BLEXIT ATLANTA Bishop E.W. Jackson

“Without question, the city of Atlanta has played one of the biggest roles in the history of black America. Although once home to the Ku Klux Klan headquarters, the city moved to become the birthplace of so many black American pioneers leaders, like the late Martin Luther King Jr. who was both born and laid to rest there.

But Atlanta has been ruled by leftist mayors since 1879, which has earned the city the number 6 spot on the “The Most Dangerous Cities in the America” list. The drinking water is contaminated and the city ranks as the 10th most impoverished cities for blacks to live in the United States.

These issues are completely ignored by leftist politicians, who claim that the biggest threat in Atlanta is…RACIAL DIVISION.

Most recently Atlanta’s mayor condemned ICE (Immigration enforcement) with the stunning claim that they are not welcome in Atlanta.

REMINDER! Illegal immigrants work for under the minimum wage and take away jobs from American citizens who do not have college diplomas. The United States Commission of Civil Rights issued a report confirming that Black Americans are the group hurt THE MOST by illegal immigration.

It is time for Atlanta to come together and talk about the real social issues affecting its community.” ~ Candace Owens

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CO2 is greening the earth

Learn how rising levels of atmospheric CO2 are benefiting nature by increasing the productivity of plants all across the world. Excellent 9 minute video.



Review of Recent Scientific Articles by CO2 Science

(Hat tip and thanks to Ken Haapala at

Improved Potato Plant Growth and Yield Under Elevated CO2
Ahmadi Lahijani, M.J., Kafi, M., Nezami, A., Nabati, J. and Erwin, J.E. 2019. Effect of CO2 enrichment on gas exchanges, biochemical traits, and minituber yield in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 21: 883-894. Nov 8, 2018
[SEPP Comment: International statistics show potato is the fourth most important crop for humans.]

The Response of Faba Bean to Elevated CO2 and Soil Water Content
Parvin, S., Uddin, S., Tausz-Posch, S., Fitzgerald, G., Armstrong, R. and Tausz, M. 2019. Elevated CO2 improves yield and N2 fixation but not grain N concentration of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) subjected to terminal drought. Environmental and Experimental Botany 165: 161-173. Nov 7, 2019

The Combined Impact of Elevated CO2 and Cold Temperature Stress on Spring Wheat
Zhu, X., Liu, S., Sun, L., Song, F., Liu, F. and Li, X. 2018. Cold tolerance of photosynthetic electron transport system is enhanced in wheat plants grown under elevated CO2. Frontiers in Plant Science 9: 933, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.00933. Nov 4, 2019

“Taken together, the above findings demonstrate that rising CO2 levels will help reduce the negative impacts of cold temperature stress on winter or spring wheat. And those benefits will translate to greater growth and yields.”

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Let them eat cake!

I am ready for a guillotine on the national mall in Washington D.C. I am not joking or being sarcastic. The pile of heads should be large. We the People are confronted with a coup, a mutiny, against the will of We the People as We expressed in an election according to our laws. Tolerance and apathy are the primary indicators of a dying republic. If you will not stand and defend your own liberty, then you are a slave.

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Climate truth from NZ. And she knows Kafka!

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From NZ with love. And she

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“Germany’s wind market collapses.”

Germany: Enercon sends up distress flare as Germany’s wind market collapses


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Global Temperature

Screenshot_2019-11-09 Temperature Global
“Temperature.Global calculates the current global temperature of the Earth. It uses unadjusted surface temperatures. The current temperature is the 12M [12 month] average mean surface temperature over the last 12 months compared against the 30 year mean. New observations are entered each minute and the site is updated accordingly. This site was created by professional meteorologists and climatologists with over 25 years experience in surface weather observations.”
Data Sources
NOAA One-Minute Observations (OMOs)
NBDC Global Buoy Reports
MADIS Mesonet Data
Their Twitter thread:
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Electric vehicles?

“… the main claim for pushing widespread EV [electric vehicle] use is that it would radically reduce global carbon-dioxide emissions. It won’t. In fact, an all-EV America would barely trim 8 percent off world oil demand. And the impact on carbon-dioxide emissions would be smaller.”
“Why? It takes energy — the equivalent of 80 to 300 barrels of oil — to fabricate a battery that can hold energy equal to one barrel. Thus, the energy used to make batteries means EVs carry a carbon “debt” that greatly diminishes, or can even cancel out, emissions saved from avoiding oil.”
“And by the way, as the International Energy Agency notes, expected efficiency improvements for combustion engines will save 300 percent more global energy than will all the EVs forecast to be on the roads by 2040.”
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The fake whistleblower

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Silicon Valley goes stupid for the global warming fraud

San Jose, CA which claims to be the “capital of silicon valley” is banning natural gas in new buildings, following a similar announcement recently by the city of Berkeley, CA. They have gone stupid for the global warming fraud. Apparently Sierra Club is reporting that 50 more California cities plan to do the same.


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