Social justice?

“Social Justice” is just another word for ” meddling” in things that arent your business. Its another phrase that celebrates victimhood and the herd mentality. Its a phrase that denies biology, common sense and the inevitable fallibility of anything created by man. Its a phrase that tempts people into the false belief that charity and charitable works are best left to the state….education and medicine too. Social Justice is a nonsense phrase that allows for intellectual laziness to gain the upper hand. There is no room for the Creator or any supernatural being or for spirituality or for true worship. Social Justice is synonymous with mediocrity and the stagnation of the human spirit. Fight against this scourge-this evil with all your heart and all your might and all your mind. Nothing else will be successful. Sorry i have been listening all day to people who believe they are conservative yet they want to socially engineer the rest of us. They just do not get it. ~


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Life sciences executive, retired
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    Both Bud and Elizabeth are members of Decisive Liberty…

    Have been saying for 20+ years that Political correctness does nothing but delay the inevitable, remove our focus from where it should be, cause us to spend more energy spinning our wheels instead of letting the rubber hit the road. Wits are MEANT to be challenge, and just as no one got wiser nor more intelligent from political correctness, no one has been able to sharpen a knife (their wits) on a sponge (political correctness).

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