The threat to America’s future

“Unholy Alliance was the first book to trace the evolution of American radicalism from its support for the Soviet bloc to its opposition to the War on Terror; and to explain how the left and Islamists movements share a common mindset that creates a bond between them. Both ideologies are utopian enterprises that require the suppression of dissent and/or the eradication of the opposition to achieve their vision of paradise on earth – the classless utopia for the left, and the sharia utopia for the Islamists. For the left, America is the hated seat of global capitalism and individualism.  For Islamists, America is the hated seat of Western values, a bulwark against the global domination of Islam and a wellspring of spiritual iniquity.  Consequently, both of these destructive movements have a shared conception of, and contempt for, the “Great Satan” – America – which they identify as the primary source of evil in the world and find common ground in their desire to annihilate or “fundamentally transform” it.” (1)

“Drawing on the Discover the Networks database, the new book (2) documented and analyzed what no other work of scholarship had noticed – that the left has successfully built the richest and most powerful political machine in American history.  The authors’ findings upended the conventional wisdom that conservatives and the Republican Party represent the rich and powerful, while progressives and Democrats are “the party of the people.” To the contrary, their research proved beyond a doubt that the financial assets of the left directed at policy formation actually exceeded by a factor of ten or more those of the right and are being invested in “transforming” America – reorienting it in a socialist direction.”

“…progressives and conservatives see the world differently.  Progressives view themselves as social redeemers, as missionaries seeking to transform the world, which inspires their will to win.  Conservatives are pragmatists whose goals are specific, practical and modest by comparison.  But it is only by embracing their mission as defenders of freedom, and as champions of the victims of progressive policies, that conservatives can confront the fire of the left with a fire of their own.” (3)

“According to Horowitz, conservatives fail to employ  political language that speaks to voters’ emotions, and fail to highlight the moral imperative of opposing policies that are destructive to the poor, to the vulnerable, and ultimately to all Americans.” (1)

David Horowitz is a “red diaper baby” – a child born of communist parents – and a former communist and socialist radical himself.  He reformed and is now a prolific, conservative writer, speaker, and thought leader.  I highly recommend reading and studying David’s work and please join me in donating to his center if you can.

(1) Jamie Glazov, Ph.D. in The Life and Work of David Horowitz, a chapter in The Black Book of the American Left, Volume IX: Ruling Ideas.

(2) The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Monery Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future.  David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin.

(3) Take no prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.  David Horowitz

(4) Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam And the American Left.  David Horowitz

(5) Discover the Networks: An Online Database of the left and its agendas





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