Open letter by 435+ doctors and 1434+ medically trained health professionals regarding pandemic

10 minute easy read at the link above or below.

“After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore. The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good. We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties.”

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Here is what is wrong

In this short video, Bill O’Reilly and Newt Gingrich point out, “There is something really, really wrong.”

Yep.  There is something really, really wrong.

That something is an ideology that is subverting American culture and long ago subverted mainland Europe.  The United Kingdom is stuck in the middle but leaning strongly toward the European mainland’s ideology, seemingly unable to divorce itself from the massive, expensive and un-elected EU bureacracy. 

America was once a society and government based on God-given rights and natural laws as described by David Hume, John Locke, Adam Smith, and others of the Scottish/English/Irish enlightenment which led to naturalists like Charles Darwin discovering by observation how nature solved its problems, for example evolution. Instead, since before WWI America has been and is being pushed today into the rationalist, logical, humanist, hubristic ideology described by Kant, Baruch Spinoza, Leibnitz, etc. of the German/Dutch/French continental enlightenment culminating in Friedrich Nietszche rejecting truth, God, Christianity, morals and advocating the “will to power” and the eugenics of Robert Thomas Malthus and the Club of Rome. 

This division is not new. Mainland Europe has long been there, and thus ideology-driven mainland Europe has had wars ever since its enlightenment and continues to be a class-based society. The inevitable solutions of human-rationality are more-and-more-government for every problem and a rationally-structured society. That leads to governments in conflict with each other and their various independently derived rationalized solutions, which leads to demands for a one-world-government and collectivism. 

It is this hubristic, continental European supreme overconfidence in the human intellect that is driving globalism, open borders, multi-culturalism, elimination of capitalism, elimination of private property and sovereignty (except for elites). It is epitomized in the un-elected bureaucracies and elites at the UN, EU, World Bank, IMF, Davos, and the CFR.

America was founded in opposition to all of that. American men and women have fought and died in support of God-given rights, individual freedom, and a government limited and controlled by the people. That was written into a Constitution and Bill of Rights which was designed to be protected by a republican form of government, not a collective democracy and certainly not by an oligarchy of elites who believe they know best. George Washington, who among many others risked his life and his fortune to free America from Europe’s feudalism, America’s first president easily who could have been king but honorably stepped down after his term and returned to private life, is called a racist slaveowner and his name is defamed by BLM, Antifa and their allies.

Instead, today and for the last 50 years, elected and un-elected bureaucrats do not step down, but retain their positions and enrich and empower themselves and their family and cronies for 3, 4 and 5 decades. Our government could be called the House of Lords.

Instead, and especially after the over-confidence in American government that came after WWII, many Americans have been subverted to European ideological humanism and over-confidence in the human intellect.

Instead of praying to God to help us with our human weaknesses and sins, we have forgotton our humility and we proudly celebrate our past successes and idolize a technological future including but not limited to merging man and machine and living forever.

Instead, today America has a gigantic, growing, expensive, unafforable, self-perpetuating government bureaucracy which sets rules, laws and actions unto itself which are categorically opposite to those which apply to mere citizens. Appointed and elected bureaucrats are paid far more with far more benefits than the average citizen who theoretically employs and pays them.

Instead of being a limited government run for and by the people, our elections are dominated by wealthy celebrity and corporate elites and their private foundations and action committees driving electoral processes which are financially out of reach for common citizens.

Instead, today’s American government is similar to a European oligarchy with its ladder of feudal lords and ladies of the royal court, with their special conditions and demands from their fiduciaries. Their special rules and privileges do not apply to the common people. America now has a government run by its elites, like European government…versus the original republic designed into the Constitution. America’s entrenched government and left wing supports the globalist, collectivist utopia promoted by UN and EU elites who openly call for elimination of sovereignty and capitalism. It is an ideological tower of Babel.

A sincere academic study has shown that America is now an oligarchy: the will of the people is being ignored except to fashion it into the next ‘red meat’ rhetoric and reset button to be promoted by mainstream media, which is owned by elites. The study indicated “that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.” As O’Reilly, Gingrich and the Fox News interview demonstrate, it is not permitted to publicly question one of the elites such as George Soros even on supposedly right wing Fox News. Is America an oligarchy? That was the conclusion of this 2014 study by these two prominent US political scientists.

“But we believe that if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.”(1)

Yes, “There is something really, really wrong.” Are you bending the knee and practicing kissing the ring? Or, are you standing for individual liberty and national sovereignty?

(1) Reference: Testing Theories of American Politics:Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens, by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page.

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The future

Dear All,

George Orwell was correct when he wrote his dystopian novel, “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”  Whoever controls the language of a culture, controls that culture and its government.  This article on the term “gaslighting” indicates how consequential the meaning of Orwell’s observation is.

Step back from the fray and observe how many terms have arisen in our national discourse that appear out of the blue and gain incredible traction: “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “microaggressions,” “antifa,” “black lives matter,” “safe spaces,” “woke individuals,” “non-binary,” and so many others.  I believe it would be safe to posit that these terms have gained traction because of the several social media platforms that exist today.  This traction is also amplified by the fact that critical thinking, logic, and common sense have all gone the way of the dodo bird.  For me, that is a sad fact of reality.

From my vantage point, I view all the turmoil and violent protesting as dangerous signs of cultural dissolution.  An acquaintance of mine from my Aramco days opined recently on Facebook that I am an anachronism because of my desire for a triad of New 3Rs for America (retroculture, restoring social and political power to the states, and renaissance, American-style) and a return to sanity in our culture.  With the clarity of reflection, I suspect he was correct.  That being written, I do not want to live in a dystopian society where personal freedom no longer is the highest value.

I urge all recipients of this email and the embedded forwarded-email to think carefully about the future of America.  I will leave you with this idea as well: Truth and wisdom have no fear of time.

Best regards to all,


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“Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored.”

From Sky News Australia: more than 3.4 million views

Sky News host Rita Panahi says “no matter how hard the Democrats and their allies in the media try, Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored”.

“We’ve seen Biden appear confused about key facts, policies, dates and names, even forgetting Barack Obama’s name,” Ms Panahi said.

“There is simply too much footage of his muddled rants, inexplicably bizarre outbursts and Charlie Sheen levels of confusion to try and gaslight the American public.”

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“The Great Global Warming Blunder”

“The Great Global Warming Blunder unveils new evidence from major scientific findings that explode the conventional wisdom on climate change and reshape the global warming debate as we know it. Roy W. Spencer, a former senior NASA climatologist, reveals how climate researchers have mistaken cause and effect when analyzing cloud behavior and have been duped by Mother Nature into believing the Earth’s climate system is far more sensitive to human activities and carbon dioxide than it really is.

In fact, Spencer presents astonishing new evidence that recent warming is not the fault of humans, but the result of chaotic, internal natural cycles that have been causing periods of warming and cooling for millennia. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not necessarily to be feared; The Great Global Warming Blunder explains that burning of fossil fuels may actually be beneficial for life on Earth.

As group-think behavior and misguided global warming policy proposals threaten the lives of millions of the world’s poorest, most vulnerable citizens, The Great Global Warming Blunder is a scintillating exposé and much-needed call for debate.” (Amazon review)

I have not read Dr. Spencer’s book yet, but I read a page or two. This is not too technical for the average curious reader. 

Dr. Spencer, a former senior NASA climatologist, is principle scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, Earth System Science Center where he and John Christy and their colleagues manage the NASA satellite temperature data set. 

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Identity Politics Normalizes Pedophilia

Sacrificing children to the Cultural Revolution. Thu Sep 17, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The media shot back at public disgust with Cuties, a Netflix film, with sneers about QAnon.

Dismissing objections to Cuties, a movie sexualizing young girls that would have been illegal to film in this country, as a right-wing conspiracy sums up a poisoned marketplace of ideas in which nothing is so unacceptable that it can’t be normalized by associating it with the other side.

Not even pedophilia.

The normalization of pedophilia is usually accompanied by references to QAnon, as if only conspiracy theorists could possibly object to the sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

The release of Cuties comes as California, where Netflix’s headquarters and that of the entertainment and tech industry that it intersects, is located, turned SB-145 into law.

Unlike a lot of California bills which have dramatic names, SB-145 carries a bland tag: “Sex Offenders: Registration.” Its digest curtly states, “This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor.”

A 24-year-old year-old sexually abusing a 14-year-old would qualify.

“This bill has no application to anyone under the age of 14,” Senator Wiener assured.

Count your blessings.

The bill, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, who represents San Francisco in the State Senate, was passed by its Democratic majority, while the media sympathetically presented it as fighting anti-gay discrimination, and Weiner, as being targeted by QAnon harassment.

It’s not just fictional pedophilia that can be normalized through ideological tribalism.

SB-145 passed the California State Senate by 41 to 25, and Governor Newsom signed it into law even while massive wildfires were turning the skies of San Francisco an ominous red.

Modern leftists, like members of any fundamentalist faith, are capable of seeing a message in a firestorm, but only the one that accords with their theology in which sexually abusing children is a step forward for civil rights, while failing to set up enough solar panels is a grave sin.

“Mother Earth is angry. She’s telling us — whether – she’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the West, whatever it is, that climate crisis is real and has an impact,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC while playing oracle to her imaginary goddess.

Democrats can hear Mother Earth, they can’t however hear the cries of abused children.

Normalizing pedophilia is the inevitable outcome of the leftist shift from individual rights to identity politics. Children are only protected from abuse by the vestiges of a criminal justice system that is being dismantled by leftists because it oppresses those groups who disproportionately engage in criminal behavior. In a worldview in which criminals are victims and victims are criminals, the rights of pedophiles are more morally compelling than their victims.

Children are not an oppressed group and their rights are often sacrificed to the demands of identity politics, whether it’s Somali Muslims engaging in female genital mutilation in Minnesotta, a bill tackling the question was opposed by Ilhan Omar, or chemically castrating young boys to make them identify as girls, there are always collective issues of identity politics, the assertion of some oppressed group’s rights, that are more important than the bodies and lives of children.

When ideas are more compelling than people, then people are sacrificed to ideas. And a society that is increasingly uninterested in the old family structures is sacrificing children to its ideas.

Modern Molochs have many ideas for saving the world by passing children through the flames.

Environmentalists insist that people shouldn’t have children to save the planet. Feminists argue that people should abort children for gender equality. Activists who claim that there is no gender are tinkering with children to demonstrate their ideas. Critical race theorists are indoctrinating children with their poisonously racist ideas in kindergarten. Why not throw in a little pedophilia?

Two parallel moral systems are inhabiting the same country, the vice of one is the virtue of the other, and only one of those moral systems is shocked and horrified by the abuse of children.

After the United States attempted to extradite filmmaker Roman Polanski for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl, an army of famous celebrities signed a Free Roman Polanski petition.

The list included everyone from Martin Scorcese, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Natalie Portman, Harrison Ford, and, obviously, Harvey Weinstein, with the sexual predator calling Polanski’s rape a “so-called crime”.

“In Roman Polanski case, is it Hollywood vs. Middle America?” the Los Angeles Times asked.

That’s the Cuties situation again. And Hollywood has a way of winning these fights. Roman Polanski may have successfully avoided extradition from France to America, but Harvey Weinstein has spent the better part of the year fighting extradition from New York to LA.

Due to the pandemic, the extradition hearing has been delayed until December.

And by the time Harvey gets shipped over to Los Angeles, California Democrats may find a way to change the law to make it more accommodating toward these so-called crimes.

Culture is more compelling than law. It’s why Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with it for so long. Rape might be on the books as a crime, but in an environment in which no one thinks it’s a crime, no one will report it, and hardly anyone one will enforce the laws if they do.

And the entertainment industry is at least as abusive toward children as it is to women.

Netflix, with a market cap in the neighborhood of $200 billion and 200 million subscribers, has far more power than any mere studio, and Cuties is a test of that power in the same way that Harvey Weinstein tested his power. After a certain number, money becomes meaningless. The degeneracy of absolute power comes from powerful men pushing their appetites to the limit.

And there’s no place where the ruling elite push their power to the limit as much as California.

The average person, even perhaps the average Netflix subscriber, may be disgusted by Cuties, but a brief history of the entertainment industry and the nation’s morals shows that Americans have been adapting their tastes and tolerances to those of their entertainers for 70 years.

Not the other way around.

Complaints like “Shut up and sing” or “Don’t preach to us” are hollow protests when pitted against the power of someone like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings or Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

We live in Hollywood’s world where marriage, family, and religion are on the decline.

Mere law, as California showed us, won’t stop the normalization of pedophilia, and public revulsion won’t either. Is there reason to think that the same cultural machine that convinced a majority of the country to support men showering with young girls will fail for the first time?

In 2016, a majority of Americans opposed the idea. By 2017, a slim majority supported it, and by 2019, a majority were in favor of a law that would force transgender bathroom use.

That’s the rate of speed at which these battles are fought and lost these days. The Bostock decision, in which Gorsuch and Roberts joined the leftists in inverting the meaning of sex, was inevitable if you were paying attention to the polling, not in rural Arkansas, but in New York, D.C. and San Francisco, and the major cities that act as incubators for the ruling class.

(And if you want conservative judges, try looking in rural Arkansas, not the Ivy League.)

How fast can actual pedophilia be normalized? We may find out sooner than we think.

America is undergoing a catastrophic clash between two incompatible moral systems, one of which, as Yeats wrote, lacks conviction, while the other is full of passionate intensity. Both moral systems are highly detailed ways of explaining the world and the place of human beings in it.

But only one of them believes that what we do as individuals, apart from the group, matters.

Only one finds value in the existence of a child, not as a prop for an idea, but as a person.

A religion with a personal God makes personal morality innate and inescapable. But the secular religion of the wokes has no god, no personal morality and no sins except the social kind. A religion that encompasses the universe can be localized in the confines of the human soul, but the social religion of leftists is enmeshed with charts and graphs about the social status of all.

Their messianism of the collective liberation of all has no room for individual rights or morals. Decadence isn’t a sin, it’s revolutionary. Liberation requires the destruction of the old mores, and, even when practiced on a child, sweeps away the old repressive order with its false ideas about sexual morality and replaces it with the creative destruction of the endless revolution.

That’s why prominent figures in the German, French, and British Left openly endorsed pedohphilia in the seventies, only to have the awkward fact swept under the rug afterward.

The Left is not a mere ideology. It is a belief system with its supernatural elements, like Mother Nature, with redemption, damnation, and a crusade whose value system is being perpetuated through government institutions, schools and universities, and through the entertainment industry that has become the common culture of a country whose people have little in common.

It’s not enough to cancel Netflix, turn off the NFL, or skip the latest movie. We must restore the soul of a nation, its values, purpose, and meaning that popular culture displaced and replaced.

Or we will find out that what’s coming up next is a thing worse than we can even imagine.

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You cannot ignore this. It will not go away. It is getting worse every day.

Watch this video and share it widely. If you enjoy freedom, then this is one of the most important messages you will ever hear.


“The website for the University of Chicago’s English department, one of the highest-ranked in the world, now carries this warning for any students aspiring to seek a PhD at the school in the coming year:”

“‘Note: For the 2020-2021 graduate admissions cycle, the University of Chicago English Department is accepting only applicants interested in working in and with Black Studies. We understand Black Studies to be a capacious intellectual project that spans a variety of methodological approaches, fields, geographical areas, languages and time periods.’

“In a longer statement, the department explains its reasoning. English, long known as among the most left-wing disciplines in the academy, was in fact racist all along:”

“‘English as a discipline has a long history of providing aesthetic rationalizations for colonization, exploitation, extraction and anti-Blackness. Our discipline is responsible for developing hierarchies of cultural production that have contributed directly to social and systemic determinations of whose lives matter and why… In light of this historical reality, we believe that undoing persistent, recalcitrant anti-Blackness in our discipline and in our institutions must be the collective responsibility of all faculty, here and elsewhere.’

By Cockburn, September 15, 2020 at The Spectator.



It is deplorable that an organization such as Antifa along with Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the several subgroups of each of these organizations, are dominating cities such as Minneapolis, Portland, Oregon and Seattle. This is criminal activity and terrorism enabled by several local and state governments.

It is despicable that over 260 major corporations are supporting BLM; directors of these corporations should be reprimanding or firing their CEOs. They are supporting destruction of public and private property and over 100 deaths so far. The list of these companies is provided in a previous blog post here. Many of you work for and probably most of us do regular business with these corporations. I have stopped doing business with most of these companies and I will quit all of them. I suggest that you do the same. We must not stop supporting businesses that support BLM leaders who proclaim, “We will burn down this system.”

How did these enemies of freedom penetrate so deeply into America? Perhaps even you were sympathetic to BLM / ANTIFA and taken in by their radical scam. Fortunately, Yuri Bezmenov, a high level KGB defector, explained in detail how ideological subversion works.

If you want to understand the mind of these BLM/Antifa/ISIS/Weather Underground/communist & etc terrorists, then here is the best thing written since Eric Hoffer’s little book “The True Believer,” a prescient little book on radical revolutions and revolutionaries and how they work.

Example: Two cops shot in the head while sitting in the car.

Link to Protestors are outside the hospital calling for the death of these two shot police officers.

You and your family and neighborhood could be next.

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How likely is a second wave?

Excellent and much needed post here by 3 experts, a professor of cell biology, a head of respiratory disease research, and an epidemiologist. About a 30 minute read, but well said and more than worth the time.

#covid #covid19data #covid19news #covid19pandemic #covid19response #healthcare #hospitals #epidemiology #pandemicresponse

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Off with their heads!

New DOJ Documents Show Wholesale Evidence Destruction By Mueller Team

September 10, 2020 By Kylee Zempel

Newly released records from the Department of Justice reveal that multiple top members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team claim to have “accidentally wiped” data off phones they used during the anti-Trump probe.

Many devices were wiped or otherwise disabled before DOJ authorities were able to access and examine them or the records they contained,…

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Kamala Harris? Court of Appeals slams Attorney General Kamala Harris again

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