Stop the wind turbines!

This Swiss example may give you ideas to combat climate madness in your town. This is an artist’s depiction of what the Linth region in Switzerland would look like by 2040 if proposed wind projects were approved. (Image: Linth Gegenwind.)
Swiss Linthebene
Sanity appears to have returned. Proposed wind turbines in Switzerland’s Linth region and other regions have been rejected by local communities. Parts of Switzerland want no part of blighting their landscape in the name of environmental protection. On November 6, up to 5 controversial wind turbines, which had been planned to be erected in the middle of a “densely residential area”, in Linth were rejected on the grounds they would lead to “landscape blighting”. Got that? “Landscape blighting.” Local government councilman Kaspar Becker concludes: “We have come to the conclusion that it is not necessarily clever to pursue such things in densely populated areas.”
Also local Swiss news (Appenzell24) reported that the proposed Honegg-Oberfeld wind park was outright rejected. “On November 6, 2018, the local commission decided against the Honegg-Oberfeld district as a wind power location. Thus no wind farm can be built there.”
Wind energy protest organization Linth Gegenwind writes at its website, “The reason is, above all, protection of the landscape. During the consultation process there were 60 in favor and 500 against the planned wind farm. Opponents also include Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St. Gallen, the state of Vorarlberg and the community presidents’ conference Ausserrhoden.”
The amount of online discussion is massive. It’s the Swiss against the EU global madness. Here’s a taste:
“There are over 30,000 turbines in Germany and only a handful in Switzerland…Geschichte wiederholt sich – history repeats itself and has done so this time, as unlike Switzerland with its bottom up strong democratic system, the rest of the EU, and particularly those countries which now demonstrate a considerable number of turbines, are weak democracies. In which central planning behind closed doors results in targets being set without assessment or public participation in decision-making and then one by one the projects are rapidly rammed into the landscape. Nobody has a clue what they are actually to achieve, other than a politically agreed target agreed by a limited number of so called decision makers operating behind closed doors. It was never worked out what in advance what was to be built, where it was to be built, what it was to cost, what were to be the benefits, what were the alternatives, what were to be the controls, etc. For those who are mushrooms and believe in what what is fed to you, that is fine, but don’t start asking questions and investigating, as all you will find are delusions and gross illegalities.” …”how completely unacceptable the double standards of the EU and its Member States were; there was one law for everybody and not special arrangements for the EU in breach of its International Treaty arrangements. Neither do I see as an EU citizen (or more to the point – economic unit), why I should have to witness Norwegian and Swiss Government officials fight for my rights, which I am entitled to in the first place by law.” ~ Pat Swords.
Powerful words Pat. God speed!

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