The technological tragedy of vaccines

Over 20 years ago (1), real scientists and doctors, those who were not beholden to pharma companies and other conflicts of interest, knew that leaky vaccines were not a viable prescription for an epidemics in progress. But governments, global corporations, supranational governments (e.g. EU,), NGOs etc., did it anyway. Left to their own devices, the Iron Law of Bureaucracy guarantees these organizations will take precisely the wrong thing for the people they were initially designed to protect. This is how technocracy (or the Technological Society) works…domination of the people is the end result of management technology, one of those technologies being propaganda. Many writers, philosophers, thinkers warned us repeatedly, for example George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Jacques Ellul, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Eric “The True Believer” Hoffer, and many more. But, instead of learning the lesson of “The Tragedy of the Commons” …which is: no one takes responsibility for the shared pasture … people to continue to trust governments, the ultimate shared pasture.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche explains beautifully: PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT POST.

(1) Nature 2001 Dec 13;414(6865):751-6.

doi: 10.1038/414751a.

Imperfect vaccines and the evolution of pathogen virulence

S Gandon  1 M J MackinnonS NeeA F Read

Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 3JT, UK.


Vaccines rarely provide full protection from disease. Nevertheless, partially effective (imperfect) vaccines may be used to protect both individuals and whole populations. We studied the potential impact of different types of imperfect vaccines on the evolution of pathogen virulence (induced host mortality) and the consequences for public health. Here we show that vaccines designed to reduce pathogen growth rate and/or toxicity diminish selection against virulent pathogens. The subsequent evolution leads to higher levels of intrinsic virulence and hence to more severe disease in unvaccinated individuals. This evolution can erode any population-wide benefits such that overall mortality rates are unaffected, or even increase, with the level of vaccination coverage. In contrast, infection-blocking vaccines induce no such effects, and can even select for lower virulence. These findings have policy implications for the development and use of vaccines that are not expected to provide full immunity, such as candidate vaccines for malaria.

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Bud is a retired life sciences executive. Bud's entrepreneurial leadership exceeded three decades. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of analytical and life sciences instrumentation, software, consumables and service. Prior to those positions, his 19 year career in Hewlett-Packard Company's Analytical Products Group included worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Bioscience Products, Global Accounts and the International Olympic Committee, as well as international management assignments based in Japan and Latin America. Bud has visited and worked in more than 65 countries and lived and worked in 3 countries.
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