Intelligence analyst Thomas Wictor: ‘Trump is building up to a Perry Mason moment’

Intelligence analyst Thomas Wictor: ‘This gives us the opportunity to see the most brilliant counterattack in American history.’

Intelligence analyst Thomas Wictor believes the presidential election is not yet over. “In police interrogations and in courts you have what’s called ‘the Perry Mason moment’. Those are very rare; they do happen occasionally, but they’re very rare.

“The Perry Mason moment is extremely common in police interrogations. What they do is, when you are interrogated by the police, they get you to commit to a narrative.

“Everybody who hates Trump is now committed to a narrative: ‘There was no mail-in voting fraud. Trump wanted that to happen. And then what they do in the police interrogations is, after you’ve committed to the narrative, then they spring their evidence on you, and you have to explain it; that’s a Perry Mason moment.

“The Trump strategy, the counterattack that I mentioned in an earlier video, is like all good counterattacks – you get the enemy to completely commit.”

“The Trump counterattack will blow your mind”:

And below is Wictor’s slide presentation, 18 slides, on the paths to victory:

Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to Intelligence analyst Thomas Wictor: ‘Trump is building up to a Perry Mason moment’

  1. Thomas Wictor is a fraud. He has not posted a video in almost two weeks. He saw that it was over and realized what a fool he was. He banned and shit on those followers who were pessimistic and had given up. They were right and he was wrong. Now he is nowhere to be seen on Youtube.


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