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Re-post: “Time to Give Up or Time to Fight On?”

“Lincoln’s argument was that either slavery is right or freedom is right, and that the country couldn’t long stand if it was divided on which was so. There was an argument that slavery should be allowed to spread and be … Continue reading

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Command Negligence: an impeachable and courts martial offense

At the very least, Extortion 17 – like the Benghazi tragedy – is an impeachable and courts martial offense called Command Negligence.  Extortion 17 and Benghazi both require a special committee appointed by Congress with Congressional subpoena power and the … Continue reading

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Step by lockstep into fascist America

National socialism should not be a forbidden subject for intelligent discussion.   Prior to WWII, national socialism or fascism, later called Nazism, was supported by Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, King Edward of England, Prescott Bush (father of President George H.W. … Continue reading

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