The end of BLM

“Seattle BLM protesters march through residential neighborhoods and demand white people give up their homes.

“Give up your house. Give Black people back their homes.” “what are you going to do about it? Open up your wallets.”

“You’re sitting there comfortably — comfortable as f—k as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood! I used to live in this neighborhood, and my family was pushed out, and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends!”

A second clip purportedly shows BLM demonstrators and Antifa members calling for white people to “get the f–k out” as others in the crowd call for reparations.

“Give us our s–t back!” one man yells.”

77 consecutive nights of rioting, looting, protesting, and things are getting more insane and out of control by the day, ladies and gentlemen.

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Yih-Chau Chang

Yih-Chau Chang • 2nd Press Secretary at Responsible Citizens of California/Executive Performance, Culture Am

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