Democrats burning down their House

You have to read the article at this link. Facts and timeline.

Now, imagine if President Trump takes the stand in an impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, and his defense lawyer asks him some practiced questions for some prepared answers.
On the stand, it is squarely within the President’s authority to de-classify and produce evidence in his defense, for example anything CIA, NSA, FBI has which he wants America, the Senate and the world to hear and know.
At once, he could drain the swamp, pull the drain on decades of corruption. U.S. Marshal’s could be waiting nearby to arrest the perps.
For example, how do members of Congress and people like former President Obama go from $1 million net worth to $100 million net worth in 8 years?
Or, who knew and when did they know that Senator Feinstein’s chaffeur for more than a decade was a Chinese spy?
Or who really did 9-11?
Or, who signed off on running guns to Mexican drug cartels and were any of those guns used to kill the Mormon family in Mexico recently?
How long has the government been spying on U.S. citizens and what information do they hold on all Americans?
Who authorized IRS to spy on and cripple conservatives?
Or, who authorized the myriad connections and money flow between George Soro’s organizations and the U.S. government?
Or, who is being bribed by the drug cartels and child and sex-traffickers?
Or, who ordered Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to be killed and why?
Are Supreme Court Justices being bribed or coerced?
Who was being coerced or extorted by Epstein, why and how?
It is a long list.
How many jail cells are available in federal prisons?
It would be a good thing for the republic to get the truth out.
Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are playing with fire. I wonder if they know that? Or, is their Trump derangement blinding them?
I’m going to buy more popcorn, how about you?
William Blum


About budbromley

Bud is a retired life sciences executive. Bud's entrepreneurial leadership exceeded three decades. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of analytical and life sciences instrumentation, software, consumables and service. Prior to those positions, his 19 year career in Hewlett-Packard Company's Analytical Products Group included worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Bioscience Products, Global Accounts and the International Olympic Committee, as well as international management assignments based in Japan and Latin America. Bud has visited and worked in more than 65 countries and lived and worked in 3 countries.
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