Repost: The EPA’s Science Problem, April 15, 2014 by Arnold Ahlert

‘In a stunning admission, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy revealed to House Science, Space and Technology Committee that the agency neither possesses, nor can produce, all of the scientific data used to justify the [very expensive] rules and regulations they have imposed on Americans via the Clean Air Act.’

“In short, science has been trumped by the radical environmentalist agenda…The EPA and their leftist allies are essentially saying “trust us,” even as they denigrate climate change skeptics for their failure to embrace “settled science.”…

“As it stands now, only EPA-funded researchers do the work and review the work, and nobody gets to see the data,” explained [Johns Hopkins-trained biostatistician Steve] Milloy, who posted its results on his website, revealed the fraud the EPA has been perpetrating for decades.”

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2 Responses to Repost: The EPA’s Science Problem, April 15, 2014 by Arnold Ahlert

  1. John Maney says:

    Bud – When I was dealing with EPA, PM 2.5 was as close to God as one could get – the stuff goes in the lungs, doesn’t go out and you are in big trouble – I guess maybe not so much trouble after all.


    • budbromley says:

      John, I have not studied particulates pollution, but papers on gas and chemical pollution sometimes include particulates. In general, the statistics are confounded. The epidemiological designs I have seen have not separated the different possible causes of health problems. An association study is an inadequate tool here. Common sense tells me that humans and animals would not have survived or evolved if pollen and dust were deadly.

      However, this issue between the EPA and Congress is procedural and legal rather than scientific. EPA refused for over 2 years to provide Congress with documentation on the methods it used to make its final determinations under the Clean Air Act. EPA and its previous administrator were charged with contempt of Congress. Now under a new administrator, EPA says it does not have that documentation and cannot produce it. So, the previous administrator has at least perjured herself. There are reports that EPA used human subjects in illegal studies and EPA may by hiding that from Congressional oversight. Also, EPA may have used ‘standards’ set by international organizations (e.g. UN IPCC) as substitute for its own methods, which is constitutionally illegal in the absence of a treaty.


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