No time to rejoice

Ian Weinberg

Ian Weinberg • Neurosurgeon and Neuromodulator at Triangles Model Applications (TMA) Academy No time to rejoice

With inadequately researched products they were permitted to come to market. They claimed that the vaccines would put an end to illness and death and indeed to the entire pandemic. They also claimed that the immune complexes that resulted from the jab would remain fixed to the cell membranes at the injection site. But lo … it was not to be.

A recently published Swedish study reveals that at 6 months following the jab the protection is less than 50%. But more concerning was that at 6 months and beyond there was no longer a statistically significant  difference in severe illness and death when comparing the vaxed and the unvaxed.

Then an ominous finding. Another Swedish study revealed that the spike protein suppresses nuclear-based P53. This is the chemical that corrects all abnormal DNA splicing. If not corrected, specifically in cell division, we get abnormal genetic products which give rise to compromised adaptive immunity and a predisposition to cancer.

So the way I see things is that we have a gain-of-function Corona virus that inflicts it’s ills upon us through the affixed spike protein; that the vaccines further inoculate us with spike proteins which don’t remain fixed to the cell membranes at the jab site but shower the entire body for up to 13 days after jabbing; that the spikes inflict vascular damage, cardiac damage, neurological damage and more; that future adverse consequences are now a distinct possibility; that there is no difference in the viral loads and spread in the vaxed versus the unvaxed; that the morbidity from the vax in kids is greater than from the Covid illness; that natural immunity is far superior than vaccines. And finally, there doesn’t appear to be significant protection against severe illness and death beyond 6 months. Not a great return on risk investment. We can only hope that the Powers That Be regain their senses sooner than later for they shall be harshly judged – jointly and severally!

Repair damage
SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro.

Effectiveness of vaccines
Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination Against Risk of Symptomatic Infection, Hospitalization, and Death Up to 9 Months: A Swedish Total-Population Cohort Study by Peter Nordström, Marcel Ballin, Anna Nordström :

Viral load

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