Nickel Grass

Today, few people remember the operation “Nickel grass” … almost nuclear war….and Europe once again is a worthless ally…except one nation.
(Nickel grass), which took place in October 1973 during the most serious of all the Arab-Israeli wars. This is when Israel, after two weeks of fierce fighting on two fronts (against Egypt and Syria with the support of the armies of Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and even Cuba and Pakistan), found itself in a very difficult situation. In two weeks of fighting, about 1000 tanks were lost, about 200 aircraft were shot down, more than 2 thousand soldiers were killed. And although the losses of the combined Arab forces were three times greater, more than 2,500 tanks were destroyed there, 514 aircraft were shot down and 12 to 18 thousand soldiers were killed, but there the superiority was initially several times greater. Israel was on the verge of exhausting all military resources, and after declassifying the old archives, it became known that Prime Minister Golda Meir gave the order to be prepared to launch a nuclear attack on the Arab capitals as the last measure for the survival of the state.
But all of the above are known facts. More interesting is another. Not a single European country has agreed not only to the immediate supply of arms to Israel (in relation to which they have always stated that this is the only democracy in the Middle East and in general they are terribly ashamed of the Holocaust), but even banned American transit through their airspace. That is, when the question of the survival of Israel was on the map, the peace-loving Europeans suddenly backed up, afraid of losing the rich Arab market.
As a result, only one European country – Portugal agreed to use its military airfields in the Azores and Lisbon for the urgent transfer of ammunition from the United States to Israel. This operation was called “Nickel Grass” when an air bridge was built in Tel Aviv on October 14, 1973, during which heavy transport aircraft of the US and Israeli Air Force made 567 flights and transferred to support the Israeli army:
– 40 F-4 Phantom bombers
– 46 A-4 fighters
– 12 heavy transport ca = BC Hercules S-130
– From 35 to 45 helicopters
– 600 tanks and armored personnel carriers
– from 150 to 200 anti-tank guns
– From 30 to 40 missile systems for air defense
And from 22 to 25 thousand tons of ammunition.
All this allowed Israel to end the war in just an additional 7-10 days, completely destroy the armies of Syria and Egypt and occupy new strategic territories. Moreover, the capitals of both Syria and Egypt were in jeopardy, since the leading positions of Israel were less than 100 km from Cairo and only 35 km from Damascus.
But, as I already said, another thing is significant in this story – not a single country in Europe (except Portugal) agreed not only to support deliveries, but even to provide its airspace for the transit of American cargo to Israel. It is clear that the Israelis would have survived without American help, but there would have been a nuclear war and the country’s leadership was ready for it.
By Yuri Tuvin, Gloucester, Massachusetts
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Walk away

Excellent 6 minute statement.

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No excuses

Yes, I too have a problem with both GOP and Dems. But Trump is neither. If Trump loses because you did not vote for him, then you will share responsibility for the intentional destruction of this U.S.A. by the socialist Democrats. I am a lifelong libertarian (small L). I have voted for Democrats (Jimmy Carter unfortunately), Republicans and Libertarians and independent (Ross Perot.)  Look at the FRUIT…at the results…Democrats need victims and failures and crisis.

Democrats are destroying everything and everyone around us. Trump is getting good results, despite the incessant coup against him.

There is no excuse for murdering children under the disguise of women’s health, rights or feminism.

– no excuse for open borders sanctuary for multiple murderers and rapists – for example 9 violent recidivists raping/killing illegals have been freed now in Maryland alone without turning these violent criminals over to ICE.  Democrats want to disband ICE.

– no excuse for the FBI, DOJ, NSA, Susan Rice, Obama White House to be involved in spying on and then trying to remove a duly elected President,

– no excuse for anti-Semitic Congresswomen assisting recruitment for Hamas terrorists

– no excuse for continuing black-on-black murders in Democrat-run “gun-free” cities

–  no excuse for allowing Clintons and Clinton Foundation to go unpunished.

–  no excuse for Benghazi or regime change in Libya, which is now a terrorist haven.

– no excuse for ‘Fast and Furious’ Obama’s Attorney General Holder running guns to Mexican drug cartels.

–  no excuse for protecting pedophiles

–  no excuse for Obama’s multiple regime-change wars.

– no excuse for Democrats election fraud.   In 2016, DNC operative Mr. Creamer met with Obama in the White House several times and admitted on under cover video to inciting violence at Trump Pence rallies and busing voters poll to poll to vote more than once.  Result? Creamer is suing the video journalist.

– no excuse for Obama funding Iran’s nuclear development program, disguised as a treaty (funds and treaty never approved by Senate.)

–  no excuse for Obama transferring millions of taxpayer dollars to the UN’s Green Climate Fund knowing it would not be approved by Congress.

– no excuse for Obama and Brennan drone bombing at least 8 countries killing thousands of innocent people with no war declarations and no approval of Congress.

– no excuse for Obama/McCain/Hillary funding, arming and training ISIS.

– no excuse for the non-stop impeachment distraction against Trump and now Kavanaugh with no basis in fact and no presumption of innocence.

– no excuse for former president Obama to be running OFA, an active obstruction and anti-Trump sedition organization, “resistance” as OFA calls it.

– no excuse that ALL Americans, and all our transactions – not just Trump but all Americans – being surveilled by our government 24×7 for years now without a warrant  by the NSA. Then some lunatics like Obama and Susan Rice flick a switch and people’s names are disclosed to media.

– no excuse for Obama administration to use the IRS to target and harass many conservatives.

– no excuse for indoctrinating children with global warming dogma.  Scaring them with disproven theories, polar bears dying, extinction fears and apocalyptic lies. It is child abuse and the abusers should be dragged into the open and prosecuted.

– no excuse for inciting violence.  That is Black Lives Matter and the Ferguson riots, and shooting GOP Congressman and a GOP Senator at softball game, and a North Carolina high school teacher telling their class VP Mike Pence should be “shot in the head.”

– Very unfortunately, this list is only the beginning.  Trump did none of the above.  It is all on the Democrats.  But the GOP did almost nothing to stop it.

It is not Trump Democrats are after. They are after you and me and all Americans and our Constitution.  Democrats have taken it far beyond something which can be tolerated.  We used to sit around the table or Congress and Dems, GOP, Libs together could politely discuss politics.  Democrats ended that by these despicable behaviors.  They have become criminal.  They have moved into the normal collectivist/socialist/communist murderous mode of “sacrificing an entire generation” as Lenin or Trotsky said.


Alinsky's plan

Norman Thomas_Socialist Party

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The CO2 glove does not fit

Anthropogenic or human-caused Global Warming theory (AGW) holds that fossil fuels cause an increase in total CO2 which in turn causes an increase in global temperature. In fact, UN IPCC and others hold that human CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are causing MOST of the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration. In other words, A causes B which causes C, or so AGW theory holds.
However, Professors Jamal Munshi and Murry Salby and others have clearly shown that there is no correlation between fossil fuel emissions and CO2 emissions. And, you can simply prove it to yourself instead of believing any expert.
Download the Keeling labs data from the Mauna Loa into a standard MS Excel spreadsheet. Conveniently, the Mauna Loa data is already posted in unseasonalized form. Use the standard built-in statistics and math tools. Look at first derivatives, second derivatives and compare linear least squares fits for different time periods. When you examine the CO2 data itself, you will find no significant anomalies, despite the widely estimated 15% annual increase in fossil fuel emissions, gigatons per year, since 2000. Try it.
Since there is no correlation between A and B, then A cannot be causing C. In other words, fossil fuel emissions cannot be causing significant temperature change.
A correlation does not prove a cause and effect relationship between two variables. However, if there is a cause and effect relationship, then there must be a correlation; there are no exceptions to this rule.
Since the fossil fuel contribution is too small to detect in the overall trend, we do not have data that might inform whether the anthropogenic fraction is so small that it is insignificant, lost in the noise of the massive flux of global CO2 emissions and absorptions by nature, or alternatively whether the carbon sinks, sources and balance are adjusting to the injection of gigatons CO2 emissions of fossil fuels, or some combination of these two alternatives.
Professor Munshi concluded, …“We find that detrended correlation analysis of annual emissions and annual changes in atmospheric CO2 does not support the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis because no evidence is found that changes in atmospheric CO2 are related to fossil fuel emissions at an annual time scale. These results are consistent with prior works that found no evidence to relate the rate of warming to the rate of emissions (Munshi, The Correlation between Emissions and Warming in the CET, 2017)(Munshi, Long Term Temperature Trends in Daily Station Data: Australia, 2017)(Munshi, Generational Fossil Fuel Emissions and Generational Warming: A Note, 2016)(Munshi, Decadal Fossil Fuel Emissions and Decadal Warming: A Note, 2015)(Munshi, Effective Sample Size of the Cumulative Values of a Time Series, 2016)(Munshi, The Spuriousness of Correlations between Cumulative Values, 2016).
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Until there is no more grass

Instead of government workers being paid based on their tenure, on the number of employees they manage, and on the size of the budget they control … all of which inflate the budget of government and government debt … government employees should be paid on the outcome of the policies and laws for which they are responsible. For example, President Johnson’s many trillion dollar “War on Poverty” continues despite its failure, or the “War on Cancer” has spent billions of dollars despite its failure, and the “War against Terrorism” has spent trillions of dollars and lost trillions more, despite the growth of terrorism around the world. $6.5 trillion. 45% of the economy (national income) is controlled by federal, state & local government spending, compared to 12% before – – now costing $19.218 per man, woman & child. Literally, the growth in the size and cost of government is squeezing out the private economy.

THAT is one of the major reasons collectivism/socialism/communism runs out of other people’s money to spend. Everyone is incentivized to overgraze the public pasture until there is no more grass.

Instead, if the changes suggested above were made, government employees would be incentivized to root-out and whistle-blow any and all corruption. Today, losses from corruption result in larger budgets and promotions. Instead, public service must work for the success of the policy or law, instead of the size of their department’s budget and number of employees. From the perspective of taxpayers, these would be very sensible actions and objectives for people who, afterall, are supposed to be working in public service. However, these common sense actions contradict long established management practices in government, deeply entrenched in human resource policies, which depend on growing the size and cost of government at all levels, and also depend on the Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 which allows agencies like EPA and FDA to write and enforce their own policies.

Unfortunately and unsustainably, growth of government and corruption is the incentive WE THE PEOPLE provide through our elected representatives … one election after another…therefore we get the resulting debt balloon. #WhiteHouse #RealDonaldTrump


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Socialism’s Final And Deadly Stage: Reblog of Don Chambers

Ayn Rand warned us also.

Ayn Rand on the path to socialism

The following is by Don Chambers, Posted: Sep 10, 2019 12:11 PM

Socialism is a three-stage disease. My last two columns discussed the first two stages: (1) becoming a welfare state, and (2) government seizure of the means of production. The final stage of socialism is the worst: totalitarianism.

In A Time for Truth, William E. Simon asserts that “political freedom and economic freedom are inexorably linked.” A government that denies its citizens the natural rights to private property, trade, and economic liberty must ultimately restrict civil liberties. History indicates a pattern: the more that a government controls economic activity – the more it eventually extends its control over non-economic behaviors such as expressions of dissent. Hong Kong is providing a current case in point. China has plans for Hong Kong to submit – one way or another – both economically and socially.

But what is the reason for the linkage between civil liberties and economic freedom? Can’t a society simply control the production and distribution of its economic resources without denying its citizens other natural rights such as freedoms of speech, religion and assembly? History and reason indicate not.

In a free society people have an incentive to produce valuable output (i.e., make money) and an incentive to consume wisely. But these incentives get distorted in a society in which people know they will receive “to each according to their needs” and will be required to provide “from each according to their abilities”. Socialism incentivizes its victims to exaggerate their needs and hide their abilities. Under socialism, individuals devote their energies to better manipulating the political and economic systems rather than to increasing their productivity.

In socialism there is one class of winners: those who gain power in the socialist regime and bureaucracy. Corruption and bribery flourish. The economic games switch from the revenue maximization and cost minimization of a free economy (both of which make the pie bigger) to political power maximization and economic cheating (both of which make the pie smaller). Creativity and innovation decline. The economy limps along – surviving only by stealing technology from foreign firms and observing pricing information generated by market economies.

Here’s the rub: when an authoritarian society has a failing economy and the ruling class receives special treatment, civil liberties cannot be tolerated. The political elite must orchestrate a demonstrably false narrative to hide past failures and create confidence that better days are ahead. Maintaining the narrative (and obscuring the privileged lifestyles of the political elite) requires oppression of civil liberties.

  • Freedoms of expression, the press and assembly cannot be tolerated because they would expose the lies.
  • Meaningful rights to vote, petition the government, and receive equal treatment under the law cannot be granted because they would hinder the power of the elite.
  • Freedom of religion and the right to bear arms cannot be allowed because the masses cannot be allowed to have the faith and means to challenge their persecutors.

I learned about the fear that permeates socialistic societies through my visits to socialist countries and discussions with students raised in socialist countries. A farmer in Iowa has natural fears such as a prolonged drought. But citizens of totalitarian societies fear retaliation and repression from their government. The fears of free versus socialist societies emanate from very different sources – much like the hurt emanating from being a victim of a disease differs from the hurt of being a victim of a criminal assault. The former tends to bring people together, the latter drives them apart.

Natural resources and proximity to healthy economies can slow the decline of a socialist economy and the government’s progression from economic control to total control. But the long run consequences of corruption, bribery and perverse incentives drag the society down. Just like Boxer, Orwell’s overworked horse in Animal Farm, and Hank Rearden, Rand’s hard-working entrepreneur in Atlas Shrugged, the best and brightest will not be able to stem the tide of corruption and decay. Increasingly the society’s most capable people must be forced to stay in the country and do the bidding of the government. If masterpieces of fiction are not to be accepted as predictive, the non-fiction experiences of Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba must be. In the final stage of socialism all must stay and bow to the state.

Elite leftists do not seek American prosperity, they seek power. They incessantly mourn when American protestors are killed (“Four dead in Ohio”) but ignore when America’s protectors are murdered (“Five dead in Dallas”). They are silent about founders of socialist regimes (100 million dead in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, China, and North Korea) while they vilify the founders of this great nation.

Liberal elites today seek the power to enslave others. Ironically, if they are successful in remaking America, liberals will eventually implement the strong borders between the U.S. and other nations currently sought by conservatives. However, in a socialistic future, the border guards will be facing the other direction.

Don Chambers on

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CO2 in perspective. Short video.

Good example.


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Global domination

The global warming fraud is an integral part of the plan for a global government and global banking. The alarmists will not stop unless they are stopped. The alarmists are the remainers, those who stayed behind, those who want return to feudalism.

Collectivists reject individual freedom and sovereignty which are the revolutionary ideas.

Collectivism is regressive and recidivist. The global-warming/climate-change agenda is like chivalry, knights and titles in the royal courts of feudal kings, queens and emperors. The global warmists/climate-changers are the collectivists, who never learned the lesson of the ‘tragedy of the commons.’

The global warmists/climate-changers are exemplified by our sad Hawaiian Democrat U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono in this short video which she has repeated many times. They truly believe they are smarter than the rest of us.…/democratic-senator-says-party…

Also like Democrat candidate for U.S. President Marianne Williamson who truly believes she and her followers are among the group of “higher consciousness.” Perhaps Marianne’s spirit attended the September 12, 2019 Democrat “debate” since Marianne didn’t make it.

This ‘greater than thou’ mentality cannot be defeated with logical argument. They are not listening. They have been overcome by the propaganda and brainwashing. They are in a state similar to Stockholm Syndrome. They are capable of any act when they receive the order. This ‘true believer’ mentality is the same as for example a captain in Hitler’s armies fully expecting a 1000 year Third Reich, or a Muslim suicide bomber, and Khmer Rouge murderer in the killing fields. They are ready to die for the cause and will sacrifice an entire generation.

Decades of indoctrination and billions of dollars have been spent on a well-planned propaganda campaign to achieve this result. And they will spend billions more. Their goal is global domination.

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You can love any consenting adult you want. I am happy for you. But don’t try to tell me, my family and friends what is normal. Take your agenda out of my face and shove it. There are only two genders, male and female. Your gender is determined by the x and y chromosomes found in the nucleus of almost every cell in your body; you cannot change that by surgery, drugs, therapy, social consensus, law or policy.

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Judge awards climate skeptic professor $800,000

“A court has awarded Australian academic Dr. Peter Ridd over AU$1.2 million ($800,000) in damages after finding the physics professor was unlawfully fired after taking a skeptical stance on some of the impacts of climate change.”

Referring the the Great Barrier Reef offshore Australia, Dr. Ridd wrote that coral is the “least endangered of any ecosystem to future climate change.”

Ridd said, “this case was always about academic freedom. It was a fight that should never have started in the first place.” He pointed to his decades-long history of empirical inquiry into the Great Barrier Reef, saying that it is his “genuinely held belief is that there are systemic quality assurance problems at GBR science institutions.”

James Cook University is reported to have said it will appeal the ruling by the judge.

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