The plan to take over your mind, money, property and rights

Only days after being re-elected, the government of French President Macron announces a national digital ID on cell phones “for granting access to both public and private services.” The Great Reset is alive and well in France.

  • Issue: May 1, 2022

Macron introduces Digital ID scheme for public and private sector services

Major new proposals for France, just days after the election.


Days after French President Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed the formation of a digital ID system, dubbed the “Digital Identity Guarantee Service.”

France announced the new system will operate via a smartphone and will be called “Service de garantie de l’identité numérique” (SGIN) (“Digital Identity Guarantee Service”).

The app will be an extension of the electronic Carte Nationale d’Identité (CNIe) and will authenticate a person’s identity for granting access to both public and private sector services.

Under the proposals, a smartphone’s NFC reader will scan citizens’ biometric identity cards.

The move sparked outrage, including from the leader of opposition party Les Patriotes Florian Philippot, who called on voters to reject the idea.

“Just after the election, the government announces the launch of ‘a digital identity application’!” Philippot said.

“The goal: to put social credit in the Chinese way. Control and surveillance company!

“Let’s totally reject this application and fight by any means!”

The plans to introduce the digital ID might not work if Macron’s party loses the majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections in June.

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4 Responses to The plan to take over your mind, money, property and rights

  1. Sunface says:

    These drunkards need to be put away for a long time IMO. One struggles to believe their is such evil intent in some of our species.

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  2. Larry Bryan says:

    I think the digital control train has left or is about to leave the station. The power and control offered by digital technology is just too tempting for the politicians to ignore. Governments will also not allow cryptocurrency to gain too much traction because governments will issue their own crypto currencies and they will be the only ones that are recognized and legal.

    🌴Aloha, Larry



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