How many must die?

Sent by email to each of my Senators and Representative using their official website on January 10, 2019

Dear Representative, Dear Senators;

Protect American citizens and America’s culture. Protect the border. Build the wall now. Reduce immigration. End chain migration and birthright citizenship. Require e-verify nationwide. Vet all refugees and immigrants or else do not allow entry into the country. Require the U.S. Census to record and count resident status of all people in the United States. End sanctuary cities, counties, states. End welfare and tax credits for illegal aliens. Deport illegal aliens. Create a temporary work visa program for the United States which requires all non-citizen workers to be identified, and to pay federal and other applicable taxes. Get it done or else give up your seat to someone who will do their duty.

Stop playing politics with national security and immigration. Congress is derelict of sworn responsibility. We can see and you can see the total failure of open borders and multiculturalism in Europe and elsewhere. Americans do not want that violence and crime here. Do your job and protect our nation!


Clare L. Bromley, III

About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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