Iranian American activist outraged by propaganda machine glorifying Soleimani

Iranian American activist Saghar Erica Kasraie says many Iranians have been celebrating Soleimani’s death by giving out cakes and cookies in the streets in Iran, contrary to what many mourning videos that came out of Iran are depicting.
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2015: “Obamas Iran deal has just granted an amnesty to the world’s leading terrorist mastermind” ~ UK’s The Telegraph

“As head of the Quds Force in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Suleimani is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading terrorists. Now Barack Obama has effectively granted him an amnesty.” …

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat of San Francisco, 9 Jan 2020: “We are no more safer today than we were yesterday.”

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Don’t be your own worse enemy

Dr. Judith Curry’s “Message to Extinction Rebellion and other doomsters: Not only do you know nothing about climate change, you also appear to know nothing of history. You are your own worst enemy — you are triggering a global backlash against doing anything sensible about protecting our environment or reducing our vulnerability to extreme weather. You are making young people miserable, who haven’t yet experienced enough of life to place this nonsense in context.”
~ Judith A. Curry, PhD is an American climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research interests include hurricanes, remote sensing, atmospheric modeling, polar climates, air-sea interactions, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for atmospheric research. She is a member of the National Research Council’s Climate Research Committee. As of 2017, she has retired from academia. (bio from wikipedia)
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“Throughout scientific history, the most revolutionary conjectures have been proposed. Sometimes, they appeared to be quite absurd or, at any rate, against common sense. However, what is extraordinary about science is that any conjecture, no matter how extravagant, if it has elements of truth, the more it is investigated the more its soundness emerges. Conversely, if a conjecture is wrong, the more it is investigated the more emerges as being wrong…”

Much more here: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MEMBERS OF THE EU’S PARLIAMENT SOARING ENERGY BILLS: A FAILURE OF THE EU? By Franco Battaglia, Professor of Chemical Physics and Environmental Chemistry, Università di Modena, Italy


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A fundamental error in climate science

Excellent short video.

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Climate and sea level science, the “Quasi Religion”

Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner, WORLD Leading Authority : Climate and Sea Level Science Is A “Quasi Religion” Hijacked By An Activist Agenda

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The fate of Iran’s best friend?

What should be the punishment for a former U.S. president who sent Iran $1.7 billion in cash (untraceable U.S. dollars, Swiss Francs, etc on pallets), not a bank transfer, even though Iran was and still is on the official U.S. list of terrorist nations, is a self-avowed enemy of the U.S., and even though U.S. courts decided in 2011 that Iran owed $10 Billion to the families of victims of 9-11?

Iran Orders U.S. to Pay $130 Billion in Reparations

Threatens to annihilate U.S., Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia

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Impeach the president for following the law?

Democrats inside and outside Congress and never-Trumpers in mainstream media, and law professors such as Pamela Karlan of Stanford are attempting to impeach President Trump for following U.S. law under a treaty with Ukraine. Literally, the Democrats are impeaching President Trump for doing something that he is required to do by a U.S. treaty with Ukraine that was signed by President Clinton and ratified by the U.S. Senate.  Obviously, Pelosi and her fellow conspirators didn’t bother to read this treaty.  “Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.” Signed at Kiev on July 22, 1998.
Quoted from the treaty:

“(1) Limitation on assistance: Pursuant to the rights of the United States under this Treaty to deny requests which prejudice its essential public policy or interests, the United States shall deny a request for assistance when the Central Authority, after consultation with all appropriate intelligence, anti-narcotic, and foreign policy agencies, has specific information that a senior government official who will have access to information to be provided under this Treaty is engaged in a felony, including the facilitation of the production or distribution of illegal drugs.”


(1) Joe Biden held and holds a U.S. security clearance.

(2) Joe Biden is “a senior government official who had and may still have access to information to be provided under this Treaty.”

(3) At least two U.S. Presidents, as well as “intelligence, …and foreign policy agencies” have been aware of felonies and potential felonies involving Joe Biden and his son as well as other “senior government officials” since 2016 and earlier. In 2015, U.S. State Department attempted to report to VP Biden (who was the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine) that there were problems with Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine.  The people Hunter was working with had been under investigation by multiple U.S. federal agencies as well as Ukraine for money laundering… the scandal began as the Panama Papers.  According to Ukraine’s leaders, this money laundering continues. The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities. The documents, some dating back to the 1970s, were created by, and taken from, Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca.

(4) This Treaty, which carries the full weight of U.S. law, says, “the United States SHALL DENY a request for assistance…” to Ukraine under this circumstance.

(5) Any U.S. President would be committing a felony federal offense if the President DID NOT withhold assistance to Ukraine unless and until Ukraine provided “mutual legal assistance” in these criminal matters.  As required by this treaty, President Trump politely asked Ukraine’s President to provide “legal assistance.”  The impeachable offense would have been if Trump did NOT seek assistance from Ukraine.

(6) President Obama knew of these criminal activities in Ukraine. Though he may have devised plausible deniability, he allowed it to continue under his watch.

(7) Full text of Treaty and actions here:

It should be obvious that people (like Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney) should not be able to protect themselves and their family from law enforcement by running for political office.


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“…Impeach me, do it now, fast…”

“Therefore I say, if you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the Senate, and so that our Country can get back to business.” ~ President Donald Trump

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Trump Therefore I say, if you are going to impeach me, do it now…

Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller & Clinton are all tied to sketchy Ukraine deals. No wonder they want to impeach President Trump!

Mitt Romney’s top adviser, Joseph Cofer Black, joined the board of the Ukraine energy firm, Burisma, while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board. Hunter Biden was taking a salary of $50,000 per month from Burisma, and was simultaneously engaged in a relationship with John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, and mobster Whitey Bulger’s nephew, in a private equity firm, that allegedly appeared to be laundering millions of dollars in foreign money from China & the Ukraine, through Latvia, and back to the US.

Romney’s adviser, Joseph Cofer Black, trained for covert operations and eventually became the director of the National Counterterrorism Center. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks perpetrated by al-Qaeda, Black was appointed ambassador at large and coordinator for counterterrorism in December 2002 by President George W. Bush. John Brennan succeeded Black in his job as director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Cofer Black left the CIA in 2006 to join Blackwater, the huge contractor for services related to military and intelligence action, where he served as Vice Chairman until 2008. See all the ties that bind?

Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Clinton, Mueller and Schiff all have ties to Ukrainian firms. VP Biden bragged on camera that he was able to force the former Ukraine President to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son, Hunter, by threatening to withhold $1 BILLION in US loans from Ukraine – all with approval from Obama!

Here is the video of Biden bragging about his extortion.–dj2-CY

While Communist China ran $1.5 BILLION through the Biden/Heinz private equity firm to purchase US companies with military ties, John Kerry, as Secretary of State, approved questionable acquisitions that threatened national security, but enriched his family and friends.

Kurt Volker, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to NATO under Obama, and was just fired from the Trump White House as special envoy to Ukraine, is the executive director of the John McCain Institute.

Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., is involved in oil importing from Ukraine and his company, Viscoil, is under investigation for securities fraud. In 2015, Pelosi used the Air Force to fly her entire family to Ukraine at a cost of over $185,000. Nancy Pelosi’s legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian party life. Pelosi and Schiff are also both connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer.

We also know that Ukraine was involved in helping the Clinton campaign fabricate evidence against Paul Manafort to smear the Trump campaign and the firm the DNC used to “inspect” Hillary’s email server, Crowdstrike, is funded by anti-Russian Ukrainian Oligarchs and run by a man who used to work for Mueller at the FBI!

Most concerning of all, the former CEO of Danske Bank in Estonia, Aivar Rehe, a bank known for money laundering during the years Obama and Biden were in office, was just found dead in his yard. He was a witness for the prosecution in a $220 BILLION money laundering scandal involving transfers to Latvia. Rudy Giuliani intimated that this corrupt banking network was likely used by Biden & pals to launder foreign $ from the Ukraine & China – to Latvia, Cyprus and on to America. Records show that some 10,000 “non-resident” accounts were involved.

Giuliani says he began investigating Joe Biden before he announced his run for President.  The Ukrainians were investigating Joe Biden, his son Hunter and his Ukrainian connections before Trump was a candidate for President in 2016 and that more “corroborating” evidence is forthcoming. The current Ukrainian President, chief prosecutor and legislator have formally requested U.S. help in this prosecution.  Rudy Giuliani, who was once James Comey’s boss, and the former Mayor of New York during 9/11, took down the mob and runs one of the biggest private investigation firms in the world. Don’t underestimate Rudy. He already has videotaped interviews of the Ukraine prosecutor that Biden forced out of office. It appears that Obama’s administration was helping George Soros, the defacto head of the Democrat party, control & take over the former Soviet state of Ukraine to steal her wealth & resources. Soros also used Obama’s DOJ & Mueller’s pal, Andrew Weissmann, to prosecute & seize assets from Soros’ foreign competitors under guise of corruption.

Testimony reveals that an Adam Schiff staffer flew to Ukraine days after the so-called “whistleblower” complaint. This trip was PAID FOR BY Hunter Biden’s Ukraine firm. Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partner stole American nuclear technology & accepted a plea deal 2 weeks before Trump took office! Kurt Volker just testified that Adam Schiff privately pushed him to frame Trump but he refused to do it. An Obama State Department staffer also testified he complained about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine deal in 2015 & Biden’s staff “blew him off.” Hunter Biden received $700,000 from a company that held a 20% stake in a Chinese private equity firm with close ties to the Bank of China.

President Trump has said that he hopes the House votes for impeachment.  Impeachment does not remove a president.  Then, if the Senate votes to hold an impeachment trial of Trump, it requires a two thirds vote in the U.S. Senate, which of course is controlled by Republicans.  Unlike the illegitimate process that has been happening in the U.S. House, the Senate would be a legal trial held under Chief Justice John Roberts.  Trump and his lawyers would defend him, with full rights of discovery and subpoena.  The U.S. President can legally declassify ANY secret.  I hope he de-classifies the government files on the Clinton Foundation and the Epstein mess.

Ultimately, the question for the Senate Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans is how many of them are involved in the giant money laundering racket.

We shall soon see all the rest of the ties that bind.  I cannot wait.  I am stocking up on popcorn.

Based on Senator Hirono’s aberrant behavior, I suspect that she may have become involved and she has been acting out of fear.

The above article is mostly copied from Peggy Traeger at the Tierney News Network, I have added a few additional thoughts.




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Non-existent climate emergency

Professor Happer is referring to the UN climate conference underway now in Spain.

Professor Happer

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