Muslim France

France is splitting itself again, as it did when the French Republic divided with Vichy France, which became the puppet government controlled by Hitler’s Third Reich.

Macron, President of France, is dividing France between muslims and non-muslims. One question remaining is who will control the muslim half? Will it be the Muslim Brotherhood which has built over 2000 mosques, but two thirds of the imams don’t speak French? Or will it be the young muslim technocrats surrounding Macron?

“The idea of entrusting the keys of the Muslim suburbs to Islamic organizations is not new. It was first formulated by State Counselor Thierry Tuot in a famous report, “The Great Nation: For an Inclusive society”, presented in 2013 to then-Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. The main proposal in the report was to transfer urban policy to Islamic organizations, with the role of the State being reduced merely to subsidize them.”

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