The actual enemy is…

America must rid itself of the neo-con idea that America should “make the world safe for democracy.” This is imperial dogma. America must bring its troops and weapons home and prepare to defend our homeland. All republics have ended by over-extension, by stretching their finite resources to try to further extend their empire. Poland, Hungary, the Czechs and others are and can be great allies in the fight for liberty. The best thing America can do is to teach them to fish for themselves. Russia is NOT the U.S. enemy in this battle. And NATO is NOT a U.S. ally in this battle.

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The threat to America’s future

“Unholy Alliance was the first book to trace the evolution of American radicalism from its support for the Soviet bloc to its opposition to the War on Terror; and to explain how the left and Islamists movements share a common mindset that creates a bond between them. Both ideologies are utopian enterprises that require the suppression of dissent and/or the eradication of the opposition to achieve their vision of paradise on earth – the classless utopia for the left, and the sharia utopia for the Islamists. For the left, America is the hated seat of global capitalism and individualism.  For Islamists, America is the hated seat of Western values, a bulwark against the global domination of Islam and a wellspring of spiritual iniquity.  Consequently, both of these destructive movements have a shared conception of, and contempt for, the “Great Satan” – America – which they identify as the primary source of evil in the world and find common ground in their desire to annihilate or “fundamentally transform” it.” (1)

“Drawing on the Discover the Networks database, the new book (2) documented and analyzed what no other work of scholarship had noticed – that the left has successfully built the richest and most powerful political machine in American history.  The authors’ findings upended the conventional wisdom that conservatives and the Republican Party represent the rich and powerful, while progressives and Democrats are “the party of the people.” To the contrary, their research proved beyond a doubt that the financial assets of the left directed at policy formation actually exceeded by a factor of ten or more those of the right and are being invested in “transforming” America – reorienting it in a socialist direction.”

“…progressives and conservatives see the world differently.  Progressives view themselves as social redeemers, as missionaries seeking to transform the world, which inspires their will to win.  Conservatives are pragmatists whose goals are specific, practical and modest by comparison.  But it is only by embracing their mission as defenders of freedom, and as champions of the victims of progressive policies, that conservatives can confront the fire of the left with a fire of their own.” (3)

“According to Horowitz, conservatives fail to employ  political language that speaks to voters’ emotions, and fail to highlight the moral imperative of opposing policies that are destructive to the poor, to the vulnerable, and ultimately to all Americans.” (1)

David Horowitz is a “red diaper baby” – a child born of communist parents – and a former communist and socialist radical himself.  He reformed and is now a prolific, conservative writer, speaker, and thought leader.  I highly recommend reading and studying David’s work and please join me in donating to his center if you can.

(1) Jamie Glazov, Ph.D. in The Life and Work of David Horowitz, a chapter in The Black Book of the American Left, Volume IX: Ruling Ideas.

(2) The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Monery Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future.  David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin.

(3) Take no prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.  David Horowitz

(4) Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam And the American Left.  David Horowitz

(5) Discover the Networks: An Online Database of the left and its agendas





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The US Congress and the deep state continue to put American citizens and the Republic at dangerous risk by their irresponsible, obstinate failure to control the border and fix the immigration problems. Instead they play at politics, power and money with their cronies to keep themselves in Congress. Their definition of the immigration problem is the first problem; you and I as citizens are not a consideration and never mentioned. It is disgusting, deplorable and a dereliction of their sworn Constitutional duty. Immigration problems are fixable problems, but our selfish Congress is only thinking about themselves. America did not suddenly learn on 9-11 that we had a border and immigration problem. Congress and Presidents and their crony interests allowed this to happen.

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Stop it

Write the White House and President Trump. Tell them to stop this.  In 2016, the U.S. defense department and intel services began building a secret base for military drones in Niger, central Africa, costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Work on this base is continuing in the Trump administration. These drones are instruments of unconstitutional, undeclared war which kill hundreds or thousands of innocent people. America is not the world’s policeman, nor do Americans want to be an empire. Stop it.
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A loose screw

She has a loose screw, but she has eyes on the U.S. presidency in 2020: California’s junior U.S. Senator Kamala Harris was scolded by an appeals court judge after she argued when she was prosecutor, “…that only abject physical brutality would warrant a finding of prosecutorial misconduct and the dismissal of an indictment, and that perjury was not sufficient.”  Now imagine what such a legal precedent would do to our republic, which is supposed to be based on laws and truth.  Yet, Democrats considered her for a potential seat on the Supreme Court, back when they thought Hillary would be president.

“In 2015, judges called out her office for defending convictions obtained by local prosecutors who inserted a false confession into the transcript of a police interrogation, lied under oath and withheld crucial evidence from the defense. “Talk to the attorney general and make sure she understands the gravity of the situation,” federal appellate Judge Alex Kozinski instructed one of Harris’s deputies in court last year.”

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Carbon fraud

Today I received a letter from a company I have done regular business with for more than 30 years. The letter was from the daughter of the founder. She was promoting a new initiative to be “carbon neutral” which she is managing. Here is my reply. Modify and use as you see fit. Dear ____,

Don’t waste your time, effort or money on the carbon scam. And it is a scam. “Global warming” or “climate change” is a giant, multi-national fraud. And I mean fraud in the full, legal sense of that word. Have you seen this documentary video?

I am a chemist and my entire career was making, marketing, selling, and servicing instrumentation, software and consumables for measuring chemicals, worldwide. I was VP in 4 public corporations in life sciences instrumentation. I can tell you for a fact that human-produced CO2 and carbon are not a problem for our environment and do not cause any significant change in temperature or climate. On the contrary, CO2 is plant food and THE ONLY WAY carbon … the building block for all life … gets into the food chain.

Also, if you do the math, and I have done it, you will learn that if all of humanity were to devote all of its power plants to heating the oceans fulltime 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and doing nothing else but that, it would take about 10,000 years to raise the average temperature of the oceans by 1 degree centigrade. In other words, nature controls the climate, not humans and absolutely not the atmospheric trace gas CO2. “Global warming,”/”climate change” is a religion and politics. It is not science.

If you want more information or have any doubt, please let me know and I can supply many references and peer reviewed papers.

Sustainable farming is a different matter and very worthwhile.

Also, reduce or eliminate use of plastics everywhere in your processes. Biodegradable plastics are OK. Plastics made from cellulose nitrate are good. Use hemp or natural fiber rope everywhere. Did you know there is a giant island of swirling trash, mostly plastics, nets, rope, trucks, boats, etc in the north Pacific?

The biggest problem ahead of you and future generations with regard to the environment is the ongoing destruction of the oceans, and implicit in that is pollution of water. Plastics are accumulating in the oceans, in fish, in birds, in plankton, in everything all the way up the food chain. These plastics, some visible some microscopic, also end up in human food and in our cells and bodies.

Concentrated chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics end up in the oceans too, going from land and aquafers to creeks to rivers to oceans.

Next, humans are massively overfishing the oceans and the worst example is fishing the large pelagic and top predator fishes, such a marlin, swordfish, sailfish, bluefin tuna, and shark. Similar to killing a wolf on land, killing top predator fish in the oceans destroys the food chain pyramid beneath it, the smaller fishes, the coral, the microorganisms… humans are killing them all. And most of these large predator fish may only breed and have few young in an average of ten years. Normally, they live long lives too. When these large ocean animals go extinct, the oceans will die, and humans will follow.

You might want to see the documentary Blue, now playing in theatres. Here’s the trailer.

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The knee fake

The athlete probably does not have the right to protest anything while he is working or on company property. His or her actions are subject to employment conditions. The employer may or may not permit such protests. That is the private decision of the employer. The sponsor of the athlete, and/or the sponsor/advertiser of the company may or may not allow or condone the protest behavior of the athlete. That is the private decision of the sponsor/advertiser. The customer/attendee/viewer of the sponsor, advertisor, athlete may or may not make their own private decision whether to continue as a customer based on the athlete’s protest. That is the business risk being taken by the athlete, employer and sponsor/advertiser. On the other hand, the customers/viewers/attendees are within their rights to walk away, or burn shoes in protest on their own property and time. The U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights) does not guarantee to citizens a right of freedom of speech in any and every situation. The Bill of Rights was designed to protect citizens from their government. The 1st amendment says “Congress shall make no law”… “abridging the freedom of speech.” That is entirely different from the mistaken assumption that the government must protect an athlete’s supposed right or anyone else’s supposed right to free speech or protest, whether at an athletic event, on a social network like Facebook, in a newspaper or on a soapbox.

Before it receives my money or viewing time, the NFL and its athletes, sponsors and advertisers must drain their swamp and clean up their act. It’s a chronic, endemic problem not a one time knee.

Recent NFL criminal

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Social justice is identity politics

“Social justice” or injustice is identity politics, a political tool used by leftist radicals to divide and conquer. For example, who is at fault when week after week black men are killing other black men in Chicago? If there were an actual behavior or policy of “social justice”, then that society in Chicago would clean up its act, would be able to clean up its act. Instead, an ongoing crisis is needed by politicians and BLM cronies; that society is being manipulated.
The kneeling NFL football player is a victim of that manipulation too. And now so are Nike shareholders.
But, like so many similar political issues, the real problem – the injustice – is never fixed because politicians and their cronies, despite their rhetoric, need the issue to be ongoing in order to incite and divide the public and build their constituency. This is how community organizers like Obama work.
Hegelian dialectic, usually presented in a threefold manner, was stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus as comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction; an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis; and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.” -wikipedia.
In the Hegelian manipulation, the real problem and the real solution to the problem are never discussed. Instead, the viewer, reader, listener is presented positions to distract them, while making them believe that they have considered the issue and made their own decision.  (It’s much more difficult to get someone to listen when they believe they have already considered the issue and made their own decision.)  However, the real issue and solution are outside the box.  “Social justice” and politicians are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
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Social justice is running from its past

“The current term leftists use to describe their utopian vision of the future is “social justice” rather than communism or socialism. The new name is part of a familiar process by which the left attempts to shed the disasters of the past. One would be hard-put to distinguish the goals encapsulated by “social justice” from the communist attitudes of previous generations. Like communism, “social justice” is a promise of harmony and redemption. Like communism it describes a future in which inequality, poverty, bigotry and the timeless corruptions of the human spirit are miraculously rectified by political parties and the state. Like comunism, “social justice” requires for its realization a remake of humanity. Like communism, therefore, it can only be achieved through the destruction of individual freedom, and the thwarting of normal human desires and interests in order to achieve an allegedly greater social good.”
“The bloody history of progressive experiments during the 20th century should have buried the illusion that human beings can be transformed into creatures radically different from what they have been for the five thousand years in which their actions have been recorded…Yet the religious fantasy of a liberated future persists to this day among an alarming array of constituencies, and the left’s assault on individual freedom proceeds as though these historical tragedies had never taken place.” ~ David Horowitz in Vol IX: Ruling Ideas, The Black Book of the American Left.
If you are a sentient being, you will want to read David Horowitz’ books.
The left runs away from its past, from its history. Not coincidentally, it is the same tactic used by islamists and all totalitarian regimes, so that they do not have to acknowledge or defend their terrible actions and inactions. They only want to preach about the utopian future. Their actions include many millions of dead such as Stalin’s post-war millions dead, Pol-Pot’s Khmer-Rouge millions dead in Laos and Cambodia, Mao’s millions dead in China, and Cuba’s, Venezuela’s, Nicaragua’s still untold numbers of dead. And, of course, this is the same mentality that is today censoring free speech whereever it can do so.
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Social justice?

“Social Justice” is just another word for ” meddling” in things that arent your business. Its another phrase that celebrates victimhood and the herd mentality. Its a phrase that denies biology, common sense and the inevitable fallibility of anything created by man. Its a phrase that tempts people into the false belief that charity and charitable works are best left to the state….education and medicine too. Social Justice is a nonsense phrase that allows for intellectual laziness to gain the upper hand. There is no room for the Creator or any supernatural being or for spirituality or for true worship. Social Justice is synonymous with mediocrity and the stagnation of the human spirit. Fight against this scourge-this evil with all your heart and all your might and all your mind. Nothing else will be successful. Sorry i have been listening all day to people who believe they are conservative yet they want to socially engineer the rest of us. They just do not get it. ~


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