How to progress

Humanity will regress until reform-minded muslims shut down their imams and their violent, domineering brothers and sisters. No one can do it for them. They, not the rest of us, must hunt down and eliminate ISIS, taliban, al qaida, muslim brothers, hamas, hezbollah, quds, etc. We cannot do it for them. Jihadis have been indoctrinated since birth, there’s little hope to convert them. But, it’s worth a try in safe circumstances. Keep in mind that they will readily kill you, or their mother, or sister, or brother or their child if these relatives were to convert. Apostasy is a death sentence according to their indoctrination. And 400 years ago that was true in some other belief systems. Technology/technocracy is not progress. Progress is moving from an eye for an eye … to love.

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Life sciences executive, retired
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