The U.S. National Climate Assessment is Wrong

“A Half-Century Increase in Global Terrestrial Net Primary Production Driven Primarily by Rising Atmospheric CO2,” by Craig D. Idso.
…”The second “National Assessment” of the effects of climate change on the United States warns that rising temperatures will necessarily result in the reduced productivity of major crops, such as corn and soybeans, and that crops and livestock will be “increasingly challenged.” Looking to the future, the National Assessment suggests that the situation will only get worse, unless drastic steps are taken to reduce the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 content (e.g., scaling back on the use of fossil fuels that, when burned, produce water and CO2).”
“But is this really the case? If growing crops are increasingly affected, damage should also be showing up in the global ecosystem. Is the productivity of the biosphere in decline?”
“In a word, no! Observational data indicate that just the opposite is occurring.”
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It’s not irony that the entertainment and mainstream media industry which constantly promotes diversity and social justice is so judgmental, hateful and utterly rigid in its groupthink. It is intentionally subversive indoctrination. Their blatant hypocrisy and immorality are irrelevant to them. They will do or say anything to achieve their end goals. In their minds, they are talking to the little people, the stupid people, the great unwashed. In their minds, the rules they apply to citizens do not apply to them. In their minds, their end goals justify any means at their disposal. And many of the worst offenders are the preachers, pastors, priests and rabbis and teachers we trust, because they have been subjected the longest to the subversive indoctrination. The creators of socialism/communism/collectivism knew and know that their ideology cannot co-exist with morals and faith in God.
For example, they have invested more than the lifetime of any person alive today to frame, subvert and degrade the pope and leadership of the Catholic church. Decades and untold millions were spent to persuade the people of the world that the Popes supported NAZI’s, the Catholic ban on abortion was wrong, etc. Newspapers and magazines, e.g. Ramparts, which in the 1950s was the media of Catholic diocese of San Franciso was subverted to the revolutionary collectivist end goals during the 1960s. The current Pope is a self-acknowledged socialist, exactly opposite Pope Pius who shielded Jews from Nazis. But Pope Pius was framed by the KGB as a NAZI sympathizer in the pages of Ramparts, Broadway plays, books, news and academia.
The subversion is not limited to the Catholic church. For example, the management hierarchy of the Presbyterian Church USA is controlled to the point that PCUSA promotes Islamic control of Jerusalem. Collectivists don’t care who controls Jerusalem or the Catholic church. Contrary to their platitudes, their goal is to destroy morality and faith in God.
The words diversity, tolerance, social justice, sustainable, etc should alert and warn all God’s people that they are being disinformed. Take care with whom you associate.
Reference: Disinformation, one of 3 books by Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former three-star general, the highest ranking KGB officer to defect to the west, still living undercover. Disinformation is false information spread deliberately to deceive.

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University of Cambridge, UK, engineering professor M.J. Kelly provides devastating, peer-reviewed analysis of de-carbonization efforts


* Only fossil fuels and nuclear fuels have the ability to power megacities in 2050, when over half of the then 9 Billion people will live in them.

* As the more severe predictions of climate change over the last 25 years are simply not happening, it makes no sense to deploy the more costly options for renewable energy.

* Abandoned infrastructure projects (such as derelict wind and solar farms in the Mojave desert) remain to have their progenitors mocked for decades.

“I will argue that all the actions taken together until now to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide will not achieve a serious reduction, and in some cases, they will actually make matters worse….The climate models have now been shown conclusively to be continuing to overheat the earth as 17 years of real world data now show no increase in the globally averaged surface temperature, the original talisman of global warming. The comment that many of the warmest years in the directly recorded history have been in the last decade is not inconsistent with the observed hiatus…A rapid decarbonization is simply impossible over the next 20 years unless the trend of a growing number who succeed to improve their lot is stalled by rich and middle class people downgrading their own standard of living… If we had to feed 9 Billion rather than 1 Billion last time (in the middle of the little ice age), then every tonne of CO2 in the atmosphere will be a help in 2050!”

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Lenin’s will be the only statue left standing, and it will have been defiled, by the additions of horns, by men and women who claimed to be of the collar, God’s messengers.  Mo will have been identified for the corrupt soul he was.  Only a reclusive few will have found their way to Jesus and his love.  Are you searching?

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Plame out

Valerie Plame. You remember her. She was the supposedly-but-not-really covert CIA agent allegedly outed by a member of the George W. Bush administration. Today, Valerie is trying to crowd fund a scheme to buy Twitter and shut it down so that President Trump is denied his bully pulpit (i.e. favorite communication media.) Plame’s scheme is typical of similar schemes CIA pulls to change election results in other countries. These are examples of infantile behavior: the spoiled child wants to take the ball and go home.  It is the opposite of democracy.


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Where do your children play?

While Big Brother distracts you with victim porn disguised as social justice, the invasions and crimes of Islam continue unabated.  Islamists are out to conquer the world, and so-called “progressives” and “social democrats” are enabling them.  Really, it’s the Statue of Liberty that they want to take down.

The following could happen in your neighborhood soon.

Yesterday, August 23, 2017, in a community in England which allowed multicultural immigration of Muslims, Victoria Friedman reported a total of 6,226 child abuse allegations were referred to social services in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell – an average of three a day.

Regional newspaper the Express & Star reports that senior council figures said the number of children being “abused and neglected” was rising in Sandwell, a borough previously described as a “hot spot” for Muslim child grooming gangs.

Sandwell Council leader Steve Eling said it was a “worrying situation” and called for Government intervention.

“These are some of the most difficult and sensitive matters that we have as a council have to deal with,” he said.

“Over the last few years, we have seen increasing numbers of children being neglected and abused. There are now more children in Sandwell who are subject to Child Protection Plans than we have ever had before.

“This is a national issue and Sandwell like many authorities are having to commit more resources than we have ever had to in the past.”

The issue of child abuse has featured prominently in the UK again this month after another grooming gang was exposed operating in Newcastle. Eighteen, mostly Muslim, individuals were convicted of child rape and human trafficking on August 9th – the largest case of its kind since Rotherham and Rochdale.

Since 2010, Muslim grooming gangs across the country have been uncovered, including in Telford, Oxford, and Keighley.

In 2014, following an investigation by the Birmingham Mail, a West Midlands Police report found that three-quarters of known child sex groomers in the county were of “Asian” (South Asian) ethnicity, specifically of Pakistani origin, and 82 per cent of the victims, aged 14 to 16, were white.

The Sandwell Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) report stated: “Intelligence suggests that of potential suspects identified, 75 per cent of those known are of Asian ethnicity.

“This has mirrored other forces’ experiences of known offenders and, as we have seen from the Derbyshire, Lancashire and Rochdale cases, has the potential to impact on trust and confidence within local communities across the West Midlands.”

In 2015, the Express & Star reported that official documents dating back to 2009 showed West Midlands Police were not aware of the extent of the number of vulnerable children being targetted by the Muslim rape gangs.

Additionally, such as with the Rotherham and Rochdale cases, police were too preoccupied with political correctness and not appearing racist than with effectively tackling child rape.

The media, politicians, and police have come under criticism from the public and campaigners for referring to the rape gangs as “[South] Asian”, referring to any person of Indian, Bangladeshi, or Pakistani origin of various faiths, rather than accurately as, predominantly, Pakistani Muslim.

Following the latest convictions in Newcastle, Sir Trevor Philips, who popularised the term “Islamophobia”, penned a piece for The Telegraph writing: “What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobic to point this out.”

Less than a week later, Labour MP Sarah Champion resigned from the shadow cabinet after she wrote an article for The Sun, likewise acknowledging that Pakistani Muslim men target white girls for sexual grooming.

Newcastle has joined a list of British cities where grooming gangs, made up of predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, systematically rape and abuse vulnerable, white girls.

A nationwide pattern emerged after the first prosecutions in Rotherham, and then Rochdale, where a “culture of silence” and political correctness led to inaction by authorities who feared being called “racist”.

Thousands of girls were raped and abused by Muslim grooming gangs since the late 1980s with cases largely going ignored until 2001.

One Rotherham rape survivor said that authorities did nothing and made her feel like she was a racist, being told specifically not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

A former police detective who helped prosecute a Rochdale grooming gang claimed a conspiracy of cover-ups “goes right to the top of Government”, and said there were still paedophiles at large in the town.

On Wednesday, 17 mostly Muslim men (of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian, and Eastern European heritage) and one white woman were convicted of nearly 100 offences against girls and women in Newcastle, in the largest case of its kind since Rotherham and Rochdale.

It was also revealed that police had paid a convicted child rapist nearly £10,000 to work as an informant on the case.

Speaking at a press conference, the head of Newcastle Council stressed the scandal was “not unique” to the city, adding: “Indeed, there has been evidence of similar [grooming gangs] offending in many other towns and cities.”

So far, that list has included:

– Rotherham –

The Rotherham child grooming gang scandal, described as “the biggest child protection scandal in UK history”, was exposed in 2010 after five Pakistani Muslim men were jailed for sexual offences against underage girls following Operation Central. Subsequent operations and trials led to a further 20 convictions.

In total, there were more than 1,400 victims in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

The 2015 Casey report found that Rotherham Council had a “bullying” culture of “covering up uncomfortable truths, silencing whistle-blowers and paying off staff rather than dealing with difficult issues”.

In August 2015, Breitbart London reported that more than 160 police officers were under investigation over allegations they systematically ignored complaints of widespread child sexual exploitation.

– Rochdale –

Nine men, again, of Pakistani Muslim origin, were convicted in 2012 of rape and sex trafficking with 47 girls being identified as victims of the Greater Manchester grooming gang.

By spring 2017, all but two rapists had been released and four were using taxpayers’ money to fight deportation to Pakistan.

The scandal returned to public prominence when the BBC aired the drama Three Girls based on the experiences of some of the victims.

– Oxford –

In 2013, seven men (five Pakistani and two African) were convicted with five receiving “life” sentences and two sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.

Some 370 white girls from deprived backgrounds or abusive homes, generally aged 12 to 15 years old, were systematically raped, drugged, and threatened. The gang operated in Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, over a span of 15 years.

One victim told Breitbart London that girls in the city are still being targetted because police refuse to act. Some of her own attackers still work as taxi drivers, businessmen, and are even on the local council, she said.

– Bristol –

In 2016, a Somali rape gang was jailed for “chilling”, “degrading”, and sometimes “violent” sexual abuse and sex trafficking of teenage girls as young as 13 years old in Bristol.

In a description similar to other rape gang cases across the country, the court heard how the abuse became “routine” and the men regarded their victims as “cheap and easy”.

– Aylesbury –

In the picturesque Buckinghamshire village, six Pakistani men were convicted for grooming and raping two vulnerable girls aged 12 and 13 between 2006 and 2012.

Again, a children’s charity claimed to have warned authorities about the rape gang, but police allegedly took “insufficient action”.

One Conservative Muslim town councillor admitted that some in the Muslim community “take the view that the victim is partly to blame. They believe it takes two to tango.”

– Keighley –

In 2017, police in Keighley began investigating almost 200 cases of child sex abuse, with 167 suspects, prompting fears of a ‘new Rochdale’ grooming gang in the small Yorkshire town.

Local Conservative MP Kris Hopkins warned that the town is “top of the list” for ‘Asian’ grooming gangs targeting white children to be sexually abused.

– Huddersfield –

In April 2017, 29 individuals appeared in court on over 170 charges of rape, child abduction, trafficking, drug dealing, and other crimes following a child sex abuse inquiry.

The alleged offences are said to have been carried out in Huddersfield by 27 mostly Muslim men and two women between 2004 and 2011. Their victims were girls aged between 11 and 17.

– Derby –

In late 2010, nine men were convicted in three separate trials for cruising the streets of Derby, targeting and raping young girls.

Many of the victims said they were given alcohol or drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, houses, or hotels across the Midlands. Twenty-seven girls came forward, the oldest 18 and the youngest 12.

– Peterborough –

A gang of men and boys befriended and then raped vulnerable girls, subjecting them to intimidation, violence, and “appalling” abuse in places such as children’s playgrounds.

Two men, Zdeno Mirga, 18, and Hassan Abdulla, 33, and five boys were convicted in 2014 of sexually abusing five teenage girls aged 13 and 14.

– Telford –

Police in Telford were accused of ignoring child sex abuse after it emerged volunteers had been passing evidence of grooming to them for three years.

Trained church volunteers began to pass information to police following Operation Chalice, an investigation into a child prostitution ring in Telford. The police probe saw seven Pakistani men jailed on charges of rape, trafficking, and prostitution of girls as young as 13.

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And now I return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast by Big Brother, who is in the middle of a self-created crisis intended to divert you via a device built on statues and racial guilt.  Remember, to succeed, collectivism needs chaos.  As Obama’s first chief of staff and now mayor of Chicago said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  And they are arrogant enough in their “resistance” to lose their heads, literally, and to lose the nation while pushing their utopian dream.   

Do you know where your children play?

Please see these references for this Copyrighted Material;

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All lives matter, by David Chaney

“All individual’s lives matter. This is why I am an individualist, not the opposite of this, a collectivist. Collectivists say each life only matters in relation to the State collective. Collectivists only say one ‘group’ or another matters–from ‘black lives’ to x, y or z lives–when they need that ‘group’s’ vote. They pander to one ‘group’ over another. All else is a charade as there is no real or unique ‘care’ for that one ‘group’ vs. another. At some point those who plan on becoming and remaining free figure this out and see those who pit one ‘group’ against other ‘groups’ for who they really are–arrogant with evil motivations. The fact is that free peoples and societies believe that all individual lives matter equally and that justice and individual rights should be equally protected for all. Finally, globalist fascists, collectivist governments, and their primary political parties–from DEM socialists, communists and fascists to GOP RINO fascists in America–are not interested in you or your individuality. Rather, they are interested in your wallet and lock-step allegiance to their ideological and suicidal whims towards their own controlling and tyrannical ends. AllLivesMatter#.” DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” DM Chaney (from 2015, edited)

“Note: Further, every human life matters regardless in which nation they are born and reside. All individuals have individual liberty from birth, regardless one’s view that this is either driven by natural law, and/or by God, or both (my view). The blessing in America is that we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights which specifically state and protect that this individual liberty is unalienable. This liberty cannot be encroached upon by the State or others–without being wrong, at minimum, and evil, when institutionalized. Yet, all individuals in any nation, possess this same birthright to individual liberty. Most have been controlled from birth, however, and their freedom to act upon their natural liberty regulated, by the oligarchic nations in which they were born and reside. America is rapidly, if not already, becoming the same de-facto oligarchic State that has moved away from and diluted protections of individual liberty as framed by America’s founding documents. The nations of the world, in fact, are being organized into a global governance model where no longer is any one person’s liberty protected by a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Rather, a supranational constitution will be the supreme law–one in which the individual, all lives who all matter, will be subjects, serfs, to the State and those who control the state. These who control are elitist tyrants of varying degrees who will suppress all lives, all freedom, all pursuit of happiness. As such, beware the manipulations of our people by those who want to pit one ‘group’ against the other. We are all individuals, granted individual liberty by merit of natural law and by God. We all matter. All life must be respected, from womb to tomb. I am David. I am unique. I am an individual. I respect all individual’s rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. I will fight to the death, as an individual who loves life and liberty, as an American patriot, to defend any one individual–regardless their color, creed, or views–from tyranny of the State. Carry on.” (edited from 2015)

#AllLivesMatter (If only X Group Lives Matter, that is tyranny and evil, regardless the alleged wrongs against that group. That group, if truly motivated for good, should work to make all lives matter equally under the protection of lawful law.)

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Wind and solar are unreliable

Here is proof that wind and solar power are unreliable for commercial electric grids. This is a study by PJM, “a regional transmission organization (RTO) that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia.” The PJM study is at the second link. Donn Dears summarizes the study at this link:


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Climategate in Review


A presentation that is invaluable for ‘climate change’ education.

Its introduction is revealing, the complete informative post is linked here.


C. Jeffery Small


The bottom line is simple:

There is no significant scientifically established correlation between human activity and the warming of the earth’s climate.

The Climategate scandal caused independent scientists and laymen around the globe to take a much closer look at the information that was being presented in support of Anthropogenic (i.e., man-made) Global Warming (AGW), and the overwhelming conclusion was that the there was no credible and conclusive evidence to support the hypothesis. And it was further shown that the scenarios predicting that the planet was nearing the tipping point for a series of catastrophic climate disasters, was totally invalidated by an examination of the facts, as well as a review of the earth’s climate history. What came to light during this investigation was…

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