The woke disease

“Wokeness” is now institutionalized in most American companies and all of government. It is corruption of our culture and everything most Americans learned if you were born before 1960. We are all in great danger.

To use an analogy common to the stock market, when your taxi driver starts giving you stock tips, then prepare for a crash. Here in Hawaii, my gardener, waiters in restaurants, the checkout cashier at Costco, etc are all complaining about corruption and what do we do about it. This is the bluest of blue states…there are only 6 Republicans in the entire government. This state government like many others is bankrupt, morally, financially. philosophically, and they do not know how to recover so they are making it worse and many government workers would be offended if that truth were told to them, even though they know the truth. This is political correctness at work.

Things will be getting worse so long as we have the fake president and VP in office.  Every action they take makes things worse. For example, the fake Biden administration’s energy policy is shutting down America’s shale oil and gas industry. The Trump administration encouraged that industry which has made the U.S. energy independent for the first time in decades and reduced the outpouring of U.S. wealth to pay for its energy. It is not just anger.  It is their intention. They intend to bring America to its knees and make us beg for more government.

The woke disease is about to be institutionalized by federal law. Attorney J. Christian Adams, President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and founder of the Election Law Center, noted:

“H.R.1 packs into one 791-page bill every bad idea about how to run elections and mandates that the states must adopt — the very things that made the election of 2020 such a mess. It includes all of the greatest hits of 2020: Mandatory mail ballots, ballots without postmarks, late ballots and voting in precincts where you don’t live.”

The entire envelop of emotions is in play in this struggle between patriotic mainstream Americans and government on both sides of the isle and the bureaucracy that is “fundamentally transforming” America.  Sales of guns and ammo are climbing.  Crime is increasing.  Most Americans have lost confidence in government at all levels and that is rapidly worsening.  Everyone knows there is in practice one set a laws, accountability and responsibility for the political class and their cronies, and a different and more strictly confining and rapidly growing set of laws and executive orders for everyone else, and everyone else is a super majority of Americans. Everyone knows there is massive corruption everywhere in government. And, this is the foundation of revolution, every revolution. 

Science was slaughtered by the global warming fraud and now it is being slaughtered by the fake pandemic.  The virus is not fake; the danger is fake and over-hyped. This will continue for years because millions were indoctrinated by “educators” into “wokeness” which is the opposite of being awakened.  The late philosopher Allan Bloom details how this happened in his book The Closing of the American Mind Dr. Bloom was not a right wing conspirator, but a lifetime professor, a professed liberal and gay man.

The billionaire French CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, warns or prepares his market SARS-COV-2 will “Stay With Humans Forever.” I believe SARS-Cov-2 is going to stay with humans forever. We’re going to have to have boosts adapted to a virus, like we have for flu. It’s the same thing, they are both mRNA viruses, and we’re going to have to live with it forever.” Get your snake oil while you can.

As of today, the U.S. federal FDA database of adverse events reports 966 deaths in the U.S. following vaccination for COVID-19.  Some, like healthy medical doctors and major league baseball player and hero Hank Aaron thought they were doing a good deed, setting an example, and publicizing their injection.  Hank died shortly after his injection.  Although all adverse events are required to be reported, there are reports that about 90% of adverse drug events are not reported in this database. Perhaps coincidentally, Fauci now says the “vaccine” supply will be “dramatically increased” in the weeks ahead.

Is Fausti a good nickname?

Corporations are also infected with the woke disease. Media corporations and Big Tech are terminally ill. Previous posts on my blog here and on Linked-In have questioned boards of directors for allowing their companies and CEOs, more than 200 of them, for supporting BLM, antifa, etc. These CEOs and companies are supporting self-professed, trained communist instigators who have burned down businesses and neighborhoods in towns across America, and killed people, mostly in towns run by Democrats because the instigators know they will not be held accountable. In fact, the tramp who pretends to be Vice President of the United States reportedly worked to raise money for legal defense and bail for the few BLM/antifa criminals who were arrested after their summer of violent rampage and she said they would not and should not stop.

My previous post is a re-blog of Daniel Greenfield’s recent article on the “wokeness” of Coke…Coke being only an example of the above mentioned 200 U.S. “woke” corporations.

You may find the video interview at the link below interesting. This is Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine Austin Fitts (born 24 December 1950) is a former American investment banker and former federal public official who served as managing director of investment banker Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large scale instances of government fraud. Her website boldly informs the world about the tribulations ahead.

The Great Reset is upon us.

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Bud is a retired life sciences executive. Bud's entrepreneurial leadership exceeded three decades. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of analytical and life sciences instrumentation, software, consumables and service. Prior to those positions, his 19 year career in Hewlett-Packard Company's Analytical Products Group included worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Bioscience Products, Global Accounts and the International Olympic Committee, as well as international management assignments based in Japan and Latin America. Bud has visited and worked in more than 65 countries and lived and worked in 3 countries.
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