It is past time to reject their nonsense.

This is where Obama and Democrats and RINOs are taking America. It is past time to reject their nonsense.

“Again total cover up in the Muslim invasion of Europe. In this report, a doctor describes the stabbing of an attending physician at one of the hospitals [in Munich] overrun with Muslim migrants — there are no arrests and no media coverage, of course. But there’s more — what he describes is gruesome.” ~ Pamela Geller

Czech doctor describes conditions in German hospital — watch the whole thing… translation below.

Eyewitness from a Munich hospital:

A friend in Prague has a friend, who, as a retired physician, had returned to work at a Munich area hospital where they needed an anaesthesiologist. I correspond with her and she forwarded me her email. Yesterday, at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.

Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa. Relations between the staff and migrants are going from bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.

Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do not know how to treat them. If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children. They abandon the children with pharmacy staff with the words: “So, cure them here yourselves!” So the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacies.

Truly we said openly: Where are all those who had welcomed in front of TV cameras, with signs at train stations?! Yes, for now, the border has been closed, but a million of them are already here and we will definitely not be able to get rid of them.

Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now it will be at least 3.5 million. Most of these people are completely unemployable. A bare minimum of them have any education. What is more, their women usually do not work at all. I estimate that one in ten is pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of them have brought along infants and little kids under six, many emaciated and neglected. If this continues and German re-opens its borders, I’m going home to the Czech Republic. Nobody can keep me here in this situation, not even double the salary than at home. I went to Germany, not to Africa or the Middle East.

Even the professor who heads our department told us how sad it makes him to see the cleaning woman, who for 800 Euros cleans every day for years, and then meets young men in the hallways who just wait with their hand outstretched, want everything for free, and when they don’t get it they throw a fit.

I really don’t need this! But I’m afraid that if I return, that at some point it will be the same in the Czech Republic. If the Germans, with their nature cannot handle this, there in Czechia it would be total chaos. Nobody who has not come in contact with them has no idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa, and how Muslims act superior to our staff, regarding their religious accommodation.

For now, the local hospital staff has not come down with the diseases they brought here, but, with so many hundreds of patients every day – this is just a question of time.

In a hospital near the Rhine, migrants attacked the staff with knives after they had handed over an 8-month-old on the brink of death, which they had dragged across half of Europe for three months. The child died in two days, despite having received top care at one of the best pediatric clinics in Germany. The physician had to undergo surgery and two nurses are laid up in the ICU. Nobody has been punished.

The local press is forbidden to write about it, so we know about it through email. What would have happened to a German if he had stabbed a doctor and nurses with a knife? Or if he had flung his own syphilis-infected urine into a nurse’s face and so threatened her with infection? At a minimum he’d go straight to jail and later to court. With these people – so far, nothing has happened.

And so I ask, where are all those greeters and receivers from the train stations? Sitting pretty at home, enjoying their non-profits and looking forward to more trains and their next batch of cash from acting like greeters at the stations. If it were up to me I would round up all these greeters and bring them here first to our hospital’s emergency ward, as attendants. Then, into one building with the migrants so they can look after them there themselves, without armed police, without police dogs who today are in every hospital here in Bavaria, and without medical help.

Here is another translation from the Russian, thanks to Yuri Tuvin.

Grimaces of the new Europe. Letter from the Czech anesthetists from Munich
Published: 09/10/2015

Czech Independent Television (CNTV) live read a letter (cry from the heart) health worker from Munich on emerging issues of migrants.


Yesterday in the hospital we had a discussion of how difficult a situation in Munich. Hospitals no longer able to provide first aid and redirect incoming patients in hospitals.

Many migrants refuse to be examined by a doctor, women, and we do not want to work with these animals, particularly of African descent. Relations between workers and hospital staff are becoming increasingly strained. Now, with the last weekend of migrants sent to hospitals with police units with dogs.

Many migrants AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis, and a number of other exotic diseases that we in Europe no longer treat. When he writes a prescription, and they realize that they have to pay for medication, then begin the stage. Especially when it comes to medicines for children. They simply leave their children in pharmacies and pharmacists say: “If so (to pay), and treat them yourself!”. Now the police take custody not only in clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacy.

We openly ask in this situation: “Where are all these people with welcome posters that welcomed migrants at railway stations?”. The borders will be closed, but a million immigrants already here and from them will never get rid of.

Until recently, Germany had 2.2 million unemployed. Now would be a minimum of 3.5 million. Most of them will work. A tiny fraction of them has any education. Moreover, they do not generally work women. In my estimation, one in ten of them women pregnant. Hundreds of thousands came to Germany with babies or young children up to 6 years. Children are exhausted or just running.

If the borders open, then I’ll go and come back from Germany to the Czech Republic. Nobody will force me to live here in this situation, even if my salary is two times higher than at home in the Czech Republic. I leave to live and work in Germany, but not in Africa or the Middle East.

Even the professor, the head of department at the clinic, sadly looking at what is happening, especially when he sees the maid, who injected the years for 800 euros, and then met the young men in the corridors, which only require and demand, all for free, and if you do not get this, then behave aggressively.

I just do not need it, but I’m afraid that if I go back to the Czech Republic, there will sooner or later all will be well. The Germans with their birth order can not cope with the situation, and in the Czech Republic comes complete chaos.

None of those who is not personally encountered the migrants do not have the slightest idea what kind of animals, especially those from Africa, or the Muslims who are down to the doctors because of their religious beliefs.

So far, none of the doctors have not yet contracted the disease that brought migrants, but it is a matter of time, as doctors examine hundreds of patients a day.

In one hospital workers with knives attacked the doctors, demanding an eight-month examination of the child, whom they dragged sick three months in Europe. The child died two days later, having received the best care in one of the best pediatric hospitals in Germany. Once doctors were attacked with knives, doctors had to operate on, and two nurses were in intensive care. No one was brought to liability.

The local press is forbidden to write about it. And if the Germans killed the doctor or nurse? To become of him? Or if he splashed his urine infected with syphilis in the face of the nurse? At least he appeared before the court and would have been in prison. Migrants everything away with it.

So where are all these people with banners “Welcome”? They sit at home and enjoy their money from the humanitarian non-governmental organizations? Waiting for new trains and a new pay for that money posing as migrant Germans rejoicing?

I have all these people would take by the scruff and would lead us to the department of first aid, and then be sent to them without police, without dogs and without protection, which are now in hospitals throughout Bavaria, so they tried to survive in the camps of migrant workers.

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