CO2 cannot cause global warming

Notice in these charts that changes in ocean temperature consistently precede changes in air temperature. That means that the atmosphere is not warming the globe, but instead the globe is warming the atmosphere. That also means that human-produced CO2 is not warming the planet by any measurable amount, no matter how much human-produced CO2 there is and no matter how much climate forcing someone’s theory assigns to that CO2.
Detrended CO2 &Temperature
The entire atmosphere (even less the tiny percentage of the atmosphere that is total CO2, and even less the tiny percentage of total CO2 which is human-produced CO2) does not heat the oceans in any measurable amount. There is simply too much water compared to the amount of air, and the heat capacity of water is much greater than air. The heat capacity of water is almost 6 times greater than air and about double the heat capacity of rock and the amount of liquid water on earth is much larger than the our relatively thin layer of atmosphere.
“Don’t worry, be happy.” ~ Vladimir Putin commenting to RT after Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate trap.
(NCEP is the the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Protection, part of NOAA. RSS is Remote Sensing Systems, links and

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