Kamala Family, Slave Owners (on the Vortex Channel)

Kamala Family, Slave Owners

On The Vortex channel

https://www.bitchute.com/video/MeCQeorcCoBv/ or on YouTube

P.S. Probably all of us have slaves or slave owners in out ancestry as well as those who fought and died to rid the world of slavery and slave owners.  I have all of the above.  But then I am not using identity politics to further my career such as is being done by Kamala and the Democratic Party.

In my opinion, Kamala’s unforgivable acts are her track record in the U.S Senate as a first term Senator and her track record as Attorney General for the State of California. These are not artifacts of ancient history, but actions in the last few years.

Most normal people work harder when they get a new job. Freshman Senator Kamala Harris, according to govtrack.us “missed 271 of 1,184 roll call votes, which is 22.9%. This is much worse than the median of 1.7% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.” https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/kamala_harris/412678

As Attorney General, Kamala Harris argued in court that government prosecutors could invent evidence and lie against a defendant in court, and do anything except physically harm the defendant. This is the stuff of tyrants such as Stalin, Hitler, Pinochet, and KGB…and of the FBI, DOJ and presidential administration of Barack Obama. Americans do not want such twisted people in their government.

California Prosecutor Falsifies Transcript of Confession

Court of Appeal slams Attorney General Kamala Harris again

By Sidney Powell • 03/04/15 1:04pm https://observer.com/2015/03/california-prosecutor-falsifies-transcript-of-confession/

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