Don’t miss this covid punchline

US Representative Jim Jordan (R, Ohio) questions Dr. Marty Makary, M.D., Masters in Public Health, surgeon, Professor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. (Video below)

Dr. Makary, what’s the budget at the CDC do you know what that is?

Dr. Marty Makary: It’s about $9 billion sir.

Jordan: How about at NIAID what’s the budget there?

Makary: 6 billion there.

Jordan: What about NIH, what’s the budget there?

Makary: Between 42 and 43 or 43 billion.

Jordan: That’s like $57, 58 billion, that’s annual right?

Makary: Annual.

Jordan: Do you know how many people work at CDC?

Makary: 31,000 people between CDC and NIH.

Jordan: 31,000 people spending $58 billion a year. Why hasn’t our government done a study on natural immunity?

Makary: If I can be honest representative Jordan I don’t think they want to know the answer it would undermine the indiscriminate Vaccine vaccination policy for every single human being including extremely low-risk people.

Jordan: I saw in your opening statement that you’re actually doing a study on natural immunity is that right?

Makary: That’s right. With Private funding Johns Hopkins my research team is doing a study.

Jordan: Other countries have done this study, Is that correct?

Makary: Most of our learnings come from Israel in other countries, yes sir. The Israel study is the largest study done worldwide and it found that natural immunity adjusted for age and comorbidity is 27 times more effective than vaccinated immunity.

Jordan: The scientists in our government at the at CDC and NIH they don’t account for that, they don’t talk about that, What do they say about that study?

Makary: They never talk about it unless I asked but I would say that they are doing worse than being absent on the topic they are undermining natural immunity through two studies that the CDC did that are so flawed That are so poorly put together honestly they would not qualify for a seventh grade science fair.

Jordan: We can spend money some of that 58 billion resources at NIH and CDC can be used to find gain of function research and give a grant to EcoHealth who then send some of that money to a lab in Wuhan China that just fine but we can’t find any resources to deal with a fundamental question about natural immunity so much so that you have to go in to do it yourself. It’s either they know the answer and don’t want the American people to know, or they do know the answer and are trying to hide it.

The video continues beyond this transcript a bit.

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