“Global warming is nonsense.”

Professor Dr. Leslie Woodcock says there is ‘professional misconduct by Government advisors around the world’ when it comes to claims of man-made climate change. “Global warming is nonsense.”

“The theory is that the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is the ‘greenhouse gas’ causes ‘global warming’ – in fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 time more of it in our atmosphere (around one per cent of the atmosphere) whereas CO2 is only 0.04 per cent.”

“There is no reproducible scientific evidence CO2 has significantly increased [global temperature] in the last 100 years.”

“The theory of ‘man-made climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis’ – ‘Carbon dioxide has been made out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We breath it out, plants breath it in. The green lobby has created a do-good industry and it becomes a way of life, like a religion.”

“The temperature of the earth has been going up and down for millions of years, if there are extremes, it’s nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s not permanent and it’s not caused by us. Global warming is nonsense.”

“If you talk to real scientists who have no political interest, they will tell you there is nothing in global warming. It’s an industry which creates vast amounts of money for some people.”

“The reason records seem to be being frequently broken is simply because we only started keeping them about 100 years ago. There will always be some record broken somewhere when we have another natural fluctuation in weather.”

“It’s absolutely stupid to blame floods on climate change.”

“This is not the way science works. If you tell me that you have a theory there is a teapot in orbit between the earth and the moon, its not up to me to prove it does not exist, its up to you to provide the reproducible scientific evidence for your theory. Such evidence for the man-made climate change theory has not been forthcoming.”

“It’s become almost an industry, as a consequence of this professional misconduct by Government advisors around the world, not just UK – you can’t blame ordinary people with little or no science education for wanting to be seen to be good citizens who care about their grandchildren’s future and the environment.”

“In fact, the damage to our economy the climate change lobby is now costing us is infinitely more destructive to the livelihoods of our grand-children. Indeed, we grand-parents are finding it increasingly expensive just to keep warm as a consequence of the idiotic decisions our politicians have taken in recent years about the green production of electricity.”

“Carbon dioxide has been made out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We breath it out, plants breath it in. The green lobby has created a do-good industry and it becomes a way of life, like a religion. I understand why people defend it when they have spent so long believing in it, people do not like to admit they have been wrong.”

Emeritus Professor Leslie Woodcock, University of Manchester, UK was educated in the UK and received his PhD at the University of London in 1970. He has held academic appointments at the University of Cambridge, University of Amsterdam, University of Bradford and UMIST where he is Emeritus Professor of Chemical Thermodynamics. He has also served as senior research consultant at Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory, as a consultant to Unilever and the International Fine Particle Research Institute, a visiting professor at the University of Singapore, and a guest scientist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards. Most recently, he was teaching a class for a faculty of engineering at Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia on “Modeling Chemical Processes at the Molecular Level.”

Prof. Woodcock is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a founding editor of Molecular Simulation, and a recipient of a Max Planck Society Visiting Fellowship. Over his career, he has received wide recognition for his research contributions to understanding the behavior of liquids and complex materials. Prof. Woodcock has more than 70 published journal papers in Chemical Physics (Letter), Journal of Physics, Nature (physical Letter), Nature (Letter), Nature (Scientific Correspondence), Journal of Chemical Society (Faraday Transactions), Chemical Physics Letters, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Engineering Science, Powder Technology, progress in Colloid and Polymer Science, Physical Chemistry and Chemical physics, Molecular Physics, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Molecular Liquids, AlChe.E Journal, Ind. Eng. & Chem. Res. Journal, and Journal of Chemical Engineering Data.


Email: leslie.woodcock@manchester.ac.uk
Tel: 0161 306-4481

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