Actions have consequences

Actions have consequences: IF Dr. Ford’s so far factless story cannot be corroborated, and IF Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed to SCOTUS, or worse if Kavanaugh’s career at the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in D.C. is harmed or ended, doubtless there will be a civil case of slander and libel brought against Dr. Ford. The case will reach a quick verdict. The case will be heard under the laws of trial by jury, rather than an attempted public lynching by leftist political hacks. Dr. Ford’s assets and future income will be awarded to Judge Kavanaugh and his family. Dr. Ford will have destroyed her life and her family’s life. In addition to injuries to Judge Kavanaugh, in the eyes of a judge and jury, Dr. Ford will have caused traumatic injuries to Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters which in the eyes of a real jury will exceed by far any alleged damage done to teenage Dr. Ford. In Dr. Ford’s words, she was more concerned about telling her parents she was drinking alcohol at a party, and whatever she alleges happened to her was not significant enough to warn her girl friends at the party. Dr. Ford’s lawyers and political hacks probably neglected to advise her of these likely consequences. Dr. Ford has one week to come up with verifiable facts. The lady prosecutor who questioned Ford said there was not enough evidence to obtain a search warrant.

P.S. Note the lady prosecutor who questioned Dr. Ford said there was not enough evidence to obtain search warrant.

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