Their life was a cabaret

A teenager, I built my own stereo and speakers from scratch and was among the first to compress audio and video for storage and playback on computers. In the early days, the computer to compress a 30 second video was larger than a refrigerator and took all day, and was expensive. I produced early videos and animations for use by my sales and service teams and collected for fun. Today, my movie and music collection is getting smaller. The arrogance of performers is destroying their talent and their following. Like poets, writers and celebrity of previous revolutions, useful idiots, as Lenin called them, will eventually be destroyed by the same radicals they now support. Meanwhile, they will get no more from me.  Good riddance De Niro, Streisand, et al. Unable to control your arrogance, failing to recognize political fantasy, you destroyed your cabaret.

About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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