The one human race

Racism is a manipulative tool for rigid, class-based society.

Popular-ism is not a good characteristic for a public servant. Good principles and the motivation to stick to them are mission critical. Otherwise, there is no means for citizens to evaluate the candidates. Moral scruples are required in candidates.

Is the candidate moral or not? That should be an easy question for even thoughtless citizens to answer. But it is not. They can no longer tell right from wrong. Unfortunately, popular-ism elects candidates in thoughtless societies brainwashed by political correctness and the racist/class-based European agenda, regardless your position in the spectrum. It’s not something they’re entitled to, and they don’t get it. Someone with a firecracker can start a riot among them.

Do you get it? That is what racism is. The walls they are building are class rankings in their society apex-ed by royalty. The walls are rungs in the elitist ladder that they control.

But in fact there are no rungs in a ladder which only exists in your mind. You don’t have to accept their authority in a free country.

There is only one race. The differences in our genes are due to adaptation to different climate and social conditions occurring over millions of years. That is all that racism is.

Nature built the diversity in the one human race.  The rest is all in your mind.

About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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