Black Lives Matter’s True Colors

The malicious, self-serving criminal agendas of a racial hoax. Mon Feb 28, 2022

David Horowitz

Read David’s article at the above link. My additional comments are below.

Now that we know that the money raised to support Black Lives Matter (BLM) ended up in the pockets and real estate purchases of the Marxists BLM leaders who violently burned and sacked American cities for 6 months, not helping black communities or stopping crimes against blacks.

Now that we know that the policeman who was very graphically depicted over and over in mainstream media and politics with a knee on the neck of George Floyd in fact did NOT have his knee on Floyd’s neck, and did not kill Floyd, and the local police chief reversed his conclusion after being shown shown in court a different angle video proof and acknowledged the righteous action by the policeman during the trial of the policeman, and that coroners reported George Floyd had three times the lethal dose of the drug fentanyl in his blood, but … the policeman was convicted anyway.

And we have seen Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer and the rest of the despicable, Democrat Marxist party of America taking a knee in support of BLM… yes, most of us see their true colors.

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But there are others to be held responsible and deserving of your indignation. Here is my reminder: Here are the 250+ corporations who funded Black Lives Matter’s Marxist violence and deaths.

Those companies and executives have blood on their hands as do American Democrat Marxist politicians. At least 25 Americans were killed in those violent protests according to the Guardian and The New York post reported on June 8, citing U.S. Justice Department, that more than 700 law enforcement officers were injured on the job during nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death.

It is past time for corporate boards, shareholders, regulators and Congress to call companies and executives onto the carpet and demand redress, reparations and in some cases prosecutions. Believing what they saw on CNN, etc. is no excuse. These companies, executives are culpable and responsible in real crimes. They and the Democrat Marxists in Congress, governors and mayors have financially supported a violent, deadly and expensive insurrection in the months before a U.S. presidential and general election. And some may have been involved in planning and instigating these crimes.

Where are the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA, Homeland Security? Taxpayers pay them. Americans want to know and deserve to know who instigated and planned this real, deadly insurrection against a political opponent and America.


Full disclosure: I have contributed to the David Horowitz Freedom Center for years. Join me.

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