The Mechanics of Climate Alarm

Climate of Sophistry

Following from my last post on the purpose of climate alarm, a commentator added this extremely important summary of the history and mechanics of the alarmist campaign:

The global “climate change” pyramid marketing campaign is a political scheme devised by Maurice Strong, a Canadian millionaire with (self-admitted) communist ambitions for world government. Strong used his position with the UN Environment Program (UNEP) to set up the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN FCCC) to promote his advocacy, recognising that there was a majority of potential supplicant nations in the UN who would favour receiving multi-billion dollar funding from the smaller number of “rich” nations. He also recognised that those affluent nations would prefer to avoid alienating the potential beneficiary nations. The UN FCCC formalised Strong’s campaign as international obligations with the “precautionary principle” deliberately excluding the possibility of beneficial impacts.


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