The 4th Amendment? Will Trump bring it back?

Sometimes information is revealed which the government and globalist oligarchy want to keep out of the press. This is one of those things. Read the short local news article at this link first. Then read the rest of this post.

When you connect a cell phone to a phone service provider, by law, the provider must have in person identification of the owner of that phone and linked that to the unique MAC address for that piece of hardware. This is done so they can track the phone, which usually means track the user since most people carry their phones with them. This is one reason it is so easy to transfer your phone number from one cell phone to another; the phone provider does not have to re-identify you in person. (Isn’t is amazing how the technocracy works so efficiently when they want it to?)

However, if you recall when you first got that cell phone number, they took your photo. Disclosure of this system is the reason Edward Snowden and his wife were exiled in Russia. Since Trump and his team are a victim of abuse of this system, will he act to fix it?  Will the Supreme Court find some balls, do its duty?

Today, the government is tracking compliance with its Covid-19 lockdown by requiring cell phone companies to report cell phone locations and movements during the lockdown. But as the coup against Trump and America unwinds, we see how the government uses its massive intel operation to control people, not only Americans but worldwide.  Germany’s Chancellor Merkel was also a victim.

They don’t just know your cell phone number and its location and have your photo, in fact they are storing every electronic communication you make with anyone or anything, forever.  All of your financial records, communications with your lawyers, with your family tax records, emails, social media, everything.  The coup against Trump and General Flynn reveal how they use this massive intel system against people, even when the person has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide.  In combination with the use of force under color of authority, this is truly how governments (not only the U.S. government) maintain control.

ALL of the information about your life is connected together in a giant database run by the NSA and stored permanently, searchable, and hackable. Theoretically it is “masked” and you cannot be identified without a court order, or so they want you to believe. But, everyone should have learned already – during this coup against candidate and President Trump and members of his campaign and transition team- that unmasking can be done by anyone – for example Susan Rice – who has the right security clearance.  They can unmask anyone and any record from anyone you have contacted…and use that information to destroy you, to destroy political proponents, to coerce you to act against your own interest, as they have tried to do with President Trump, General Flynn, and several others in the Trump campaign and administration. Trump, Flynn, Stone, etc are the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Entrapment and framing are the game of governments worldwide.

Here is Edward Snowden’s first video with Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, whistleblowing on the abuse of this system.  12 minutes.

Your innocence is irrelevant.  If they will go after a POTUS and his intended National Security Advisor with no legal predicate, no crime, imagine what they can do to anyone standing in their way.  Most people do not have the huge amount of money necessary to defend themselves from their government.

The government has been trampling and destroying 4th amendment rights since shortly after 9-11-2001.  Congress has re-authorized the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and other nefarious laws from one year and administration to the next.  Government does not want public attention on this direct infringement of the Bill of Rights.  We have warrantless wiretapping, bulk surveillance on everyone all of the time, on everyone worldwide. This began under President George W Bush shortly after 9-11-2001 and accelerated under President Obama.  It is unknown if President Trump will do anything to stop it, even though he was a victim of it and could again be victimized by it after he leaves office.  Of course governments have excuses about why this is necessary, you know the old story of drug cartels, money laundering, terrorism, racism, etc.

And governments have given telecom and internet companies legal immunity to enable them to share your information with the government.  And in return governments share your information with them “masked” and theoretically only meta-information, which is the timeline of your life.  Citizens have no recourse, no redress, no remedy.

When governments want to do something that is clearly illegal, they merely contract with a prime contractor who contracts with a subcontractor.  In fact, that is how this nefarious spy system was built.

All of the information about Hillary and Bill and their corrupt foundation, and Adam Schiff, Biden, Soros, Pelosi , Weinstein, Epstein, drug dealers, pedophiles, bankers, inside traders, Hollywood deviants etc all of their information is already in the NSA database. Pay attention to who is NOT unmasked, and ask why not? This system is the leverage used to force compliance with the globalist agenda. This is Big Brother.

Maxine Waters probably made deep state intel squirm in this short video:

And now there is an entire generation addicted since before they could read to nearly constant communication with Big Brother and they have no expectation of privacy or what that should mean to them.

Big Brother has us.  Can we break free?

The jury is still out.


U.S. Intelligence State Unmasked

Permanent Record, by Edward Snowden.


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