How to create unbeatable monster diseases

If you take the time to read the article below in the New England Journal of Medicine (1), you may notice that it does not address any of the issues that I and others have brought to your attention, that over 40,000 MD’s and over 13,000 medical and public health scientists have been trying to bring to public attention for months. The public and health policies being implemented on millions of people are creating unbeatable monster diseases.

The observation study below as well as randomized, double blind studies, for example the clinical trials on these mRNA injections, and studies on isolation, distancing and masking, ignore loud and persistent science and professionals pointing out that the tests and methodology are faulty . They are using circular, self-confirming logic instead of asking the hard questions first. Where a study is published and who did the study are irrelevant to the science in question.

If the air pressure gauge for your tires does not work, do you continue to drive on flat tires because a peer reviewed journal, a famous expert, a movie star, a talking head media personality or a president told you to use that air pressure gauge and soon your vehicle will run better?

The scientific method is designed to ask the hard questions first, to design experiments which falsify or cause the theory to fail fast. Real science is designing experiments which falsify an hypothesis or theory, not prove an hypothesis or theory. Studies such as this observation study and the clinical trials for these mRNA drugs do not do that. Instead, they are designed to show that the drug is effective and to project confidence in the result by use of statistics.    

The same is true for social distancing and masks. When the circular self-confirming logic in the experimental designs are eliminated, and then the hard questions are asked first, we discover that social distancing and masks give a powerful evolutionary advantage to the rapidly mutating strains of virus and bacteria which are more dangerous, specifically encouraging the virus and bacteria to become more virulent and more transmissible. “In an environment with regular close-contact between people as they gather in crowds, the more transmissible variant does not have such a distinct advantage over the others and is less likely to dominate and displace the less-transmissible variant. The less transmissible variant is still finding its target, infecting that person, making them sick and leaving them (in the vast majority of cases) with natural immunity, leaving the more transmissible variant with fewer targets to choose from.”(2)

By using the PCR test (instead of antibody tests or culturing) as the gold standard to justify isolation, treatment regimes, drug efficacy, economic shutdowns, etc then evolutionary advantage is given to virus or bacteria strains which are more difficult to detect and which do not follow natural immune system methods of pathogen detection. This is same reason good medical doctors do not prescribe antibiotic drugs for every cold and minor infection. 

We are creating monster strains of virus in the open environment on a global scale, biological weapons that scientists would fear to create in the most secure bio-weapons lab. I am not overstating the case.   

  2. Jemma Moran. Head of Communications for the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), an independent group of doctors and academic experts who are working to widen the debate on Covid-19 policy. 

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