Mandatory Masks Are in Violation of the Nuremberg Principles


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Mandatory Masks Are in Violation of the Nuremberg Principles
Are Mandatory Masks “OSHA”-Approved? – Fact-Based Comments by Attorney Leigh Dundas with Federal Labor Law/Real World Experience

Please get some perspective on what you have unwittingly or willfully consented to, and set in motion, especially concerning elders, the disabled, children and workers — before this gets totally out of control. And not just concerning continuing “mask hysteria”, but the continuing demolition of small businesses, our communities, and of all of our lives as well.

Perhaps an overview reading of summary of the Nuremberg trials is in order, with the excerpt below from Wikipedia:

The definition of what constitutes a war crime is described by the Nuremberg principles, a set of international legal guidelines created as a result of those trials. The horrific medical experiments conducted by German doctors and prosecuted in the so-called Doctors’ Trial led to the creation of…

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