“All-the-Above” Energy Policy Is a Compromise That Reverses Human and Environmental Progress

by Dr. Indur Goklany | Dec. 9, 2022

“The Net Zero energy policy pursued by the current administration [in the USA and most nations] would essentially, sooner or later, phase out fossil fuels. That would roll back much of the progress America and the world has witnessed since the 19th century in economic and human well-being while increasing pressures on the rest of nature.”

“An alternative, embraced by many conservatives, is the “all-the-above” (ATA) policy. This approach preserves the option of using fossil fuels but with strict limitations that, however, are not founded on empirical science. Moreover, ATA would hamstring economic growth, increase the cost of living, and particularly hurt those on the lower economic rungs. We all would be poorer.”

New power plants using fossil fuels would have to employ technologies to capture CO2 emissions, perhaps convert them, if necessary, to other forms, and store them in stable geological formations or use them in commercial products.  To date, however, there have been no successful demonstrations that such technologies, while technically feasible, are economically viable at the scale needed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Neither has it been established that reducing atmospheric CO2 would be desirable when the gas contributes significantly to crop production in a still-growing but hungry world and to preserving habitat and ecosystem health. Equally important, imposing limits on fossil fuels that go beyond today’s best practices is not underpinned by science.

The fundamental problem with the ATA approach is that it accepts claims that CO2 is an existential problem when there is no empirical corroboration of warmists’ apocalyptic narrative.[1] 

Full paper here: https://climatecite.com/all-the-above-energy-policy-is-a-compromise-that-reverses-human-and-environmental-progress/

Originally published at Human Events, December 8, 2022

Also published at CO2 Coalition: https://co2coalition.org/2022/12/09/all-the-above-energy-policy-is-a-compromise-that-reverses-human-and-environmental-progress/

Indur M. Goklany, PhD short biography and his personal website is here: http://goklany.org/

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3 Responses to “All-the-Above” Energy Policy Is a Compromise That Reverses Human and Environmental Progress

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  2. petroalbion says:

    Net zero is being chased by most western, nations, China, India, Indonesia, Brasil, Middle East, Russia are not doing this – that’s a very large part of the emissions are not opting out?

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