Money for nothing

A one square meter flat object at the interface between earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Right. And that object is a perfectly reflective black body radiator. So, ideally, you are building a computer model of how that works. TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) is total computer hypothesis. However, the problem is entirely different, so of course the answer is entirely different.

What’s the point of making any hypothesis which cannot be tested?

There is only one answer to that question.

No one can measure that one square meter object floating/suspended in space-time…ever…cannot be measured with current technology.  More science needed.  It’s an untestable computer model. And we have spent billions of dollars to build that computer model.

What we could have done with that money is research on making fusion a viable energy alternative.

We could have built seawater desalinization plants powered by nuclear power plants, all known technology available to public and private uses.

We could make geothermal energy reliable and profitable.

Instead we invested billions of dollars into computer programs which are asking the wrong questions.


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Life sciences executive, retired
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