Dad says FEMA tried to bribe him after teen son’s post-vaccine death

Ernest Ramirez on how FEMA tried to coerce him to change the cause of death for his son after his son died from the Pfizer vaccine.

16-year-old Ernesto Ramirez died of an enlarged heart five days after the jab, according to his autopsy which showed his heart was double the normal size. This story documents a father’s struggle for answers and justice. My exclusive report:

Following the death of his son, Ramirez decided to raise awareness around the issue. So he launched a GoFundMe page—but soon found his page deleted for “prohibited conduct” and his donations forfeited.

“Let me clear one thing up I am not telling anyone what to do you are all grown people all old enough to make up your own mind I’m just trying to tell people what happened to me and my son CDC put out a report saying that the vaccine effected about 60% of the teenage children.” — Ernest Ramirez

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