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Unintended Consequences of Climate Change Policy

“A public debate on the damage being done by climate change policy is long overdue.”…/20…/01/Unintended-Consequences2.pdf

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A Whiff of Mendacity. By Hank Racette.

A whiff of mendacity has clung to this administration since its beginning. A ghost-written memoir, vague and misleading statements about links to domestic terrorists, a non-existent legislative and academic record, a past shrouded in secrecy — it was easy to … Continue reading

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Critique of Romney’s Position on Oil and Energy (published on Facebook in 2012)

Here are my critiques of Romney positions on energy and environment based on his wiki campaign page.  The entire page is worth your review. Covers many more issues than these two. I inserted my comments in [brackets containing italics].  My … Continue reading

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