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The CO2 glove does not fit

Anthropogenic or human-caused Global Warming theory (AGW) holds that fossil fuels cause an increase in total CO2 which in turn causes an increase in global temperature. In fact, UN IPCC and others hold that human CO2 emissions from fossil fuels … Continue reading

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Until there is no more grass

Instead of government workers being paid based on their tenure, on the number of employees they manage, and on the size of the budget they control … all of which inflate the budget of government and government debt … government … Continue reading

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Socialism’s Final And Deadly Stage: Reblog of Don Chambers

Ayn Rand warned us also. The following is by Don Chambers, Posted: Sep 10, 2019 12:11 PM Socialism is a three-stage disease. My last two columns discussed the first two stages: (1) becoming a welfare state, and (2) government seizure … Continue reading

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CO2 in perspective. Short video.

Good example.  

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Global domination

The global warming fraud is an integral part of the plan for a global government and global banking. The alarmists will not stop unless they are stopped. The alarmists are the remainers, those who stayed behind, those who want return … Continue reading

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You can love any consenting adult you want. I am happy for you. But don’t try to tell me, my family and friends what is normal. Take your agenda out of my face and shove it. There are only two … Continue reading

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Judge awards climate skeptic professor $800,000

“A court has awarded Australian academic Dr. Peter Ridd over AU$1.2 million ($800,000) in damages after finding the physics professor was unlawfully fired after taking a skeptical stance on some of the impacts of climate change.” Referring the the Great … Continue reading

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Running on unreality

America and the world are running on unreality. Enormous debt has been accumulated mostly to pay for welfare and social benefits.  The social justice warriors, Democrats, socialists collectivists want much more, even though the debt already accumulated can never be … Continue reading

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Downward Longwave Radiation

“Our results suggest that surface [Downward Longwave Radiation] DLR is tightly coupled to surface temperature; therefore, it cannot be considered an independent component of the surface energy budget.” Hat tip to Dr. Judith Curry.

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Entitlement? Reparations?

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