DARPA’s Pandemic-Related Programs (we are government and we are here to commercialize.)

DARPA’s Pandemic-Related Programs

Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress

June 30, 2020

About budbromley

Bud is a retired life sciences executive. Bud's entrepreneurial leadership exceeded three decades. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of analytical and life sciences instrumentation, software, consumables and service. Prior to those positions, his 19 year career in Hewlett-Packard Company's Analytical Products Group included worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Bioscience Products, Global Accounts and the International Olympic Committee, as well as international management assignments based in Japan and Latin America. Bud has visited and worked in more than 65 countries and lived and worked in 3 countries.
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3 Responses to DARPA’s Pandemic-Related Programs (we are government and we are here to commercialize.)

  1. Sunface says:

    I suppose anything can we written in a paper and then sent to the lads in “congress” that will eat any apple given to them as long as its red as in alarm.
    That document was a please for continued funding under the guise of fear.
    Common sense tell us that this so-called Bio-Weapon if it is true is useless as over 99.5% of people will survive it.
    The biggest effect has been the psychological one. Crickey, so many have said it is a hoax and yet people want vaccinations and salvation from Government.


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