Sussing the motive behind Fast and Furious

This is tangential research to the case against Holder and possibly Obama on Fast and Furious. It speaks to their probable motive in Fast and Furious… i.e. to shut down gun retailers and gun sales.

Summary: how federal intimidation of gun retailers works.

Rick Reese, his wife Terri and two sons are long time gun retailers in New Mexico. These retailers have been in jail without bail for almost a year and all their money and possessions confiscated after a massive federal SWAT “sting” team assault. In the pre-trial hearing in June, 2012, the federal prosecuting attorneys Aaron O. Jordan, Nathan Lichvarcik and Michael Nammer, (employees of Eric Holder’s DOJ) admitted that all of the Reese gun sales had been properly logged and all transactions appeared to have been legal. The federal prosecutor also admitted that the Reese’s have paid all of their taxes and that there was no evidence of any under the table transactions and that all banking and financial evidence indicated that all members of the family never received any money other than their normal paychecks. The federal prosecutor admitted that the Reese’s employed off duty police and deputy sheriffs, but called them “dirty.” ATF and Homeland Security’s HIS received a tip about the Reese’s from a woman Penny Torres who had previously been arrested and convicted for gun running; Torres probably ‘cooperated’ in exchange for leniency in her sentencing.  Prior to tipping the feds about the Reese’s, the Penny Torres’ had attempted to buy guns for running to Mexico but she was reported to legal authorities by Terri Reese.  The “sting” on the Reese’s resulted from Torres’s tip. As the feds progressed “ investigation against the Reese family, they [the feds] were briefing and receiving guidance from Phoenix ATF Bureau Chief Bill Newell – the man responsible for directly overseeing Operation Fast and Furious” and previously responsible for Wide Receiver.  The Reese’s trial is scheduled for July, 2012. Judge is Robert C. Brack. Defense attorneys are Pete Domenici (son of retired Senator), Paul Rubino and a few others representing the four Reese family members.

The court docket is at the link below. Be sure to scroll down and look at the many pages of legal events that have occurred and keep in mind that the Reese’s are in jail and assets are confiscated by the feds. Mrs. Terri Reese was recently released on bail. The Reese’s legal defense would be VERY expensive.

Transcripts are here for Grand Jury Indictment and the pretrial hearings:

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