Dear Senator Schatz

Dear Senator Schatz,

I am responding to your e-letter to me which was your response to my previous e-letter to you. For your reference, your e-letter is copied below.

Why wasn’t Obama impeached? Where were you when the travesties listed here were being done by the Obama administration? There was no investigation of Obama, but there should have been on many issues.

There is today and for the last 3 years a blatant double standard and illegal disruption by Democrats of legal actions by the President Trump. You, sir, are part of that unconstitutional action. Democrats have blocked legitimate actions of the President, such as protecting U.S. borders.

Under Obama, gun running, drone killings, Benghazi, etc. should have been investigated. Obama’s DOJ should have investigated Biden and his son as well as the Clinton Foundation.

Obama himself acknowledged that he did not have the authority in the Constitution, under law, to do things he did, for example DACA.

Obama sent billions in cash to Iran’s tyrants, without approval of Congress, even though no nuke deal was signed by Iran; that was neither an Executive Agreement nor a treaty; it appears to be attempted but failed bribery.

Obama authorized bombing of Libya, but there was never a threat to the U.S., (which means Obama’s action was unconstitutional and illegal). Libya’s president was killed, their gold-based economy was destroyed, thousands of surface-to-air missiles were lost to terrorists, and each one could bring down an airliner. Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice et al lied to the world about Benghazi.  Obama/Hillary funded, trained and armed ISIS to make war on Syria…without Congressional approval.

Obama sent unknown millions of dollars to the UN “Green Climate Fund” in Korea, and promised a billion more, without informing Congress, which had already voted against such funding. The global warming/climate change agenda is a fraud, as I have informed you previously. You, sir, are endorsing fraud of Hawaiians and the American people. There is no scientific evidence that supports the hypothesis that human-produced CO2 causes any measurable warming. The evidence against the fraud and you is right here from the lab on Mauna Loa.

Democrat operatives who visited President Obama and his staff many times, as noted on White House logs, were filmed on undercover video admitting that Democrats have interfered in elections for 50 years, they bussed in voters from other states, they instigated violence at the 2016 Trump/Pence rallies. What have you done about it? Nothing.

Now, as everyone now knows, Obama authorized spying on candidate Trump, and soon enough we will find out that Obama probably authorized Brennan to direct the coup against Trump, a duly elected President.

Meanwhile, Trump has done nothing even remotely close to Obama’s many travesties against the Constitution and the office of the President. In case you or your staff have not noticed, the witnesses in the sham ‘impeachment inquiry’ in the U.S. House testified under oath that they saw or heard no illegal action by President Trump and the current prosecutor in Ukraine, who is also a member of Ukraine’s Parliament, is insisting that Trump and Ukraine’s current President investigate Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Burissma about $7.5 billion. Yet you and your colleagues want to investigate Trump instead of the Bidens.

What have you done Senator? You have worked against the Constitution you swore to protect. You and your staff and colleagues in Congress are encroaching on the Constitutional authority of the executive branch. That is dereliction of your sworn duty. You failed to investigate and prosecute these many illegitimate actions by Obama and his administration. That is dereliction of your sworn duty.


Clare L Bromley



U.S. Senate letterhead

Dear Mr. Bromley,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The process of impeachment requires two distinct proceedings carried out by the separate chambers of Congress as mandated by the Constitution. First, the House of Representatives determines whether to impeach an individual by approving the Articles of Impeachment. If a simple majority of the House passes the Articles of Impeachment, the matter is then presented to the Senate to conduct an impeachment trial. A conviction on the impeachment requires the support of a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

Impeachment is not a proceeding to overturn the results of an election. It is a means of ensuring that law and order is followed by the highest powers in our country. In addition to the constitutional grounds of treason and high crimes, prior impeachments by the Congress have recognized three types of conduct that could constitute grounds for impeachment:

(1) improperly exceeding or abusing the powers of the office;

(2) behavior incompatible with the function and purpose of the office; and

(3) misusing the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain.

I will remain vigilant and will fight against policies and agendas that undermine the founding principles of our government or diminish the fundamental rights that define who we are as a nation. If the House of Representatives pass Articles of Impeachment, I will be ready to act according to the responsibilities of the Senate mandated by the Constitution. Mahalo again for contacting me.



U.S. Senator Brian Schatz


The letter immediately above was sent on November 25, 2019 to Senator Brian Schatz official U.S. Senate website address.  The letter immediately above is also a comment under this article on West Hawaii Today newspaper.

It is also published here on LinkedIn:


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