The 2018/19 Maduro Diet

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It is said that Marie Antoinette, when she offhandedly suggested regarding the hunger of starving peasants “Let them eat cake” was not mocking the suffering of the poor but was so disconnected from reality that she assumed that it was only the famous French baguettes which were missing from the shop windows. She nevertheless became headless, result of losing that connection to her people.

If there is anybody out there who in arrogance or envy still refuses to recognize the wickedness of socialism and its extraordinarily sad and destructive end state, they must look no further than modern Venezuela. Who knew there was a group of scoundrels so wicked that they could make the totalitarian medieval French monarchs look benevolent? Not only does the Maduro dictatorship refuse to recognize his people’s hunger as he dines in opulent restaurants in exotic capitals… (“I was going to bring back the leftovers…

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