How 1960’s “Flower Children” became Great Resetters

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Unfortunately, many born of the Age of Aquarius, the peace and love generation, the Flower Children, are leading the Great Reset, the enslavement of humanity to global governance, collectivism as described by Ayn Rand, and The Technological Society as described by Jacques Ellul.

In the following very short video, Jacques Ellul describes the difficulty of responsibility in The Technological Society

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You can download for free The Technological Society as pdf, Kindle, e-book, full text at this link:

Review: “This is undoubtedly one of the most important books of the twentieth century, and if you accept its thesis you won’t be able to look at the political milieu in the same way ever again. (If you agree with it and it doesn’t change the way you look at things, you haven’t grasped its importance.) Most political theorists take ideology to be a central point from which “real world” consequences emanate. In other words, a Communist or libertarian ideology in practical use will produce a particular type society and individual divorced from the actual technical workings of the society. Liberals and conservatives both speak of things in such a manner as if ideology is the prima facie cause of existence – but as Ellul shows in painstaking detail, this is wrong. What almost everyone fails to grasp is the pernicious effect of technique (and its offspring, technology) on modern man.”

“Technique can loosely be defined as the entire mass of organization and technology that has maximum efficiency as its goal. Ellul shows that technique possesses an impetus all its own and exerts similar effects on human society no matter what the official ideology of the society in question is. Technique, with its never-ending quest for maximum efficiency, tends to slowly drown out human concerns as it progresses towards its ultimate goal. “…the further economic technique develops, the more it makes real the abstract concept of economic man.” (p. 219) Technique does not confine itself merely to the realm of technical production, but infiltrates every aspect of human existence, and has no time for “inefficiencies” caused by loyalties to family, religion, race, or culture; a society of dumbed-down consumers is absolutely essential to the technological society, which must contain predictable “demographics” in order to ensure the necessary financial returns. “The only thing that matters technically is yield, production. This is the law of technique; this yield can only be obtained by the total mobilization of human beings, body and soul, and this implies the exploitation of all human psychic forces.” (p. 324).”

Of Ellul’s many books and essays, three were most influential to my understanding of the transformation of humanity that began with WWII into global collectivism (socialism/communism/dominance by government) which is now openly supported by global elites, banks and other corporations, and governments. First The Technological Society, and second Propaganda: the formation of men’s attitudes, and third, the short book The Theological Foundation of Law. These enable consolidation of Ayn Rand’s objectivism, which many incorrectly call secularism but in fact is very different from moral relativism, with Christianity and moralism, exemplified by Jacques Ellul. The result for me was justification of individual liberty and limited government as originally described in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, but practiced in name only by the U.S. government during my 72 years.

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