proportional to their inflows. Each balance level remains constant if its inflow remains constant. Continued constant CO2 emissions do not add more CO2 to the atmosphere. No CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere. Present human CO2 inflow produces a balance level of about 18 ppm. Present natural CO2 inflow produces a balance level of about 392 ppm. Human CO2 is insignificant to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Increased natural CO2 inflow has increased the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.” ~ Edwin X. Berry, Human CO2 Emissions Have Little Effect on Atmospheric CO2, International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2019 , pp. 13-26. doi: 10.11648/j.ijaos.20190301.13.



  • Edwin Berry, PhD. is CEO of Climate Physics, LLC, in Bigfork, Montana. He received his BS in Engineering from Caltech, his MA in Physics from Dartmouth, and his PhD in Physics from the University of Nevada.  At Dartmouth, Berry studied probability and Markov chains and philosophy of science under John Kemeny, a student of Albert Einstein. At Nevada, Berry studied physics under Friedwart Winterberg, Heisenberg’s best student, and William T. Scott.
  • Murry Lewis Salby, PhD., deceased 2022, received his doctorate in environmental dynamics in 1978 at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He was an American atmospheric scientist who focused on upper atmospheric wave propagation. He wrote two textbooks, Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics (1996), and Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate (2012).
  • Tom V. Segalstad, PH.D. is associate professor of resource and environmental geology at the University of Oslo and head of the university’s Geological Museum. Dr. Segalstad has conducted research, publishing, and teaching in geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, structural geology.
  • Roy W. Spencer, PhD. received his Ph.D. in meteorology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1982.  He is principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. He has served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and is known for his satellite-based temperature monitoring work, for which he was awarded the American Meteorological Society’s Special Award.
  • Werner Stumm was a Swiss chemist. After earning his doctorate in inorganic chemistry at the University of Zürich in 1952 he moved to the U.S. where he was active as a professor at Harvard University until 1969. From 1970 until 1992 he was head of the Swiss Federal Water Resources Centre EAWAG.  Werner Stumm was an active researcher in several aspects of geochemistry. During the early part of his career, he was influenced by the ideas of Lars Gunnar Sillén and Robert Garrels regarding aqueous chemical equilibria. He developed models where the ideas by Sillén regarding equilibria were combined with improved descriptions of kinetically controlled reactions (i.e., slow reactions that do not reach equilibrium, e.g., weathering).  Stumm is well known for writing the influential book Aquatic chemistry, together with James J. Morgan, and several other books on the interplay between mineral surfaces and water.

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Truth about the chronic problem with the U.S. GOP (Republicans in Congress)

Leadership designs strategy. GOP leadership must change.

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Study estimates vax is worse than the virus to download pdf

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities

50 Pages Posted: 12 Sep 2022

“We estimate that 22,000 – 30,000 previously uninfected adults aged 18-29 must be boosted with an mRNA vaccine to prevent one COVID-19 hospitalisation.”

“As such, these severe infringements of individual liberty are ethically unjustifiable. “

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[U.S.] National Conservatism’s Ideas Are Winning, But We Need A Plan To Carry Them Out

BY: RACHEL BOVARD (bio down below)

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

“To prove ourselves, we have to do more than simply win the argument. We have to have a plan. We cannot simply say ‘trust us.’

The following remarks were given at the National Conservative Conference on Sept. 12, 2022.

Read the entire post here. It is EXCELLENT!


We’re winning the argument. The next step is winning the fight. That’s not the same thing as winning elections. NatCons have already won elections.

But winning the fight isn’t just about November. It’s about winning the other eleven months, too. It’s about creating a virtuous cycle of political strategy and policy reform powerful enough to realign our politics… and rescue our nation from the dangers now at her throat.

Ready or not, National Conservatism is becoming America’s political majority. Whether it becomes America’s next governing coalition is a separate question. And one almost entirely dependent on the substantive policy agenda and strategy national conservative thinkers, candidates, and elected officials offer the country.

We don’t need to – and we shouldn’t – throw out all our old ideas. But we do need to reprioritize them now —- when our most basic government and economic institutions are ideologically weaponized against the public.

The priorities of Federal Reserve economists, Wall Street hedge fund managers, board members of Raytheon, and globalists at the World Trade Organization have been discredited and should be discounted.

Instead, the day-to-day needs of the family must be the beating heart of this movement. That will involve economic policy. It will involve choices about national defense, technology, higher education, and health care. Because the revelation of our movement is that every policy choice is a family policy choice.

What separates our vision from that of Washington’s permanent class is that the family sits on top of our policy hierarchy. And every policy choice we make is subservient to the family. Not the other way around.

But it’s not enough to say it. We have to do it. And to succeed, we must have a plan. Donald Trump’s first year in office perfectly illustrates the point. The president, you’ll remember, wanted a border wall. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell wanted a corporate tax cut. One had a mandate; the others had a plan.

By contrast, the part of the Trump agenda that was mapped out, publicly, by the president, in specific detail before his inauguration were his nominations to the Supreme Court. And as a result, those commitments now have names: Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kavanaugh, and Justice Barrett.

The woke ideology, the universities that teach it, and the cultural and corporate elites who enforce it are fundamentally anti-American, totalitarian, and absolutely convicted about the justice of punishing dissent and destroying any check on their power.

The Left’s long “march through the institutions” was a world-changing success. Every institution – public or private – that woke elites run is being wielded, right now, as a weapon against every man, woman, child, and family in the United States.

Against the Constitution. Against religion. Against freedom. Against sex, comedy, art, and culture. Against innocence and reason, against truth itself.

Generation Woke does not want America to ever be Great Again because they don’t want America to ever be America again.

… continues

Rachel Bovard is The Federalist’s senior tech columnist and the senior director of policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute. She has more than a decade of policy experience in Washington and has served in both the House and Senate in various roles, including as a legislative director and policy director for the Senate Steering Committee under the successive chairmanships of Sen. Pat Toomey and Sen. Mike Lee. She also served as director of policy services for The Heritage Foundation.

Hat tip to Yuri Tuvim

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Piers Corbyn speaks the truth on human-produced CO2

2 minutes

Corbyn holds a first class BSc degree in physics and an MSc in astrophysics. He did postgraduate research in superconductivity. Corbyn is heavily slammed by the woke cancel culture and orthodox human-CO2 caused global warming publications. Piers Corbyn is right.

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