NASA, NOAA and UK temperature data are invalid

The peer-reviewed study at this link attempted to validate the current surface temperature datasets managed by NASA, NOAA and the UK’s Meteorological Office at Hadley, which is the UK National Weather Service.

“The conclusive findings of this research are that the three [Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST)] data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of the historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever despite current claims of record setting warming. Finally, since GAST data set validity is a necessary condition for EPA’s Greenhouse Gas/ CO2 Endangerment Finding, it too is invalidated by these research findings.”

~ Research conducted by 2 scientists and a statistician, and conclusions agreed by 7 other experts.

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Independence Day: A Walk Through Arlington

Forfeit Liberty, Forfeit Everything

These stones expect something of us,
to understand what was passed forward…

This was originally published on FoxNews and is written by Robert Charles, a former assistant secretary of state for President George W. Bush, a former naval intelligence officer and litigator. He served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses. I have copied it here to keep it from disappearing into the FoxNews archives. It is a very thoughtful and heartfelt message from Mr. Charles – to whom I wish to thank for sharing it with us.

Living close to Arlington National Cemetery, having family and friends there, I sometimes walk among the stones. I read them. I try to remember the life. I walk slowly, thankful.

It is a walk through history.The stones have something to tell me.  I am never sure what. Sometimes, I have questions. They never reach my lips, but they are there.

Mostly the sacrifice…

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Divorced from reality

Ethics and morality have been systematically divorced from reason and human identity during the last fifty years.  Philosopher Allan Bloom in his book Closing of the American Mind and others have covered that already.  The impact on life and the future of humanity are enormous.  A Tower of Babel has been built, as usual, with no foundation.

For example, one might expect that academic physics would be well grounded in the reality of the natural world around us.  But that is not the case today.  Virtually all academic physicists (all but three I have found) in all physics departments subscribe to and/or profess string theory.  I won’t dig into string theory here except to say that string theory describes in the language of math and physics our universe as an almost infinite network of alternative dimensions to what we should recognize as objective reality.  The problem is that there is no physical evidence that these alternative dimensions exist.  There are no experiments, which is the hard core work of physics, which provide evidence that alternative dimensions exist.  Yet, almost the entire profession of physics professors subscribe to string theory.

Again, this is just one example.  I am not picking on physicists or their elegant string theory.  It’s fun, like reading Alice in Wonderland for the first time.

The connections between reason itself, ethics, morality and humanity are being divorced from natural laws by a metaphysics built on fantasy.  It is as if the philosopher Immanuel Kant returned and took over all physics departments.  We are now going to have buildings and islands and cities floating suspended in mid air as in the movies Avatar, Star Wars and Flash Gordon.  Or people will step through a door into another dimension.  But the knowledge to design a screw or a wing is being lost.

Hello!  You can write the software code and computer models to beam yourself aboard.  But back here in Kansas, where the sun still warms the planet, it is wrong, irrational, unethical and immoral to teach fantasy, dreams and unvalidated theory as reality, or to allow others to teach unvalidated theory as reality, or to allow the management in your associations to claim and influence others with their unvalidated theory.  And this is equally true in economics, political systems, psychology, climatology, physics or any field.  Whomever told you that there is no right or wrong, that your morals are no better than another person’s morals, well, that person was wrong or a liar.  Right and wrong are based on objective reality, not on subjective metaphysics, and not on the nostalgia of academic elites for Nietzsche and Godot, and definitely not on Hollywood or mainstream media.

The truth is your individual responsibility.  And, believe it or not, you need to be ready to die for truth at any time as well as to defend it intellectually.  You and other people that do that are the only thing that keep you free.  Maybe it feels good to parrot politicians and mainstream media as they fill your head with fake realities to sell their clicks.  In the real world, big government, minimum wages and guaranteed income result in lower standards of living.  Back here in Kansas, you look really foolish on that acid head trip.

As physicist Richard P. Feynman repeated, “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”    The metaphysical construct called social justice, (and its features like diversity, multiculturalism, open borders and moral relativity) which has been sold to us all for at least three generations, is divorced from reality and you look like the Mad Hatter if you support it.   Get your feet firmly planted on the ground in your area of knowledge and then pull your family and friends down with you.  Make it so.


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Victory ! Supreme Court backs President Trump EO-2 ‘insecure countries ‘ Travel Ban

The SWORD and the SHIELD

Hawaii AG Dougie Chin & Fed District Court Judge Derrick Watson DEFEATED !

June 26th , 2017

Statement from President Donald J. Trump

Today’s unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security.  It allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective.

As President, I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm.  I want people who can love the United States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive.

My number one responsibility as Commander in Chief is to keep the American people safe.  Today’s ruling allows me to use an important tool for…

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Is free speech under threat in the United States? reblog by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Freedom of speech is being threatened in the United States by a nascent culture of hostility to different points of view. As political divisions in America have deepened, a conformist mentality of “right thinking” has spread across the country. Increasingly, American universities, where no intellectual doctrine ought to escape critical scrutiny, are some of the most restrictive domains when it comes to asking open-ended questions on subjects such as Islam.

Legally, speech in the United States is protected to a degree unmatched in almost any industrialized country. The U.S. has avoided unpredictable Canadian-style restrictions on speech, for example. I remain optimistic that as long as we have the First Amendment in the U.S., any attempt at formal legal censorship will be vigorously challenged.

Culturally, however, matters are very different in America. The regressive left is the forerunner threatening free speech on any issue that is important to progressives. The current pressure coming from those who call themselves “social-justice warriors” is unlikely to lead to successful legislation to curb the First Amendment. Instead, censorship is spreading in the cultural realm, particularly at institutions of higher learning.

The way activists of the regressive left achieve silence or censorship is by creating a taboo, and one of the most pernicious taboos in operation today is the word “Islamophobia.” Islamists are similarly motivated to rule any critical scrutiny of Islamic doctrine out of order. There is now a university center (funded by Saudi money) in the U.S. dedicated to monitoring and denouncing incidences of “Islamophobia.”

The term “Islamophobia” is used against critics of political Islam, but also against progressive reformers within Islam. The term implies an irrational fear that is tainted by hatred, and it has had a chilling effect on free speech. In fact, “Islamophobia” is a poorly defined term. Islam is not a race, and it is very often perfectly rational to fear some expressions of Islam. No set of ideas should be beyond critical scrutiny.

To push back in this cultural realm—in our universities, in public discourse—those favoring free speech should focus more on the message of dawa, the set of ideas that the Islamists want to promote. If the aims of dawa are sufficiently exposed, ordinary Americans and Muslim Americans will reject it. The Islamist message is a message of divisiveness, misogyny, and hatred. It’s anachronistic and wants people to live by tribal norms dating from the seventh century. The best antidote to Islamic extremism is the revelation of what its primary objective is: a society governed by Sharia. This is the opposite of censorship: It is documenting reality. What is life like in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Northern Nigerian States? What is the true nature of Sharia law?

Islamists want to hide the true meaning of Sharia, Jihad, and the implications for women, gays, religious minorities, and infidels under the veil of “Islamophobia.” Islamists use “Islamophobia” to obfuscate their vision and imply that any scrutiny of political Islam is hatred and bigotry. The antidote to this is more exposure and more speech.

As pressure on freedom of speech increases from the regressive left, we must reject the notions that only Muslims can speak about Islam, and that any critical examination of Islamic doctrines is inherently “racist.”

Instead of contorting Western intellectual traditions so as not to offend our Muslim fellow citizens, we need to defend the Muslim dissidents who are risking their lives to promote the human rights we take for granted: equality for women, tolerance of all religions and orientations, our hard-won freedoms of speech and thought.

It is by nurturing and protecting such speech that progressive reforms can emerge within Islam. By accepting the increasingly narrow confines of acceptable discourse on issues such as Islam, we do dissidents and progressive reformers within Islam a grave disservice. For truly progressive reforms within Islam to be possible, full freedom of speech will be required.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and the founder of the AHA Foundation.


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Climate scientists admit their models are wrong

The climate scientists who support human-caused global warming have finally published a peer reviewed paper which acknowledges their climate models are wrong, though it is buried in weasel words and technical jargon:


“In the early twenty-first century, satellite-derived tropospheric warming trends were generally smaller than trends estimated from a large multi-model ensemble,” reads the first line of the abstract of lead author, climate scientist Ben Santer’s recent paper in Nature. In other words, the actual temperature trends were less than their models.


Their models cost taxpayers billions of dollars and they want trillions more dollars.


Michael Mann (of the infamous and now repudiated “hockey stick” warming graphic in Al Gore’s science fiction movie) as well as other alarmists are co-authors on the paper. (Link below.) “Over most of the early twenty-first century, however, MODEL tropospheric warming is substantially larger than OBSERVED,” reads the abstract, adding that “model overestimation of tropospheric warming in the early twenty-first century is partly due to systematic deficiencies in some of the post-2000 external forcings used in the model simulations.” (Capital letters are mine for emphasis.) In other words, their models substantially overestimated global warming.


For three decades, tens of thousands of scientists have been pointing out the large differences between models and actual observations or measurements of climate. This has gotten very limited coverage by mainstream media and is very rarely taught in schools. But, there has been a nearly two-decade-long “hiatus” or “pause” in global warming that climate models have failed to accurately predict. These climate models fail to replicate known climate conditions. This means their models are not validated and should not be used for decisions, much less the expenditure of trillions of dollars.


Since CO2 has been climbing steadily during the same period when there has been this “hiatus” or “pause” in the temperature trend, their hypothesis that human-produced CO2 causes climate change is falsified under the scientific method. The CO2 trend cannot be forcing the temperature trend if the CO2 trend and temperature trend are diverging.


And, by the way, the words “hiatus” and “pause” presume that global warming will re-start at some point in the future. But in fact, the evidence does not support that presumption. The climate could cool instead or it could continue as a flat trend.

Christy graph of models
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The real enemy is the Islamic revolution: hear them roar!

The Islamic revolution is the real enemy. The U.S. government and the American people must unify and form defenses against this enemy, instead of arming them, training them, funding them and appeasing them.  They announce it clearly and we ignore it at our deadly peril. Listen to your sworn enemy HERE below before it is too late. Our internal political divisions regarding social policies are irrelevant, foolish and dangerous compared to this Islamic threat. No doubt they are fomenting the violence and divisions among us. It is already too late for western Europe and probably Canada. There are already too many enemy inside their gates and they have insufficient weapons and will to defend themselves. Listen to your enemy BELOW before it is too late.
Stop interfering in the wars between Islamic factions. Let them fight. Stop arming them. Bring our troops and weapons home. Remove the jihadis and their imams already inside America. Stop the flow of Islamic refugees until you know for certain they are reformers. Secure the borders.
“In recent statements and speeches, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders have emphasized that the Islamic Revolution in Iran is only the first stage on the path to the spread of the rule of Shi’ite Islam in the Middle East and worldwide, and that the mission of advancing the Islamic Revolution to these heights falls to the IRGC commanders.
The commanders reiterated the argument that the U.S., the leader of the “world of arrogance,” opposes Islam, and thus also Iran, which is, they say, the standard-bearer of the Revolution and its global vision. The U.S., they added, is acting to sabotage the plan to institute Islam worldwide, and is doing so by infiltrating the circles of decision-makers in Iran in order to impregnate them with Western cultural values and spark internal disputes among the Muslims. This is aimed at changing the direction of the Revolution and diverting it from its path. However, the robustness of the Revolution remains, they said, thanks to Iranian Supreme Leader ‘Ali Khamenei and the IRGC.”
“The following are translations of recent statements by senior IRGC commanders on this matter:”
“IRGC Commander Ja’fari: “We Are On The Path That Leads To The Rule Of Islam Worldwide””
“On March 11, 2017, IRGC commander Ali Ja’fari said of the worldwide Islamic regime: “The history of Iran is replete with agreement on the Rule of the Jurisprudent [velayat ] which has [already] crossed Iran’s borders, and the united Islamic nation is being formed… We are on the path that leads to the rule of Islam worldwide.”
“On March 15, 2017, Ja’fari added on the same subject: “The Islamic Revolution is aimed at creating an infrastructure of the religion of God on earth, and it will wait for no man on its path advancement. All [Iranian] officials must adapt to the accelerated progress of the Revolution.”
“The Islamic Revolution is now in its third stage – that is, [the stage] of assembling the Islamic government, and with God’s help it will pass this stage successfully despite the ups and downs that constantly occur.”
“As IRGC commander, and as one of the commanders during the era of the Sacred Defense [i.e. the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war], I believe that today the young people’s yearning to unconditionally defend the Revolution has expanded greatly relative to the era of the Sacred Defense. Their repeated requests to play a role alongside the defenders of the holy places indicate this.”
“The religious seminaries and the IRGC bear the joint mission to advance and deepen the Islamic Revolution. This is God’s promise for the salvation of humanity, and we are charged with it. The senior revolutionary clerics and the IRGC will without a doubt actualize God’s promises, while implementing a comprehensive plan of the Islamic Revolution for shaping the picture of the Islamic world.”
“Our internal spiritual and material potential for creating [such a global regime], and the robustness of the [Iranian] regime, which constitutes the main nucleus of this plan, are expanding in might. According to the words of [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini, if the revolution and the regime stop on the path, this will cause damage to Islam.”
“On April 30, 2017, at a teachers’ conference, Ja’fari said: “Some [people] have a flawed perception of the Islamic Revolution, for they think that its aim was only to defeat the regime of the Shah and to establish the Islamic regime [in Iran]. [But] if we look at the words of the Imam [Khomeini], we will discover a correspondence between the Islamic Revolution and the spread of the religion of Islam. In order to build the Islamic regime, there is no other path but to advance the Islamic Revolution… As the Imam said: If this Islamic regime is defeated, Islam is defeated.”
“The framework of our activity is the Islamic Revolution, and first we must know what its aims are… The external dimension of the Revolution is based on the principle of Islam [as] derived from the lesson of the Ashura. This is in effect the principle of enmity towards evil and enmity towards the arrogance [the West, led by the U.S.]. This is actualized by means of the Islamic awakening against evil, and it is waged in the best possible way thanks to the Leader.”
Europe burning
Boston Bombers
Islam at DNC
Training our enemies
Did Obama arm ISIS from Benghazi
FBI investigation
Dear Islam


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Is Our Second Civil War Underway?

Forfeit Liberty, Forfeit Everything

By all appearances on the surface, most might say so…

We do have, however, some factors that our first civil war did not.

First, it would behoove us to remember just how bloody, deadly, and destructive our civil war was…

Strictly By The Numbers

As far as the number of deployed, WWII wins that hands down with 16 million+ compare to the 3 million+ for our civil war (both sides) – which was nearly as many as those deployed in the Vietnam’conflict’ that Democratically controlled Congress would not call a war.

When comparing the number of deployed, our population — needless to say — was much larger during WWII than during the civil war, so the number deployed per 100,000 brings in a perspective we wouldn’t otherwise have…

And that would be 12,000+ deployed per 100,000 for WWII and 10,000+ per 100,000 for our civil war – the next in…

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Where is the prosecution of this vote corruption?

Dear Senators,  Dear Congressman;

Where is the investigation and prosecution of Mr. Creamer and the others who were caught on camera admitting to planning violence at Trump /Pence campaign rallies, acknowledged vote fraud, acknowledged coordination with Democrat National Committee, and on official White House records meeting Obama admin people many times and with Obama himself?



“The [Project Veritas] investigation, which was released in a four-part video series throughout the months of October and November, exposed political corruption within the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The video investigation– which received media coverage from every single mainstream media outlet, trended on social media worldwide, and was a topic of debate during one of the Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton– had a monumental effect on the 2016 presidential election.”

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What’s the real agenda behind climate change alarmism?

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