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Critical Race Theory (CRT) is lies on top of lies.

If your kids’ school teaches it, find another school system or home school, then work to remove the principal and school board. Here are two short videos that go through some history and problems with CRT and The 1619 Project. … Continue reading

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The new Italian P.M. She gets it. Lei lo ottiene. Lei capisce molto.

Hooray for Italy! God willing, the EU will listen to her. Or, is she a put up candidate like so many others? This is only my first time to see her.

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A wake up call for the “woke” alarmed by the fake climate crisis

The increase in Mauna Loa-measured global CO2 concentration over the last 50 years (1970 – 2020) has been about 89 ppm. The 50 year cumulative increase due to all CO2 sources and sinks, natural and human, is on average less … Continue reading

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Reblog: Parental Authority Is the Basis of Civilization

BY DENNIS PRAGER 12:19 AM ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 on Excellent truth. Archiving this since it will probably be cancelled. No one should be surprised if armed FBI, DOJ and other alphabet agencies pound his door and arrest him. Read it … Continue reading

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That would be the road to hell

Very short video.  U.S. Rep. @RashidaTlaib challenges bank CEOs to agree to stop funding fossil fuels. She is rejected by every single one.  Jamie Dimon’s comment is perfect: “That would be the road to Hell for America.” Don’t miss it.

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Putting the false UN IPCC 13C/12C isotope argument to bed forever

Roy Spencer, PhD. (attached pdf.) and Murry Salby, PhD. (video link and text excerpt below), Tom Segalstad, PhD., (excerpts and links below and paper attached as pdf) and Edwin X Berry, PhD., (excerpt and link below and pdf attached) and … Continue reading

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Truth about the chronic problem with the U.S. GOP (Republicans in Congress)

Leadership designs strategy. GOP leadership must change.

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Study estimates vax is worse than the virus to download pdf COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities 50 Pages Posted: 12 Sep 2022 “We estimate that 22,000 – 30,000 previously uninfected adults aged 18-29 must be boosted … Continue reading

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[U.S.] National Conservatism’s Ideas Are Winning, But We Need A Plan To Carry Them Out

BY: RACHEL BOVARD (bio down below) SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 “To prove ourselves, we have to do more than simply win the argument. We have to have a plan. We cannot simply say ‘trust us.’“ The following remarks were given at the … Continue reading

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Piers Corbyn speaks the truth on human-produced CO2

2 minutes Corbyn holds a first class BSc degree in physics and an MSc in astrophysics. He did postgraduate research in superconductivity. Corbyn is heavily slammed by the woke cancel culture and orthodox human-CO2 caused global warming publications. Piers Corbyn is right.

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