HEY! Congress.

Robert Mueller has been investigating President Trump for more than a year with no results on the actual target of his “special” prosecution. Meanwhile, over 100 newspapers are clearly and openly colluding to reverse the election of the U.S. President.  It’s textbook sedition. Hey Congress, where’s the “special” investigation followed by prosecution of that?  Where is it?  We really don’t care to know Mueller’s estimation of Trump’s underwear size.  Get on with it.

Prosecute all of those involved in spying on the Trump campaign.  Isn’t that what this tragic episode of Trump derangement has taught us?  What we have learned is that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump Campaign, and much more, but that is plenty enough.  RICO Act stuff.  And now they are just trying to cover it up.

If we don’t prosecute them, then we are complicit in their crimes.

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Life sciences executive, retired
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