“There is no climate emergency”: petition

The petition by 300 scientists to Emiel Charles Michel, President of the European Council, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission ‘To be appointed’, Head of the European Parliament, as of 22 Sep 2019.

There is no climate emergency

We, the undersigned 300(?) independent Climate Scientists and Professionals from 15(?) Countries, wish to convey five urgent messages to you:

1. Climate change is a fact. The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with naturally-driven cold and warm cycles.

2. After leaving the Little Ice Age around 1870 AD, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a warming-up period. This is fully in line with the natural behavior of the climate system. However, measurements show that the temperature-increase is significantly less than mainstream climate models predict.

3. There exists no proof that anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are the principal cause of global warming. On the contrary, latest insights confirm that more CO2 has only a modest influence on climate but it is hugely beneficial for agriculture, forestry, and for the photosynthesis that is the basis of life on Earth.

4. Moreover, there is no scientific evidence that increasing CO2 levels have an enhancing effect on natural disasters. Quite the reverse, there are many indications that most CO2-reduction measures have a devastating effect on wildlife, land use and economic development.

5. Energy policy must be based on scientific and economic realities.  We argue strongly against a harmful and unrealistic “2050-carbon-neutral policy”. There is no climate emergency and therefore no cause for panic and alarm. If superior approaches emerge, we will have ample time to reflect and transition. Our aim should always be reliable and affordable energy at all times

With respect to a well thought-out future, we advise European leaders that science should aim at a significantly better understanding of the climate system and that politics should focus on minimizing damage by giving priority to effective adaptation strategies to extreme weather events.

We also recommend that European leaders make a clear difference in their policy between the Earth’s environment and the Earth’s climate. Taking good care of our environment is a matter of good stewardship. Climate change, however, is primarily caused by a complex combination of natural phenomena we cannot control.

Promotors of the Declaration

  • Professor Guus Berkhout         (The Netherlands)
  • Professor Richard Lindzen       (USA)
  • Professor Alberto Prestininzi  (Italy)
  • Jim O’Brien                                     (Republic of Ireland)
  • Professor Fritz Vahrenholt        (Germany)

Petition and signers (so far) here:

european-petition 22 Sep 2019    (pdf)

https://klimatsans.com/2019/07/28/no-climate-emergency/  (online petition)


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