Voting for socialists?

Data for the socialists elected to U.S. Congress and those who elected them, as well those as in Canada and the EU.
“Official Soviet [Union] statistics released during glasnost indicate that following seventy years of socialist development, 40 percent of the Soviet population and 79 percent of its older citizens live in poverty. Of course, judged by the standards of “exploitive” capitalist systems, the entire Soviet people live in a state of poverty. The Soviet Union’s per capita income is estimated by Soviet economists as about one seventh that of the United States, more or less on a par with Communist China. [1989] In the Soviet Union in 1989, there was a rationing of meat and sugar – in peacetime. The rations revealed that the average intake of red meat for a Soviet citizen was half of what it had been for a subject of the czar in 1913 [the czar which their socialist revolution had overthrown!] At the same time, a vast supermarket of fruits, vegetables, and household goods, available to most humble inhabitant of a capitalist economy, was permanently out of reach for the people of the socialist state. Indeed, one of the principal demands of a Siberian miner’s strike in 1989 was for an item as mundane and basic to a sense of wellbeing as a bar of soap. In a land of expansive virgin forests, there was a toilet paper shortage. In an industrial country with one of the harshest and coldests climates in the world, two thirds of the households had no hot water, and a third had no running water at all.”
“After sixty years of socialist industrialization, the Soviet Union’s per capita output of nonmilitary goods and services placed it somewhere between fiftieth and sixtieth among the nations of the world.” …”For years the left had decried the collusion between corporate and military in the capitalist West. But all that time the entire socialist economy was little more than one giant military-industrial complex. Military investment absorbed 25 percent of the Soviet gross product (compared to only 6 percent in the United States), and military technology provided the only product competitive for export.”
“Yet, the socialist redistribution of wealth had produced neither equity nor justice, but scarcity and waste instead.”…”And so, half a century after ten million people had been sacrificed to ‘socialize the countryside,’ those who had expropriated the land were ready to give it back.”
“The road to nowhere had become a detour. (Soviet joke: ‘What is socialism? The longest road from capitalism to capitalism.’) Now the Soviet rulers themselves had begun to say that it had all been a horrible “Mistake.” Socialism did not work. Not even for them.”
by David Horowitz, reformed communist. In his book Left Illusions, in the chapter The Road to Nowhere. Also found in The Politics of Bad Faith (1998). An abridged version was first published in the December 1990 issue of Commentary under the title “Socialism: Guilty as Charged.”

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