This is mental slavery

Obama Race Baiting for Dummies

Islamist thinkers have long known that demographics favor their cause … right now. They have been planning the Mahdi and managing savagery for a long time.

Unfortunately, we have a leader who is their suckling, despite the sage advice of Thomas Jefferson, the smartest man in the room.

If allowed, they will kill the American dream of an egalitarian society, all the while persuading that you are free. That’s Agenda 2030. But, we don’t need the international intrigue overseas and we don’t need it on our doorstep.

Keep on with your political correctness and racism agenda and you will need a wall around your home and armed security, and you will be living in a rigid caste system. We are almost there now.

You must write your representatives until they stop and reverse this immigration invasion, before a President proclaims martial law, as did the abolitionists, and hands over authority, your sovereignty and your property to the international unelected oligarchy.  That is their game.

About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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