Fantasy power

Fantasy power: Dark energy and dark mass make up perhaps 95% of the universe. According to NASA, “It turns out that roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest – everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the universe.” I propose to invent a dark energy panel, like a solar panel, except it would work day and night. Of course, first I must figure out how dark energy works. That’s our problem.

My somewhat humorous and sarcastic proposal is similar to proposals to provide power to populations with solar, wind and so forth and thereby eliminate use of the form of solar energy which already has been conveniently stored by nature in portable forms for a billion years or so, usually called fossil fuels. Unfortunately, many millions or perhaps billions of people have been persuaded that the earth is running out of this portable molecular solar power. The hidden persuaders did that so that the owners, distributors and governments who tax this portable molecular power can achieve the highest possible price for it by creating artificial, man-made shortages and distribution bottlenecks (which are otherwise known as regulations.) These people collude and conspire with each other and spend enormous money to try to make the people feel guilty about using this portable molecular power so that the people pay more for it and also agree willingly to be taxed for its use and for developing alternative forms of solar energy, known as solar panels, wind farms, etc., and so that the people can be controlled and their population reduced.

How are these two proposals similar? In my proposal, discovery and invention are required. In the second proposal, which today some illiterates call the “New Green Plan,” discovery and invention are required; in fact the “New Plan” is not new and has many variants already in various stages of implementation, some underway since around the year 1800. Discovery has no time frame except in hindsight, until after the fact of discovery. Discovery time could be infinite. When a discovery will happen cannot be predicted or reasonably put into a project plan.

Invention, and later, development of the invention, are a waste of time and money until the solution to the problem has been discovered. Building solar energy farms and wind farms is putting the cart before the horse. You don’t see many horses pushing carts. Just as I or someone must discover how dark energy/dark matter works, someone still has yet to discover how to store large amounts of electricity, a battery, in amounts sufficient to reliably power a single city at night or during a long winter. That battery technology has not yet been discovered and invented.

This is not Hollywood, not a video game, not a string theory alternate reality. Electricity users in locations where utility companies and politicians are installing solar panels and wind farms must have 100% power backup available 24 X 7 for those solar panel and wind farms; that means two power plants to reliably deliver to you the same amount of power, but in fact, you only need backup plant running on portable molecular solar power. That means these electricity users are paying about double for their electric power. On top of that, the utilities and governments intend to tax you on top of the doubled amount. They call that a carbon tax and they have filed the patents, set up the systems, and have been ready to carbon tax you for 3 decades. If that describes your situation, as it does mine, then help us throw these fraudsters out of office and out of business.

Albert Camus

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Autopsy of a Dead Coup, reblog


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The green new deal

Official record of Congress. Is your representative in Congress a co-sponsor listed here? The “Green New Deal.” Read carefully. This is essentially a communist manifesto revealing Democrat intentions. Before now they have tried to hide their intentions. This attempt at a formal resolution in the U.S. House is a Trojan Horse, a magician’s shell game, to distract attention from their real actions and real end goals. The resolution cannot pass, but for the first time as far as I know they place a marker for U.S. elections in 2020 or 2024 which reveals their intent. Very dangerous times ahead.:…/hres109/BILLS-116hres109ih.pdf

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Clean energy screwed up people’s minds

Bill Gates slams unreliable wind and solar energy. “…clean energy screwed up people’s minds.”… “There is no subsititute for how the industrial economy runs today.”

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Socialism is a terminal mental disease

Socialism by any name is a religion, an opiate for atheists as Marx would say, and it is touching all of our lives.  In socialism a dogmatic rationalization and rhetoric replaces God and a collective utopian fantasy replaces heaven. If any clause of this religion or its history is ever called into question, then the questioner is eliminated, trashed by sycophant media and celebrity in its early stages or in later stages lined up and shot or beheaded.

Assume for argument sake that a collective group is superior to an individual in some way, if there is no freedom of thought, speech, action, etc then creativity dies.  This is already happening in the European Union, in Canada, in U.S. universities and local governments, in Academy Awards.  Human creative adaptation to life’s circumstances has repeatedly disproven the various and seemingly never-ending doomsday tragedies predicted down through millennia by muses, by Thomas Robert Malthus in 1800, by “Peak Oil” theorists, and by Al Gore and climate alarmists today.  Human creativity spawned by individual freedom keeps the sky from falling.  That assumption about  superiority, about life, about the future of the collective group is not valid because socialism destroys creativity.  Caveat emptor.  Think before you sign up for that group.

When individual freedom is eliminated in favor of group mentality …when the politically incorrect question and the questioner are eliminated…when critique is eliminated whether by force or by vote then the path to reach the future collective utopia of socialists, that is, the proposed end-goal of collectivism, is also eliminated.  There will be no power to run the trains.  You will be cold and hungry.  All paths, all versions of this atheistic, humanist religion, spiral downward into deadly tyranny.  Venezuela is just one current example; it sits on a forever supply of oil in the tropics where everything grows all the time.  Venezuela it should be an extremely wealthy and prosperous nation, yet the people are starving and have no electricity and other commodities of civilization.  Hollywood fools and globalist politicians rushed in where angels fear to tread.

If the individual is not rewarded for their creativity, for their initiative, for questioning assumptions, for production beyond expectations, then indeed the sky will fall.  The shared communal resource, whatever it might be, is progressively depleted by the group; there is no pride of ownership, no capital accumulated for maintenance and repairs, eventually not enough people are responsible.  Eventually, no one takes responsibility to build or mend the fences and walls that protect the community shared resource, so it collapses.  People starve, freeze, are killed by invaders; the police, military, ICE immigration and customs enforcement are community resources.  The Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth rock were very religious God-worshipping people who built a community around shared resources, and many of them starved, froze and were killed until their leader repealed the communalism concept and instead allowed the Pilgrims to enjoy the fruits of the labor.

If you follow the path of socialism, eventually you will not be able to think for yourself.  Your first thought before doing or saying anything will be to get permission.  You either salute the meanest dog in the pack, and repeat their dogma, or else you are eliminated. That is the inevitable outcome of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam, Muhammad, United Nations, European Union, Obama, Hillary, etc.

If you follow a path that has always resulted in millions of dead, then your psychiatric diagnosis would be severe mental illness, insanity based on self-destructive behavior. If you persuade another person to join you on that path, then your insanity becomes criminal.

Socialism is a mental disease.  It begins by feeling guilty about the circumstances of another person, then you identify with a group, and then it progresses to evasion of your responsibility for your self.  It becomes OK with you to overlook group leaders scamming “the system,” overgrazing the community pasture, leveraging tax-exempt charity and foundation law, building trains and bridges to nowhere, and profiting from non-existent problems like global warming.  You have been sold snake oil.  You become dependent in your thoughts and actions on the group’s psychology and owe fealty to the group’s leader.  It’s the same in Germany, France, the Democrat Party in America.  The facts no longer matter.  And that so-called “progress” or “social justice” is led, guided, and promoted at every step by those who want power over you.

If you have fallen for socialism, then you are being marched backwards to a utopia which has never existed nor ever could exist, an impossible economy dreamed by a college student in the 1840’s who relied on another man to pay his bills.  Is that a white bag over your head, or pink, or green, or rainbow colored?  Welcome to the group.

Change_Canada Free Press


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The debt bomb

“Over the last half century, the sinister trends – more debt, more wars, more centralized power – continued, through both Republican and Democratic administrations. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster… but nobody from either party put on the brakes, or much less turned around.
Not once was the federal budget genuinely balanced. The insiders gathered up more clout and cash. The elite became bolder, richer, and sassier… and the average citizen became weaker, more cowed, and more dependent.
‘We are born free, and we will stay free,’ said Mr. Trump in his SOTUS. But that is a busted dream too.
Americans are now among the most heavily policed people in the advanced world. There were three federal crimes in 1789; there are more than 4,000 today.
With so many laws, it is no wonder that so many break them. The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world – with 10 million picked up by its gendarmes annually and more than 2.2 million in its gulags (5 times as many as in 1970) – half of them for a made-up crime, involving marijuana.
Its government agents – using ‘civil forfeiture’ rules – steal more wealth than common thieves.
Its armed troops garrison close to 800 foreign outposts and, in the last half century, are responsible for more deaths than Russia, Iran, North Korea… and the whole ‘Axis of Evil’ put together. Barack Obama, like Stalin, personally approved each day’s assassination list.
And rather than rise up against their whip-masters, Americans say ‘thank you’ to the TSA for rifling through their underwear!
That is the real state of the Union and perhaps the biggest busted dream of all: The American Dream has become an aging, heavily indebted empire struggling to hold onto its place in the world, led by a corrupt elite whose only real goal is to keep the juice flowing – to themselves.
And like every degenerate empire before it, this one is doomed to a financial collapse.
The dream was that smart people with Ph.D.’s in finance and economics could do a better job of guiding the economy than market forces.
Led by Milton Friedman, in 1971, they changed the money itself – removing the constraint of gold so they could manipulate the currency more directly.
Then, they began using ‘counter-cyclical monetary policy’ to offset the market’s moods. It was William McChesney Martin, the longest-serving Fed Chair in history, that said it was his job to ‘take away the punchbowl just as the party gets going.’ In other words, tighten up the money before things got out of hand.
All too human, the nation’s money custodians proved to be very good at bringing out the punchbowl; they were very bad at taking it away.
Then, in 1987, Alan Greenspan, then Fed chief, went further. He let it be known that he’d come in with as much alcohol as necessary to keep the party going. The excitement increased… louder and louder… wilder and wilder… until 1999, when someone must have called the cops.
But the crash of the dot-coms put only a temporary damper on the fun. In came the feds with more cases of Jack Daniels… and it was ‘Party On!’… until 2007.
This time, the problem was serious. Homeowners couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments. And this time, the feds came not just with more liquor… but hard drugs, too.
Quantitative easing, QE, they called it. Thus, did they not just make EZ credit EZ-er, but added some $3.6 trillion in new money, too. It was an emergency, they said, promising to ‘normalize’ later.
And of course, now it is 10 years later.
And now, the Fed says it won’t be normalizing any time soon. This is the new dream that is coming into focus… that deficits don’t matter… that debt can increase indefinitely… and that the feds can simply add money whenever the going gets rough.
Republicans and Democrats will both go along with it. ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ will come together to protect the flimflam they both benefit from.
Borrow! Spend! Print! Do ‘whatever it takes.’ Damn the deficits!”
— Bill Bonner, writer/thinker extraordinaire
Hat tip to David Cheney and Ted Alexander
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Devastating details against Democrats

The case for Russia collusion … against the Democrats

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Muslim refugees?

The 35 year-old UN muslim refugee resettlement program underway throughout America paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

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The WALL and the existential problem

The Wall and the existential problem: Lord Heseltine, former deputy PM of the UK who was sacked by the PM, promotes a wall around the whole of the EU to control immigration/refugees from outside the EU. Unlike EU bureaucrats, Merkel, Macron et al, Lord Heseltine realizes the immigration/refugee crisis is an existential crisis for the European Community. (About the 8 minute 40 second mark in the full length 39 minute video of this interview at the link here.) Unfortunately, Heseltine, a conservative, still supports the EU and is a “remainer” even though the EU as it has evolved is far from the democratic institution he wants. The idea of a united Europe with no internal borders is perfectly fine. It is the execution of the EU idea that fell apart. It became a domineering bureaucracy. Based on the statements of Merkel and Macron, it appears their intentions are to eliminate national sovereignty and move away from capitalism toward more socialism and bury European culture with refugees.

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Shrug off the green slime

Did you see the 3 part movie Atlas Shrugged or read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? The U.S. Democrat crazy ‘green’ slime plan to get rid of cars and airplanes is exactly what happens in these movies and book. I believe the 3 parts of Atlas Shrugged are available now for free on Amazon Prime. Watch the movies if you have not seen them. PG13. In this case, the message IS the message, not the actors, directors, theatrics, and special effects although there is some of that too. Considering hard left Hollywood, these actors and all involved are very brave and risking their careers and livelihood. Atlas Shrugged has always been collectively, politically incorrect.

Atlas Shrugged

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