Antony Blinken Should Have Never Been Let Near the State Department

by Rob and Andrew | May 4, 2023

The late John McCain, Senator from Arizona, once said that Tony Blinken, who is the current Secretary of State for Joe Biden, should not be let near the State Department. To be exact, McCain said in 2014, “Mr. Antony ‘Tony’ Blinken, who is not only unqualified but, in fact, in my view, one of the worst selections of a very bad lot that this president (Barack Obama) has chosen.”

In 2015 Blinken was confirmed for the post. Now some eight years later, it has become clear why McCain made those comments. Blinken is one of the most corrupt and failed individuals to hold the position of Secretary of State since Hillary Clinton.

As the Secretary of State, Blinken has advised Biden on several failures. The first was the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US war with Russia via way of Ukraine, an emboldened China with spy balloons flying over America, and threats to Taiwan. The United States has been made weak and lost so much ground with Blinken being at the State Department. Instead of promoting an agenda of America first, he has been pushing an agenda that there is nothing special about America.

The most damning thing about Blinken is that he has been fingered as the person who helped suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

According to recent reports, former CIA chief Mike Morrell admitted under oath to the House Judiciary Committee, in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop and his role in using his father’s office as a pay-to-play money scheme, that Blinken was behind getting 51 former intelligent officers to sign a letter discrediting the laptop as Russia disinformation. He was able to do this because of his proximity to the Bidens.

After leaving the Obama White House in 2016, Blinken worked for former Vice President Biden and his many foundations. This also included advising Hunter and his questionable LLCs. Blinken would have first-hand knowledge of the laptop and other business dealings of the Biden Family.

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