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The global warming scam

ABSTRACT: “The Global Warming Scam has been perpetrated in order to support the Environmentalist belief that the earth is being harmed by the emission of greenhouse gases from the combustion of fossil fuels. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) … Continue reading

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On going genocidal.  In memory of the Jewish Holocaust.

One of the most successful strategies of leftists and totalitarians is erasing history. Absent history, young people grow up believing life was always as good as they have it today, as they fiddle with an e-toy invented only yesterday.  When … Continue reading

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800 scientists to World Economic Forum: “There is NO climate emergency.”

CLINTEL – the Climate Intelligence group of more than 800 international scientists and professionals – have sent a letter to the World Economic Forum to inform them that there is NO Climate Emergency, and that’s good news for Greta Thunberg … Continue reading

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Good on ya, sir (President Trump.

Speaking at the annual conference of the oilgarchy in Davos, Switzerland, U.S. President Donald Trump rejects their pervasive climate-caused doom. Good on ya sir.

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The buttresses of the deep state swamp

The Administration Procedures Act of 1946 and The Espionage Act are the buttresses of the corrupt federal administrative state. The former enables Congress (unconstitutionally) to delegate its main function (legislation) to the Executive branch and the myriad and vast agencies … Continue reading

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Iranian American activist outraged by propaganda machine glorifying Soleimani

Iranian American activist Saghar Erica Kasraie says many Iranians have been celebrating Soleimani’s death by giving out cakes and cookies in the streets in Iran, contrary to what many mourning videos that came out of Iran are depicting.

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2015: “Obamas Iran deal has just granted an amnesty to the world’s leading terrorist mastermind” ~ UK’s The Telegraph

“As head of the Quds Force in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Suleimani is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading terrorists. Now Barack Obama has effectively granted him an amnesty.” … Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of U.S. House of … Continue reading

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