This is welfare slavery

In America, Democrats enslave people to government and debt by welfare programs. Liberal progressives build walls between races. It’s a political strategy.  Then they bring in low wage illegal workers and call that humanitarian. It’s a means to an end for Democrats.

Obama Race Baiting for Dummies

Martin Luther King, as a Christian, called on his fellow Christian Americans to deliver on the values expressed in their Constitution. The American people did deliver by striking down all forms of segregation. The black man was now equal before the law…thanks in the large part to Republicans.

But that did not fit the so-called progressive model of socialist utopia, especially the Obama model. They intentionally re-opened a healing sore of racism to build a constituency among blacks and so-called progressives, and then proceeded to enslave blacks to great society welfare.  American liberals see blacks, not as King’s free men before the law, but as a victim group, dependent on welfare hand-outs from the state. Aid to Families with Dependent Children, housing grants, Medicare, Women, Infants, and Children benefits, food stamps and more to prevent them from leaving the government plantation.  Liberal progressives had always wanted a centralized welfare state with which to build their utopian socialist future, to justify their tax-and-spend policies. Of course, this implied that the black man was not the equal of whites in the market place. The black man needed help; he needed the support of the white progressive intelligentsia. This, of course, was pure patronizing; liberal condescension on a national scale.

But welfarism has not brought economic equality to American blacks. It has created ghettoes of dependency and levels of urban crime and family breakdown (particularly fatherless families) unseen before the advent of the welfare state.

As the black academic Thomas Sowell has pointed out, before the welfare state, unemployment rates among blacks were lower than among whites. Today, blacks have more than twice the unemployment rate of whites. Also, the incidence of fatherless families in the black community rocketed from the moment the state (the taxpayer) took over the financial responsibility for children.

The welfare state, according to Sowell, pays people to fail. In education, welfare money goes to schools with low scores, thereby creating an in-built incentive to fail. This, Sowell says, has had a devastating effect on the black community. Welfarism has institutionalised a poverty trap for blacks and entrenched them in their ghettos.

Martin Luther King wanted to liberate black people from legal disabilities. He wanted African Americans to take responsibility for self-improvement and to stand as equals in the market place.

Many have succeeded. But for many more, perhaps the majority, white liberal welfare condescension has created ghettos on a scale unknown before the Second World War. In cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland and Philadelphia, and more, the level of black crime is a matter of major national debate.

The bankruptcy of liberal welfarism has been exposed.



The post is not original.  I borrowed heavily from and I embellished the following reference:

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