The Obama Administration is in Contempt of Court and Congress

Congress should simultaneously vote on contempt for both Holder and Napolitano. Napolitano (and by implication Obama) just poked both SCOTUS and Congress in the eye. SCOTUS should charge Janet Napolitano with contempt of court…but SCOTUS has no means of enforcement except through the Executive Branch. The SCOTUS ruling today assumed that the Executive Branch would behave reasonably and continue its 287 program with Arizona. The announcement by Napolitano at DHS proves otherwise and exposes the Obama administration’s vindictive and unreasonable agenda. But SCOTUS has no means of enforcement other than one of the many agencies of the Executive, that means that Congress would have to compel the Executive Branch to take action with a new law. Congress should also declare Napolitano in contempt of Congress, since Congress wrote and funded the law requiring cooperation between the federal agencies and state agencies, a law with which Napolitano today announced DHS would refuse to comply.

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Life sciences executive, retired
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